Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 8-th Anniversary of Tempura !



Kikunosuke eel, TEMPURA Island  owner/ MANDALA designer

It's incredible that Tempura is celebrating its 8th anniversary.
It means I have been spending a quarter of my life with Tempura.

The eternal beauty of Tempura is still healing my soul.
I can't find right words to say how pleased I am. 
I really appreciate all family members' help and support.
I also thank Tempura for giving me the opportunity to learn a lot of things and wonderful experiences, and bringing me great friends. 

Happy Birthday Tempura!!

信じられないことに TEMPURA島は8回目の誕生日を迎えました。
色あせないTEMPURAの美しさは いまだに僕の心を癒してくれます。
この喜びをどう表現すればいいのか 言葉が見つかりません.

沢山の学びと貴重な体験、親友と出会わせてくれた TEMPURAに感謝。
ハッピーバースディ TEMPURA!

photo by : Kikunosuke eel

Author: Chikae ella

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 8-th Anniversary of Tempura !



CHIKAE チカ魔女 (Chikae ella)
tempura島オフィサー マンダラjewelryスタッフ

Destiny brings your soul to a perfect place for you.

Kikunosuke's heartbreak was the reason for the beginning of Tempura.
Making every use of his skills and talents, he created a very beautiful utopia as healing home for his friends and himself.
The concepts of Tempura he aimed at were:  "a harmony of the western Renaissance culture and eastern Mandala culture" and "a ultimate love and healing place where a god who was dormant deep in a jungle resides."

After many twists and turns, he had completed making Tempura.  Without giving any publicity, he enjoyed spending his time there only with his friends.  However, it was spread by word of mouth.  After a few months, as a lot of people from all over the world visited Tempura, even Kikunosuke, the owner of the SIM, sometimes couldn't get into the SIM for some hours in a day because of the crowed.  Eventually, he provided Tempura, which he created to comfort himself, for its guests gathered from all over the world.

But he never hesitated to offer Tempura to people in the world.  For him, Tempura was the place for praying to ancestors, and he was sure that ancestors and the god were pleased by seeing a gathering of people. 

Managing the SIM was not as easy as I thought. The biggest problem was short of securities to remain peaceful, and to protect the dignity of the SIM.  However, the god of Tempura brought some trustable and reliable people one after the other to Kiku.   Those welcomed to Tempura family later.  Some of them has remained, and those are current Tempura family members.

If it had been only Kiku and I, we would never have been able to protect Tempura.  It's no exaggeration to say that Tempura family members' dedication has kept current Tempura. They know very well how Kiku wants Tempura to be, and they are helping him a lot. Fortunately, beautiful Tempura has been kept for 8 years.

Everyday when I arrive Tempura, I appreciate all my family, and I pray for their peace of mind and happiness to the god of Tempura.

I also pray for strong sales of Mandala items.
As you all know, proceeds from Mandala sale is covering Tempura SIM's tier fee.

The one who amuses our guests as a dragon, Ivo.
The one who is always full of tenderness, Hera.
The one who can keep herself strong and is full of love, Chi.
The one who had grown to be gorgeous, Mike.
The one who enjoys in his own way, Mauro.
The one who is a gentle musician, Karasu.
The one who is a lovely fairy, Waterlilly.
The one who went back to her RL, Aris.
The one who is focusing on his health, Joshua.

And Polly, you are the one all of us rely on, and dispensable guardian angel in Tempura.  Kiku, all family members, and I love you so much. We appreciate you and love you from the bottom of our hearts. Tempura will go on in the future.  All guests from all over the world would like you to be there always.

