Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 9-th Anniversary of Tempura !


ACT7  その7

Kikunosuke eel, TEMPURA Island  owner/ MANDALA designer

Tempura Island is celebrating its 9th anniversary.
Who expected it has lasted for such a long time?
Tempura Island where so many people are still visiting is really rare existence in SL.
A lot of people asked me why I keep the SIM which never produces a profit.
I admit that is a reasonable concern, but Tempura brought me better things than the benefit.  My thought is based on the Buddhism, and it influences me a lot.
I'd always like to share a happiness with many others, even if it's a small happiness.  I might not be able to do a great thing, but I feel good if I could touch the heartstrings of others in any way.
The reason why I opened a small jewelry shop is based on the same thought.
I believe that, even in the virtual world, I can express that we can understand each other without using language.
Let me express my thankfulness again.
Thank you very much.


photo by : Kikunosuke eel

Author: Chikae ella

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 9-th Anniversary of Tempura !


ACT6  その6

CHIKAE チカ魔女 (Chikae ella)
tempura島オフィサー マンダラjewelryスタッフ

Ten years ago, Kikunosuke and I started playing SL to gather information about it for our work.  In Japan, SL was getting very popular at that time.  A lot of people and companies rushed to buy SIMs to start a business and tried to drive people to go there.  Kikunosuke and I were enjoying SL like children.  A year later, we created Tempura for us to have fun.
Without any ads, people got to know about Tempura by word of mouth. 6 months after we opened Tempura, we had often experienced "full SIM." 
Kikunosuke and I were thinking that there was no SIM to cleanse our body and soul, and there were a lot of people who needed love and healing.
This concept was right.  Now, Tempura became a social place where almost all people in SL know.
As many people's souls gathered, we realized that a God existed here in Tempura.
Tempura God made us open this place for free, brought some people to protect Tempura, and destroyed someone who caused harm to Tempura.
Now, we can spend a great time with people from all over the world without any worry.

As you know, Kikunosuke has a shop, MANDALA Jewelry, in SL and the Marketplace.  He has managed SIM's tier from Mandala sale proceeds.
I really hope you who love Tempura to wear MANDALA Jewelry to help us in maintaining the SIM.  What he's done on his items is amazing.  You won't be able to find any other jewelry like his in the world.
Nobody can be the same for 9 years in RL.  However, Tempura will be maintained by Kikunosuke and the family's efforts and voluntary dedication. The only reason why Tempura will last into the future is Tempura family's Love is always there.
To Polly, Chi, Mauro, Karasu, Hera, Aris and others who are currently taking a rest from SL due to RL who I trust in, I send all of you a big hug from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you very much for all your support.

Do your best and let God take care of the rest.
We will be healed again tomorrow, here in Tempura.





私の信頼するpolly, chi,mauro,karasu,hera,arisその他rlの都合で休んでいる何人かの家族。


photo by : Polly Reina

Polly Reina,
Tempura officer & MANDALA Manager

Finally has arrived this longed day, 9 years Tempura growing day by day as a child, beloved and strong. I am grateful for her existence all these years.
From the first time I came to you, I could not believe in such beauty that my eyes looked, it's people, it's pure light, so much to learn about. I saw you grow and I have grown with you.
During all these years you and I have become strong together. I have had the opportunity to meet beautiful souls, my family, beautiful friends.
To me it has never been a responsibility to take care of Tempura, it has been happiness, an opportunity to improve as a person, to see you grow, to watch others grow.
Every day I feel happiness is what sustains to keep fighting for the right reasons, for respect and love for each other.
Every year when this time is coming I spend days and days thinking what to say, but when it's the day I just feel heart full of tenderness, gratitude and pride for being part of you.
Modesty, innocence, purines, love, warm and tender feelings is what you are Tempura.
You make each of us to identify with you, to become a part of you.

I wish to thank to Kiku for hold Tempura for so long time, for the amazing MANDALA, for all that comes from his heart. He use to say; "I wish people to be happy " and I wish all that happiness to back to you Kiku. To Chikae for being my great support and great friend all this years.
Also thanks to all my good friends for doing well to Tempura and for those who come to dream. Thanks for all the guests who send us amazing greetings and images to celebrate Tempura with us. God bless you all and be always well.

