Thursday, November 24, 2011

Avatars that visit tempura---ACT 5

Hi, this is chikae,ella tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ てんぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ellaです。

To all guests visiting tempura every day from all over the world, thank you for waiting. Here comes the ACT5 of A Hundred Avatars in Tempura. From this round, the tempura family members will shoot various avatars they encounter at tempura with perfect freedom. The resident family members who are also working as securities at tempura have good opportunity to contact you. All members will shoot you equally, joyfully, and with love, and let us post them here.


At the beginning, the promising star of our family Arisara.ethaniel, and the guardian goddess polly.Reinacome come on stage. Both of them took beautiful pictures from gracious, cordial and feminine viewpoints. Freshness with a lot of feeling of excitement. Please enjoy them.


I will love you forever with flame of passion.

The most courageous person always lives acceptingly being one’s usual self.

Today I will make my first fright from your nest. Thank you for a lot of lessons of love…

Although you cannot be a heroine who saves a country, you can be the one of love at tempura.

The place where the pure love that has been nurtured secretly will bear fruit, that is the magic of love dwelling at tempura.

Sorrow and agony cannot be healed by vengeance. Only time and love can assuage everything.

I have a husband, children, and also a lover. ^^^^^

Let us talk using languages only for us two, about the tete-a-tete secret that nobody can see. I love you.

The best way to forget one’s sorrow is to do something.

There is no perfect person in this world.

A girl without love will fade away bit at a time. Please taste an awakening of new love at tempura…

The human life is like a long road. The quickest route is mainly a road of “deed of darkness out of the common”.

For me, there is another nice day that is tomorrow. So I will not cry for the parting of today.

Do you possess courage to know my true feeling?

There is no eternity in human life, but you cannot halt along the way, you should not stop it.

I do not have a friend and feel lonely. Could you listen to my talk?

I would like to go back to the days when we loved each other profoundly, at the place where we met, tempura…

Finally I met the Blue Bird. I noticed it now.

Everything has gone, but there is a hope left behind, at the beauteous tempura.

Photograph by arisara.ethaniel(tempura photographer, Security )polly.Reina( tempura SIM officer.)

Author  chikae ella