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands,
one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. -   
                                                                          by Audrey Hepburn

To all family members, thank you so much for helping me always. I love you!!!











                 by  オードリーヘップパーン


photo by : Polly Reina

Polly Reina
Tempura島オフィサー  マンダラ JEWELRYマネージャー

My beautiful Tempura,
Another year with you in this long awaited day, it seems like a dream another year has passed. Time has stop in the joy you give to my heart. I feel privileged to be here in this precious moment writing my words. I want to say that to me you are more then my home, here In you I feel safe, because only exists love. This year you've grown more, you are more pure, stronger, most sacred.
In you there is only the beauty of a beautiful sky and there is only place for beautiful feelings, you make it all to be love. Nothing will change you, you're positive energy and everything that comes to you becomes in strength where you're safe.
I want to thank all guests, family and friends of Tempura and each visitor for being with us, it is an honour for us to be part of our beautiful Tempura. Let's celebrate today because it marks the end of one and beginning of another joyous year of togetherness spent together.

Chikae, thank you! Nothing today will be same without your great support and deepness for everything, my deep respect and huge love to you.

And to the great talented master of making miracles, my dearest brother, the most talented person I have ever meet in my life, dear Kiku ..Congratulation on 8th amazing years of Tempura, I wish you many great successes and new amazing artworks to MANDALA.

No matter anything we will always stand strong :)
I love you !






photo by : Polly Reina

Author: Chikae ella

Monday, May 16, 2016

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 8-th Anniversary of Tempura !



Special guest part 9

Grazioso Alekseev
*+Crie Style+* Luxury Eyewear Store CEO
*+Crie Style+*オーナーそしてデザイナー

Whenever I talk about Tempura, a following phrase always comes up in my mind, "an aesthetic work of illusion".
Since the day I registered, Second Life was there as "a VR space where you can do whatever you want".  Dream & freedom, however, can never come true or be obtained unless you set a certain goal to achieve. 
Now I've settled myself in an eccentric bunny avatar and am running a small optician's called “*+Crie Style+*”, but when I was a newbie, I was at a loss how to challenge myself in Second Life.

Then, one day, one of my friends took me to Tempura.
There I saw brilliant buildings, fantastic plants, and people who were enchanted by its amazing world....
At the "world" created in an ardent manner, I've encountered various things that made me believe that Tempura was one of the symbolic existences in Second Life.
Only in recent years, creating something in-world has been diversified into various ways, such as mesh, so that you can make high-quality objects, but Tempura has already been there as an artistic existence since 8 years ago.
I have loved and respected Tempura since then. 

Years gone by and I met Kikunosuke after I became a creator, and he’s still been my respected friend from back then.

I know that there is a huge difference between his artistic creations of Mandala and my skill.
But it's a great pleasure to see how both of our creations got coordinated and merge into SL fashion. It's one of my happiest moments in Second Life.
With one wonderful encounter, I was given a title as “Miss SL Bunny.” The reason why I have been able to keep this honorable title is because of Kikunosuke’s existence.

Of course, it’s needless to say that there's a strong will and support of Tempura family, and that is a shining example to many other SIMs and activities in SL.
I know that Tempura will keep attracting many people and bring love and passion to their lives.  And I will never forget that it is the artistic world that take its remark to our souls beyond Second Life.

Happy wonderful 8th anniversary, Tempura. My warmest congratulations.
From a tall but a cute little bunny to all the staff members and fans of Tempura Island.
With love,

Second Lifeという世界は、私の登録した当初から「自由に活動出来る想像空間」として存在していました。
今では*+Crie Style+*という小さな眼鏡屋を営む事を許された珍妙なうさぎですが、生まれたての頃は「挑戦する事」をどう
情熱的に創りあげられたその「世界」には、正にSecond Lifeの象徴的な存在のひとつである事を確信させられる様々な出会いがありました。
彼 の生み出す曼荼羅の芸術と私の技術では、遠く離れた異空間程の差がありますが、互いの存在をひとつのFashionにStylingする事は、私の Second Lifeの幸せのひとつです。ある素敵な出会いから、Miss SL Bunnyという素晴らしい称号をいただきましたが、そんな光栄な冠を支えているのも、菊様の存在があってこそ、歩みを紡いで行けたのだと感じています。
それはSecond Lifeという存在感を越え、人の魂へ刻まれる芸術の世界という事を、私は生涯忘れる事はありません。


Grazioso Alekseev

photo by: Polly Reina

Lisa Brune
Tempura's lover & Sl singer/Tempuraの大ファン&SLシンガー

Who has never been amazed landing on this "promised Land" of Japan Tempura?
As a complete new avatar, i arrived there...and "WOW"... my eyes were filled of colors, my mind was flowing through the golden trees dressed in autumnal tones.
Like many others, Tempura became my refuge, the place where i succeeded peacing my heart, healing some virtual or real wounds just by the serenity exploding gently there.
It never seizes to amaze me. Every time i land there i feel in peace, every year that i have the opportunity to celebrate their anniversary in music, i truly feel honored.