" Tempura this year we are going to dress up like queens, next year we will be goddesses :)) "





photo by : Dankosinue

Author: Chikae ella

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 9-th Anniversary of Tempura !


ACT5  その5

Miaa Rebane
Photographer, artist, blogger/ フォトグラファー、アーティスト、ブロガー

Happy 9th Anniversary, Tempura and the whole team!!

Tempura is special for me, it has been since I came to Second Life years ago. There is something about the island that calms me down, centers me & heals. You know what they say --  'every soul innately yearns for stillness, for a space, a garden where we can sow, reap, and rest, and by doing so come to a deeper sense of self and our place in the universe.' that is Tempura for me. When things turn chaotic in SL or I feel uninspired, I turn to Tempura, perhaps to go back to the innocent awe I felt which I first explored the island. To bring back the calmness and space where I am me again. Tempura never fails me. It was only recently that I learned the story behind Tempura island's creation
( ) and it all made complete sense. I believe in energy and there is an abundance of goodwill, positivity and blessings in Tempura. Thank you to the Tempura team for creating and maintaining it for all of us. I wish you many many years of continued success.


SL内で、様々な事が混乱したり、ひらめきが無くなったりした時は、私はTempuraに向かいます。おそらく、初めてこの島を散策した時に感じた、清らかで荘厳な気持ちに帰り、平静さや、私が自分自身でいられる場所を取り戻すために向かうのでしょう。Tempuraは、決して私を失望させることはありません。最近になって、Tempura創設にまつわる話を聞きました.( ) そして、全てに納得がいきました。Tempuraには善意と、前向きさと、神の祝福が存在しており、私はその力を信じています。Tempuraのチームの皆さま、このTempuraを創り、そして存続させてくださってありがとう。今後のご成功をお祈りしております。

photo by : Miaa Rebane

Karasu Songlark - DJ

Happy 9th Anniversary, Tempura Island.
It always brings you "healing", "love" and "sensation".
Those are the feeling you felt when you visited Tempura for the fist time.
No matter how many years pass by, it will never change.
When I was suffering weather I would quit playing SL or not, it was Tempura where I visited two years ago
Tempura Island enveloped me in a warm hug.
I surrendered myself to this amazing environment that has embodied Japanese four seasons.
It might be a special Providence of the Goddess in Tempura.
Then, I was sitting on a sofa in the ballroom, and looking at the situation around me.
Some couples were dancing and holding a romantic conversation.
I thought that it would be so nice, if I could play DJ at a beautiful ballroom like this.  It was a necessity.
I contacted and told Chikae my honest feeling immediately.  Fortunately, Kikunosuke, Chikae, Polly and other members accepted me as a Tempura family member.
I appreciate for the existence of Tempura, and can't stop wishing Tempura happiness forever.
I also wish all people from all over the world to be happy together.

Tempura Island 9周年おめでとうございます。
今日もTempura Islandは、あなたに「癒し」と「愛」と「感動」を与えてくれます。
その時に訪れたのが「Tempura Island」です。
Tempura Islandは、私を優しく包み込んでくれました。
きっとTempura Islandの女神に導かれていたのかもしれません。
私は、Tempura Islandの限りない愛を感じました。
Tempura Islandの存在に感謝するとともに、永遠でありますことを祈らずには

photo by : Polly Reina

Arisara Ethaniel
Tempura family Photographer/ tempuraㇷオトグラファー家族

Happy Birthday to a special friend.
I’m glad we can spend it together.
Thanks for your sincerity that give me for so long

It's nice to think of all the happy times
that we've shared in the past
but nicer still to know
we share a friendship that will last.

Love is as simple
as candlelight and roses... is
day-to-day loving,
taking time,
making time to be there
with open arms
and a giving heart.
Love is
the special life we share.
Happy Anniversary Again !!! <3333



photo by: Arisara Ethaniel

Sora Tatham
AGATA mode owner /アガタモデルエージェンシー オーナー

Happy 9th anniversary to all Tempura family members.

Recently, I've stayed my own place to create some outfits for my shop in SL.  Since I was given this opportunity for sending this celebration message, I visited Tempura after a long interval.  When I arrived at Tempura, I felt as if I just came back home.
Although lots of SIMs have disappeared or changed their styles in SL, I felt relieved that Tempura is still there without any changes.

