Monday, May 1, 2017

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 9-th Anniversary of Tempura !


Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です

On May 25th, Tempura island celebrates its 9th anniversary.
Kikunosuke, the owner of Tempura, and all staff have never imagined that Tempura could keep its popularity for such a long time. 
Kikunosuke made a Jewelry shop, MANDALA, and has paid the management cost of the SIM for 9 years from the proceeds of the shop for all visitors from all over the world.  Fortunately, MANDALA jewelry is so popular and be loved by a lot of people in the world. 
I'm grateful for your help from the bottom of my heart.
Your Tempura will last long into the future. 
We're going to post the 9th anniversary celebration comments from the guests and the staff. Please enjoy it.


June Dion
BareRose  owner(ベアローズ オーナー)

Happy 9th Anniversary, Tempura!  Since I was given this opportunity for sending a celebration message, I visited Tempura again.  It's been a while since I visited Tempura last time.  It's still amazingly beautiful as if it's shining like gold, and it's the SIM where you'll be caught up in a feeling of nostalgia.  From the fist time I visited here, Tempura SIM was completed perfectly, and now I realized that it's still loved by a lot of visitors and people from all over the world.  It is not easy to create a world like Tempura that never change their own style and be loved by so many people.  I hope it will last in this way in ten years or more in Second Life. Best wishes for the future.

Tempura 9周年、おめでとうございます!しばらくお伺いしておりませんでしたが、今回お話をいただき、久しぶりに遊びにいってまいりました。相変わらず金細工のように輝く、どこか懐かしい感覚にも囚われる美麗なSIMで、初めて訪れたあのときから完成しており、多くの訪問者から、いまも沢山のひとから愛されているSIMだということを実感しました。長年スタイルを代えず愛されるものは容易に生み出すことはできません。このさき10年、そしてさらに長いつき日、そのスタイルのまま長らくセカンドライフにあり続けるよう、ますますのご多幸とご活躍を祈念しています。

photo by : June Dion

Mauro Catronis (Tempura sim Security / 天ぷらシムセキュリティ)

To begin with i am happy that i can congratulate Tempura with the 9-th anniversary. In the way that I am still here and that Tempura is still very much alive. It is really a great accomplishment creating a world that attracts so many visitors, who come back year over year, even if they are not group members.. Everybody who has a considerable experience in SL knows how short the life cycle is of even very viable sims.

For my self Tempura was, is and will be a "home", in good and bad days. Listening to beautiful music, meeting  nice friends, enjoying the good vibrations you can feel here, the interest from people who really care, i don't want to miss that.

A couple of people makes Tempura very special for me, because they believe in it and do realize it every day: Kikunosuke for making Tempura possible, Chikae, who is  so creative to publish every time with wise and hopeful texts her beautiful blog, giving a dazzling view on people's creative capacity to express themselves in avatars, Polly, one of the conductors of the orchestra of Tempura and photographer of so many beautiful pictures and a special guardian of Tempura, who can't participate this year because of her needed attention in rl, Lilly Aabeye. A beautiful elf, who binds visitors in Tempura through a kind, often humorous and wise word/behavior.  Thank you all very much!!


 私にとって、良い日も悪い日も、Tempuraは、過去も現在も未来も「Home」です。 美しい音楽を聴いたり、素晴らしい友人たちと顔を合わせたり、ここで味わえる素晴らしいフィーリングを楽しんだり、心から気にかけてくれる人々から授けられるものを失う事は出来ません。

 私にとってTempuraを非常に特別なものにしてくれている人達がいます。 彼らは、毎日、Tempuraを信じ、現実のものとしています。
KikunosukeはTempuraを作り上げ、Chikaeは、毎回、知的で希望に満ちた文章で素晴らしいブログを更新し、アバターで自分自身を表現する人々の創造的な能力に眩いほどの描写を加えています。PollyはTempuraというオーケストラを指揮する一人であり、美しい数々の写真を撮影するフォトグラファーでもあります。また、今年はRLの都合で参加出来ませんが、Tempuraの特別な守護者であるLilly Aabeyeは、思いやりとユーモアと賢い言葉や行動で、訪問者たちをまとめる美しい妖精です。

photo by : Polly Reina

Ashtantheo- Tempura friend/ Tempuraの友人

Happy Birthday Tempura
What to say about of a place, from where much has been said;
Wonderful, relaxing, passionate, vibrant, cozy, magical, stunning, friendly, amazing.
What to say about of a place, from where much has already been felt;
Strong passions, joy, fun, concentration, meditation, and even, tears, broken hearts, those, comes to heal in Tempura.
I share here my feelings of joy with my friends and with the other people and regulars, for 9th Birthday Tempura, and many more Birthdays to come !!!
Omedetô Tempura and Kiku !!! And the whole team Polly, Chi, Chikae, Hera, Mike and others !!
Hugs Ashtan !!!

私が感じたのは「強い情熱」「歓び」「楽しみ」「夢中」「瞑想」。 更に、「涙」と「失恋」、そしてこんな人達はTempuraに癒されにやって来ます。

photo by : Tina Parfley

Author: Chikae ella