Japan Tempura を訪れて驚嘆しない人がいるでしょうか?

Tempura is not only a beautiful sim. Tempura spreads love and wiseness. it is the result of a beautiful connection between human beeings sharing their talent and their generosity in a perfect and sincere friendly/family mind.
Japan tempura is simply the most beautiful combination between heart and talent.

Japan Tempura は実に、心と才能が最も美しく結ばれた場所なのです。

Love to the beautiful Team of Tempura <3

Lisa Brune

photo by : Lisa Brune

Chi Anthony
Tempura Security M/Tempura セキュリティ マネージャー

Happy 8th Anniversary Tempura!!!
The most beautiful place where people meet, talk, have fun, dance, meditate, practising tai chi and feel love in the world.
The ultimate healing place.
Tempura is my home where love resides, memories are created, friends and family always belong, and laughter never ends.

Let us all drink a toast and dance ~ shake it shake it and hop hop ~   to the 8th Anniversary of Tempura on May 25. Cheers!

I wish you to celebrate all the wonderful things, that make you so special.
Not only on your special day, but on every day of the year!
Wishing you and my family a very happy birthday and many more to come.

Tempura 8周年おめでとう!

5月25日の8周年記念日に向けて、Shake it shake it and hop hop のダンスをしながら乾杯をさせてください。

Bows with respect and smiles

Chi Anthony

photo by: Polly Reina

Hera Blackheart
Tempura Security M/Tempura セキュリティ マネージャー

Happy Birthday Tempura!
As SL is experiencing a lot of changes, one thing stays the same: we gather in this beautiful place to celebrate its 8th Anniversary, from all over the world, with different languages, with different cultures but, once surrounded by the beauty and the warmth of this place, any difference disappears.
In Tempura I found family, one big and extended family, with friends and visitor who show their love for Tempura: we care, we laugh a lot, we give hugs, and we love and respect each other.
Best wishes to Kiku, Chikae and every member of this amazing family of Tempura: may each new day bring the warmth of the sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Tempura お誕生日おめでとう!

Hera Blackheart

photo by: Polly Reina

Author: Chikae ella

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 8-th Anniversary of Tempura !



Special guest Part 8

Mami Jewell
AZUL creator and owner/ クリエーターそしてデザイナー

Congrats on your 8th anniversary, Tempura!I am (We all are) so happy that SL has Tempura, and we all enjoy this magnificent place.
I am really proud of your creativity Kikinosuke!

I remember in my early SL days when a friend took me to Tempura.
Back in 2008, when I launched -AZUL- officially, I could sense the gap between the Japanese and 'Universal' SL.
I really wished that more amazing Japanese creators would get out of the 'small' world and would let the rest of SL see what we are capable of!
So, I really hope you understand how I feel every time I proudly say "Look! Tempura Island was created by Japanese!"
Tempura... I feel it's always there; just like 'our home'.
Thank you Kikunosuke and Tempura team, for continuing to keep the Tempura Island amazing as always for the past 8 years and hopefully for many more to come.
Let's get old together in SL :)


多 くの素晴らしい日本人クリエイターにどんどん世界に出て、日本や日本人クリエイターのスゴさを世界に見せつけてやってほしい!と願っていました。だから、 私が鼻高々に「Tempuraは日本人が作ったんだよー!」と勝手に自慢げに思っていたことは想像できると思います:DTempuraはいつもそこにある 「ホーム」と思っています。Kikunosukeさん、Tempuraチームのみなさん、今までの8年間、そしてこれからもずっと・・素晴らしい Tempuraという場所をありがとう。