As I am also the one who have been playing SL for a long time, I know very well that the hardness and the importance to maintain a SIM like this.
When Kikunosuke was creating Tempura SIM, I had a chance to be friend with him, and we've been keeping in touch for a long time.  Although a lot of things have changed in SL recently, such as the release of the mesh method, I still remember how amazed and impressed I was with the high quality of the SIM in 2008.  When I had run a Modeling Agency, I used to visit Tempura to take some photos.

I think that the charm of Tempura which attracts a lot of people is not only its beauty but also the consideration of the Tempura family for their visitors, such as a helpful message for women at the TP point.  I know that it's not easy to maintain the SIM for a long time, but as one of the Tempura lovers, I hope Tempura will exist long into the future without any changes.  Best wishes for the future.

Tampura familyの皆様 9周年おめでとうございます。

多くのSIMがもう既に無くなってしまったり、変わっている中、ずっと変わらないTempura SIMがここにあるということが、とてもほっとする気持ちにさせていただきました。

私はこのTempura SIMを制作している時にご縁があって交流させていただくようになりました。今これだけmeshなど変化してきているsecondlifeの中で、2008年当初にすでにこのクオリティの高さで作られた事は、当時こちらが完成した時のことを思い出すと、その驚きと感動たるや今でもはっきりと記憶しております。

今後もTempura SIMの益々のご発展を応援しております。

photo by : Sora Tatham

Author: Chikae ella

Monday, May 15, 2017

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 9-th Anniversary of Tempura !


ACT 4 その4

Chi Anthony
Tempura security M/Tempuraセキュリティマネージャー

After all this time, Tempura is still amazing to me.
Happy 9th Anniversary!

Tempura is a place where we feel at home from the very start.
Where kindness comes in smiles and comfort soothes the heart.

Tempura, keep shining beautiful one.

With love
Chi Anthony




Chi Anthony より愛を込めて

photo by : Chi Anthony

Hirolie Ferraris
Tempura family/元tempura家族

Round table on the left. I met Chikae at this place 9 years ago. I remember what she said to me the same scent as mine.
Did she predict nine years ahead from that moment?
Eventually, I became an officer here. When trouble happened, Chikae still told me that TEMPURA would continue.

I was involved early in the history of TEMPURA. When MANDALA did not exist yet, there was a big house on the island, Kikunosuke was told to me, that I started my own brand here. After that, I don't know how TEMPURA has grown. However, as I hear from Chikae to write a comment every year, I know that Tempura is continuing as she said.

Congratulations on the 9th anniversary. Dear Chika,Kikunosuke, Polly Be well forever!
Thanks to all the staff. Good luck to everyone who loves Tempura.

左側の円卓。この場所でChikaeと出会ったのが9年前です。 私と同じ香りがすると彼女に言われたことを覚えています。
彼女はその瞬間から9年先が見えたでしょうか。 トラブルが起こる際、 ChikaeはそれでもTEMPURAは続きますと僕に言ってい ました。
MANDALAがまだ存在しないころ、 その島には大きな家があって、 Kikunosukeはここで自分のブランドを始めると僕は聞か されていました。
その後、 どのようにTEMPURAが成長してきたのか僕は知らない。 けれど、 Chikaeから毎年コメントを書くようにと連絡がくるたび、 天ぷらは彼女の言った通り続いているとのだとわかります。
9周年、おめでとう。Chika、Kikunosuke, Pollyそしてスタッフの皆さん、ありがとう。

photo by : Polly Reina

Tempura friend/tempuraのおともだち

Happy the 9th anniversary, Tempura!
I can't believe it's been already 9 years since I visited there for the first time.  Time flies. 
I deeply appreciate the opportunity Chikae gave me to send a message for the 9th anniversary of Tempura, one of the legendary SIMs in SL.
It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that all people in SL have heard of Tempura at least once.

I admire Kikunosuke, Chikae, Polly and all Tempura staff for the effort they've put in to keep Tempura as such a wonderful Love&Healing place for 9 years.
I can't imagine how many people have been healed and saved from their wounded heart here in Tempura.

Again, Very Happy Birthday, Tempura!
Hope you will last loooong into the future.