これからも一緒にSLで歳を重ねていきましょう :)


Mami Jewell

photo by : Polly Reina

xxMikexx Bebb
Tempura security M/ セキュリティ・マネージャー

Hello, my name xxMikexx Bebb, I know Tempura island for several years now and I am amazed that this peaceful place does not change ...It means a lot to me. The largest database that something can have is love and love is as nothing can destroy it. This place was built with love and I think that's why Tempura is immortal. The owner Kikunosuke is a generous man with a big heart and I give him my respect and gratitude with him a land of peace was born on Second Life and a wonderful family too.
Today is a day of celebration, it is the Anniversary of Tempura.
I have always a lot of emotions to this day that reminds me a very beautiful and great person to build something with his heart so that everyone benefits from his love and find peace.
Hail to Kikunosuke and my tempura family,  also that all people who love this land.
Happy party, everyone. Take care of yourself.

こんにちは。xxMikexx Bebbです。私はTempuraをここ数年に渡り知っていますが、この安らかな場所が変わっていない事に驚いています。
こ れは私にとって非常に大切な事なのです。何かを育める最も大きなデータベースは愛です。そして何ものも決して愛を破壊する事は出来ないのです。 Tempuraは愛で形成されているからこそ不滅の場所なのです。オーナーの菊之助は広い心を持ち、寛大で、私は彼を尊敬すると共に、彼のお陰でセカン ド・ライフの中にこの平和な土地が誕生し、素晴らしい家族がある事に感謝しています。今日はお祝いの日です。Tempuraの記念日です。

私 は、心を込めて何かを建設し、そして、そのため全ての人が彼の愛の恩恵を受け平和を見出せる、そんなとても美しく偉大な彼を思い出させてくれるこの日にい つも感動を覚えます。菊之助、そしてTempuraの家族と、この土地を愛する全ての人達に幸あれ!皆さん、楽しいパーティを。お元気で。

xxMikexx Bebb

photo by: Polly Reina

Arisara Ethaniel
Tempura family the original photographer/天ぷら家族、、元天ぷらカメラマン

Words alone are not enough to express how happy but I am writing to
let you all know what I want to say on this occasion. I wish you many happy
returns of the day. Enjoy the memories of yesterday and plan
make many more in the following years

Step by step and continue the journey, slowly may seem time.
Forgot your past, you cannot change, and forget about your future,
you cannot predict.

Just think about this, you can handle.
Enjoy presents every moment. The anniversary is a time to celebrate
the joys of today,the memories of yesterday,and the hopes of tomorrow.

Sending my warmest greetings for a Happy successfully completed
the 8 years that is filled with peace,happiness, and togetherness.

Happy 8th anniversary, Tempura! <333




Arisara Ethaniel

photo by : Arisara Ethaniel

Ivo Piers
Tempura security & dragon/天ぷらセキュリティそしてドラゴン

Hi everyone my name is Ivo Piers, and is my pleasure to say Happy Birthday Tempura on his 8th anniversary.
Tempura is a very special place for all of us.Since the beginning we all wish that everyone felt Tempura has a place of harmony and peace, a place where we can find moments to remember and to come back to enjoy this beautiful land.Years pass and our family grows and it is with great joy that i wish


私 はIvo Piers です。そしてTempura8周年記念の誕生日のお祝いの言葉を寄せられる事を光栄に思います。Tempuraは私たち皆にとって、とても特別な場所で す。Tempuraが出来た当初より、私たちはTempuraが皆さまにとって調和と平和の場所であり、思い出に残るひと時を過ごせ、また再び訪れてくれ る美しい場所でありたいと願ってまいりました。月日がめぐり、家族も大きくなっています。そしてTempuraの誕生日を祝える事は素晴らしい喜びです。

Ivo Piers

photo by :Polly Reina

Author: Chikae ella

Friday, May 6, 2016

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 8-th Anniversary of Tempura !