初めて訪れた時から、9年も経ったんですね。月日の流れの早さに 驚かされます。
この度、Chikaeさんから、このSLで伝説的なSIMの1つ 、Tempuraの9周年のお祝いのメッセージを送らせて頂く機 会を、授けて頂いた事に心から感謝しております。
SLに居る人たちが、誰しも1度はTempura SIMの事を聞いた事がある、と言っても過言では無いでしょう。

9年間もの間、このTempuraを、素晴らしい「愛と癒やしの 空間」として保ってきた菊之助さん、チカエさん、ポリーを始め、 全てのスタッフの方々の努力に敬服いたしております。
どれだけ多くの傷ついた心が、ここで癒やされ、救われたかは、想 像もつきません。


photo by : Dori

Author: Chikae ella

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 9-th Anniversary of Tempura !


ACT 3 その3

Rudyn Carter
Potographer (フォトグラファー)

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on the 9th anniversary of Tempura Island.
9 years ago, I saw a post in Chikae's blog that said Tempura Island would be completed in Second Life.  After I saw some beautiful landscape snapshots in her blog, I still remember I couldn't wait the opening of the SIM.
On May 25th, 2008, I can't find any words to describe how amazed I was for my first visit to Tempura.
I felt completely overwhelmed and had kept standing still and silent in the middle of the shinny golden corridor.

During these long 9 years, the environment in Second Life has changed a lot, but Tempura Island is and will be a paradise on the earth, a holly healing place and a land of love.
Every time you visit there, you'll see the beauty of Tempura island will never change and will attract a lot of people.

I would like to appreciate Kikunosuke, Chikae, and all staff who offer us this beautiful place.
Let me say it again, "Happy Birthday Tempura!!"

Tempura Islandの9周年を心からお祝い申し上げます。
9年前、Chikaeさんのブログで、Tempura Islandという場所がsecondlifeにできるというこ
とを知りました。ブログのsnapshotで美しい風景を見て、オープンが待ち遠しかったことを 覚えています。そして、2008年5月25日、初めて訪れたときの感動は言葉にできません。金色に輝く回廊に圧倒され、いつまでも立ち尽くしていました。

9年間という長い月日の間、Second Lifeの環境は大きく変化しました。
しかしTempura Islandは多くの人にとって地上の楽園であり、癒しの聖地であり、愛の国で
訪れるたびにTempura Islandの美しさは変わらず、多くの人を魅了してやまないでしょう。この素晴らしい場所を与えてくださっている、Kikunosukeさん、Chikaeさん、Tempuraのス タッフの皆様に感謝いたします。
あらためて、Tempura Island お誕生日おめでとうございます!

photo by : Rudyn Carter

Tempura friend / photographer  (Tempuraの友 ,フォトグラファー)

Admiring your beauty it seems that time does not grow older on you,
you are endless as the heart of each one of us
It seems that when I'm by your side I always fall in love, we all fall in love
you are muse for a poet heart.
After so much wanders I keep coming back to you,
my mother always told me that the heart that welcomes you in this way
is that of a woman
it seems that among all things, your beauty and warmth
you are the creation of both,
where the man and the woman meet as if were the first time on Earth
consumed in sunset emotions
This photo I made it in my home, the home of all,
there is no one who does not feel Tempura as if own home
that's why we have to take care of you and be grateful to give back
a little portion of love that you give us.
I feel very lucky to be here,
I feel appreciated, really means a lot to me knowing that celebrating your birthday we are
celebrating one more year of life, healthy to be with you
because a healthy heart it is an unshakable health.
Happy birthday Tempura
Happy birthday to all of us


photo by : Dankosinhue

Petra Messioptra
Photographer, artist, blogger ( フォトグラファー、アーティスト,ブロガー)

Happy 9th Anniversary Tempura !!
We are all very blessed to be able to experience so much love and creativity poured into this beautiful sim .
Much love and best of wishes for many many more anniversaries to come and may you always inspire and bring much joy and love to everyone <333

Tempura 9周年おめでとうございます。私たちは、この美しいSIMに注がれた沢山の愛と、創造性を体験する事ができ、幸せです。これから先も、ずっと記念日が祝える事を、心からお祈り申し上げます。そして多くの人々を元気づけ、喜びと愛をもたらす事が出来ますように。

photo by : Petra Messioptra

Author: Chikae ella

Friday, May 5, 2017

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 9-th Anniversary of Tempura !


ACT2 その2

Pepa Cometa (mariajo60)
Machinimator & Photographer/マシネマ製作者、フォトグラファー

Tempura has a very special meaning in my second life, It was my home during my first year.. I like very much going there to do tai chi, just looking around and talking with people, It's an alive place.
Congrats for all these years and I wish for the future a long, happy and friendly life :)

Tempura は私のセカンド・ライフにおいて、とても特別な意味を持っています。 セカンド・ライフでの最初の1年間、Tempuraは我が家でした。 太極拳をしたり、ぶらぶらと歩いてみたり、人々と話をしたりしに行くのが大好きです。 生き生きとしている場所です。 これまでの歴史に心からお祝い申し上げます。 そして今後の末永く幸せでフレンドリーな未来をお祈りしております。

photo by : Pepa Cometa

Hera Blackheart
Tempura Security M/ Tempura セキュリティ M

9 Years!! Tempura celebrates 9 years of existence!!

Only because of Tempura and its family that we come back in SL: we wander around, we try different things, but we need to return here to make peace with ourselves, and only Tempura gives us this interior harmony. It is like being in a time blocking atmosphere, where friends and family have always time to listen to you, where nature and sound blend together to create the supernatural experience. Thanks to Kiku’s super talent, together with Chikae and Polly supervision, we can still call Tempura our home. 9 years has passed but we are still the crazy, enthusiastic, passionate people who gather from all around the world in Tempura just for the fun to be together. Love you all!!!

Happy Birthday Tempura!!!!



photo by : Polly Reina

Alexs Campese
Tempura friend/ Tempuraの友人

Happy Anniversary Japan Tempura SIM.

My first visit to Tempura was around the time when it has just started.  I still remember how amazed and impressed I was by its beautiful landscape, the magnificent structures, and the high quality of the entire SIM.
Since then, it has never changed for 9 years.  We have very short life cycle in SL, but it's been keeping its beauty and the warmth to welcome visitors for such a long time.  I believe it's the result of the excellent efforts of the Tempura SIM creator and all Tempura family members. 
I hope it will last forever in the future without any changes as a beautiful place where attracts people.

JAPAN TEMPURAシム誕生9周年記念おめでとうございます。

photo by : Alexs Campese

Tatlym John
Tempura friend / Tempuraの友人

Congratulations to all the members of Tempura family and fans for this 9th anniversary!  I love to spend time in Tempura as much as I can. I enjoy the relaxing music and the pleasant atmosphere. Tempura has beautiful and enjoyable locations, and the officers and the people who are regular visitors are very kind. It is a great place to forget about the busy and demanding RL by doing Tai Chi or meeting friends.
Thank you for keeping this amazing place alive!
Tatlym John

Tempuraの家族の皆さん、そしてファンの方々、9周年おめでとうございます。 私は出来る限り、Tempuraで過ごすのが大好きです。 リラックス出来る音楽と、楽しい雰囲気を楽しんでいます。 Tempuraには美しく楽しめる場所があり、スタッフや常連の訪問者達全員がとても親切です。 太極拳をしたり、友人たちと集う事で、忙しく厳しいリアル・ライフを忘れには素晴らしい場所です。 この素晴らし環境を存続させてくれている事に心から感謝します。
Tatlym Johnより愛をこめて。

photo by : Tatlym John

Author: Chikae ella

Monday, May 1, 2017

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 9-th Anniversary of Tempura !


Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です

On May 25th, Tempura island celebrates its 9th anniversary.
Kikunosuke, the owner of Tempura, and all staff have never imagined that Tempura could keep its popularity for such a long time. 
Kikunosuke made a Jewelry shop, MANDALA, and has paid the management cost of the SIM for 9 years from the proceeds of the shop for all visitors from all over the world.  Fortunately, MANDALA jewelry is so popular and be loved by a lot of people in the world. 
I'm grateful for your help from the bottom of my heart.
Your Tempura will last long into the future. 
We're going to post the 9th anniversary celebration comments from the guests and the staff. Please enjoy it.