Special guest Part 5

Oggy Bonetto
Abiss creator and designer /アビス) クリエイター&デザイナー

Happy birthday Tempura!
Remembering the time I've discovered this sim- it feels like yesterday even tho it was long time ago, so long ago.
Wandering around Second Life, discovering beautiful places, meeting amazing people, chilling at Tempura sim.
Those were the days!

Celebrating birthday of this fantastic place and looking forward to the years to come.

Tempura お誕生日おめでとうございます。

Much love

photo by: Polly Reina

Special guest Part 6

Ghost Ulich
Creator and Director of G.H.O.S.T.  Project, Former SL Mentor/Buddy/Orientation Coach/Trainer/Linguist, RFL Captain for PWT Team
Founder, Director and Owner of the approved Resident Help Network (RHN) official LL's program's group called Phoenix Wave Team (PWT)
前セカンド・ライフ メンター、バディ、オリエンテーション・コーチ、トレーナー、通訳

Tempura represents for me "home",
a place where I can meet my dearest friends and feel relaxed
Tempura is truly the Tai Chi of my soul, the magics of SL, the persistence of being always new while remaining the same...Arigato Polly for being such an amazing friend.
Arigato Kiku for let me spread the wings of my imagination and fly in your beautiful sim.
Happy 8th birthday Tempura, be the sun always bright for you.


Truly yours,

Ghost Ulich

photo by: Polly Reina

Special guest Part 7

Tina Palfrey
Tempura friend/天ぷらの良きお友達

Happy 8ty Anniversary Tempura !!
May this day be filled with Blessings of love,Peace and joy ♥
Thanks to Kiku and the Tempura family that make Tempura so special ♥


愛をこめて ,
Tina Theo Palfrey

photo by: Tina Theo Palfrey

Mauro Catronis
Tempura security/天ぷらシム セキュリティ

It is almost another anniversary for Tempura and his visitors.
Each year, also last year, is memorable. As always Tempura is a place that keeps her hospitality and is capable to attract new and regular visitors, who are enchanted by her dominant theme: the love for the other.
I thank first of all the most important women for the existence of Tempura Chikae and Polly for their everlasting energy to give us such a beautiful place to be and of course the creator of Tempura Kikonosuke without whom this place would have never existed.
Tempura is for me like the long and winding road, as the Beatles sung it.

"That leads to your door
 Will never disappear
 I've seen that road before
 It always leads me here
 Lead me to you door"

私にとってTempuraはビートルズも歌っている “The Long and Winding Road” (長く曲がりくねった道)のようです。


Mauro Catronis

photo by: Polly Reina

Waterlilly Aabye
Tempura security & Tempura elf / 天ぷら セキュリティ&エルフ

Another year has passed and once again, we are here to celebrate Tempura’s 8th birthday. According to numerology number 8 means the balance between spiritual growth and material developments.  I think number 8 perfectly symbolizes our journey in Second Life.
While we all have our obligations, duties and daily tasks when we are offline, many of us log in and visit Tempura to find inner peace, tranquility and to spend happy moments with our online friends. People from all over the world with different cultural backgrounds, religions and languages join us to celebrate the diversity of this wonderful sim. Tempura has become a spiritual meeting point, a place where everyone is welcome.
8 years is a pretty long time in Second Life and I would like to thank Kiku, Chikae and Polly for dedicating so much time and effort to maintaining and preserving this magical place for us.
Happy Birthday, Tempura !




Tempura お誕生日おめでとう!

Waterlilly Aabye

photo by: Polly Reina

Author: Chikae ella

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 8-th Anniversary of Tempura !


Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です

Your Tempura will celebrate the 8th birthday on May 25.

There will be several commemorative events.
Here the Tempura blog as per usual, the tempura families will appear.
The family members are supporting tempura as volunteers, important fellows with benevolent affections.


Now, as a special event---

Special guests who are linked by fate with Tempura will be asked to come on stage.
The greetings by the families and guests will be posted in sequence.
Please looking forward to.


Special guest Part 1

Bryn Oh
Media Virtual Artists/メディア・ヴァーチャル・アーティスト

Congratulations on your 8th Anniversary!
I know many think of Tempura as their home in Second Life, and I think it is wonderful that you were able to fashion a place where people from around the world, with different cultures and values, can all come together and feel comfortable and accepted in your community.



Bryn Oh

photo by : Bryn Oh

Special guest Part 2

Danko Sinhue
Tempura friend /天ぷらのおともだち

You were created with love, you were created with purity and hopes to feel the longed peace, to live the dreamed romance. We all find in our way the most sublime heaven, you contemplate new beautiful memories, we found in you friends who become perpetual, romance harvested in Tempura make hearts bloom.
Many fall in love in the sunset fragility , others heal their broken hearts and turn to love again,  being hours in the same place listening to the melodious music rediscover serenity in our souls, in each of us the World turns in a special way, in his dream.
Thank you Tempura for letting us feel the harmony that blends friendly ties
I feel blessed in you
I feel happier in your surroundings,
I do not feel alone anymore
Thank you for standing firm, for making me strong
Happy Anniversary Tempura, my virtual mother, you are the shelter of my smile.
Polly, thank you for giving me this opportunity my dearest beautiful angel,
I love you

Tempuraは愛と共に創造されています。Tempuraは清らかさと、皆が憧れる安らぎや、夢の様なロマンスを経験したいという希望で創られています。私たちはそれぞれが最も崇高な天国をTempuraに見出し、Tempuraは新たな美しい思い出たちを見守ってくれています。 永遠の友と出会い、Tempuraで実ったロマンスは心を開花させてくれるのです。
私たちに友好的な絆を深める調和を感じさせてくれて、ありがとう Tempura。

Danko Sinhue

photo by : Polly Reina

Special guest Part 3

Marry Eel
SL model and blogger/SLモデルそしてブロガー

Happy 8th anniversary, Tempura!
It has been 8 years already.
There wasn't many in SL that never knew the name “Tempura”.
Everyone who stepped into this world of Second Life came to visit this place.
Great buildings, a shining golden bridge, woods where the sunshine falls onto the ground through the trees, and a fantasy place where cherry blossom petals dance around.
It feels like you are visiting a scene from a movie.
In this SIM, there have been a numerous amount of unfolding stories.
Tempura is the place where you can get a lot of memories and you can never replace.
There are a lot of other beautiful SIMs in SL, but most of them would disappear before we knew of their existence. Tempura has never changed and always welcomed us for a long time.
We should never forget Kikunosuke, Chikae and other Tempura staff's dedications and efforts to keep Tempura as such a nice place.
As long as SL exists, I hope Tempura will always be there as a place to go for love and healing.
Thank you, and congratulations Tempura!


そうです。tempuraは私達に素敵な思い出を与えてくれ.るかけがえの ない場所なのです。


tempura..有り難う そして おめでとう。

Marry Eel

photo by: Marry Eel

Special guest Part 4

Aki Aries
Dancers love SL〈SLをこよなく愛するダンサー

Happy 8th anniversary!
For me, Tempura is the place where I share memories with my friends.  Like the time when I knew nothing about SL and when I came for heals (both in SL and in RL); and as a place where I could see some friends who have left SL and would be back again in the future.
Tempura is a utopia. That can only be realized in a virtual world.   It contains strong passions from the creators in every place in this SIM. I feel those are the charms of Tempura.
I hope it will exist as long as SL exists.


Aki Aries

photo by: Polly Reina

Karasu Songlark
Tempura ballroom DJ/天ぷらボールルームDJ

It's been a year since I became a member of Tempura Family.
Since then, its beauty and the kindness of people in Tempura haven't changed at all.
It is simply amazing considering that we live in such a rapidly changing world.
I'm honored to be one of the Tempura family members.
As you already know, there's a gorgeous ballroom in Tempura.
I promise to bring you the greatest world of music there.
Looking forward to seeing all of you.


Karasu Songlark

photo by : Polly Reina

author: Chikae ella