June Dion
BareRose  owner(ベアローズ オーナー)

Happy 9th Anniversary, Tempura!  Since I was given this opportunity for sending a celebration message, I visited Tempura again.  It's been a while since I visited Tempura last time.  It's still amazingly beautiful as if it's shining like gold, and it's the SIM where you'll be caught up in a feeling of nostalgia.  From the fist time I visited here, Tempura SIM was completed perfectly, and now I realized that it's still loved by a lot of visitors and people from all over the world.  It is not easy to create a world like Tempura that never change their own style and be loved by so many people.  I hope it will last in this way in ten years or more in Second Life. Best wishes for the future.

Tempura 9周年、おめでとうございます!しばらくお伺いしておりませんでしたが、今回お話をいただき、久しぶりに遊びにいってまいりました。相変わらず金細工のように輝く、どこか懐かしい感覚にも囚われる美麗なSIMで、初めて訪れたあのときから完成しており、多くの訪問者から、いまも沢山のひとから愛されているSIMだということを実感しました。長年スタイルを代えず愛されるものは容易に生み出すことはできません。このさき10年、そしてさらに長いつき日、そのスタイルのまま長らくセカンドライフにあり続けるよう、ますますのご多幸とご活躍を祈念しています。

photo by : June Dion

Mauro Catronis (Tempura sim Security / 天ぷらシムセキュリティ)

To begin with i am happy that i can congratulate Tempura with the 9-th anniversary. In the way that I am still here and that Tempura is still very much alive. It is really a great accomplishment creating a world that attracts so many visitors, who come back year over year, even if they are not group members.. Everybody who has a considerable experience in SL knows how short the life cycle is of even very viable sims.

For my self Tempura was, is and will be a "home", in good and bad days. Listening to beautiful music, meeting  nice friends, enjoying the good vibrations you can feel here, the interest from people who really care, i don't want to miss that.

A couple of people makes Tempura very special for me, because they believe in it and do realize it every day: Kikunosuke for making Tempura possible, Chikae, who is  so creative to publish every time with wise and hopeful texts her beautiful blog, giving a dazzling view on people's creative capacity to express themselves in avatars, Polly, one of the conductors of the orchestra of Tempura and photographer of so many beautiful pictures and a special guardian of Tempura, who can't participate this year because of her needed attention in rl, Lilly Aabeye. A beautiful elf, who binds visitors in Tempura through a kind, often humorous and wise word/behavior.  Thank you all very much!!


 私にとって、良い日も悪い日も、Tempuraは、過去も現在も未来も「Home」です。 美しい音楽を聴いたり、素晴らしい友人たちと顔を合わせたり、ここで味わえる素晴らしいフィーリングを楽しんだり、心から気にかけてくれる人々から授けられるものを失う事は出来ません。

 私にとってTempuraを非常に特別なものにしてくれている人達がいます。 彼らは、毎日、Tempuraを信じ、現実のものとしています。
KikunosukeはTempuraを作り上げ、Chikaeは、毎回、知的で希望に満ちた文章で素晴らしいブログを更新し、アバターで自分自身を表現する人々の創造的な能力に眩いほどの描写を加えています。PollyはTempuraというオーケストラを指揮する一人であり、美しい数々の写真を撮影するフォトグラファーでもあります。また、今年はRLの都合で参加出来ませんが、Tempuraの特別な守護者であるLilly Aabeyeは、思いやりとユーモアと賢い言葉や行動で、訪問者たちをまとめる美しい妖精です。

photo by : Polly Reina

Ashtantheo- Tempura friend/ Tempuraの友人

Happy Birthday Tempura
What to say about of a place, from where much has been said;
Wonderful, relaxing, passionate, vibrant, cozy, magical, stunning, friendly, amazing.
What to say about of a place, from where much has already been felt;
Strong passions, joy, fun, concentration, meditation, and even, tears, broken hearts, those, comes to heal in Tempura.
I share here my feelings of joy with my friends and with the other people and regulars, for 9th Birthday Tempura, and many more Birthdays to come !!!
Omedetô Tempura and Kiku !!! And the whole team Polly, Chi, Chikae, Hera, Mike and others !!
Hugs Ashtan !!!

私が感じたのは「強い情熱」「歓び」「楽しみ」「夢中」「瞑想」。 更に、「涙」と「失恋」、そしてこんな人達はTempuraに癒されにやって来ます。

photo by : Tina Parfley

Author: Chikae ella