Monday, June 29, 2009

VWBC St. featured Tempura Island Japan

There was a live broadcast featuring Tempura Island last week.
VWBC (Japanese VirtualBroadCast ST.)

Temupra Isle reported by Clione Clary.
Please refer to the following as to the English translation.

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run time: 13:00-16:50

Next comes my Pick-up Corner.

Japan-Tempura-Island, the island of healing, has celebrated its first anniversary on May 25th.

(SS-1 Interview)
I gave an interview in-world with Mr. Kikunosuke Eel, the owner of this SIM, also known as a fabulous photographer in SL.

All the photographs we show you, are taken by Kikunosuke.
I'm sure you'll enjoy them all !

It all started from Kikunosuke's losing love and his broken heart. Getting encouragement from his fellows, he devoted himself to establish the SIM in order to be relieved from the pain he got.

(SS-2 In the forest)
“Felt acutely that a place for love and heal is especially essential in the virtual world. Will build up a thoroughly beautiful and stylish SIM to meet that requirements.”
So he made up his mind to create this SIM.

It had been originally scheduled to be opened in March, but it was put off for two months till May, as Kikunosuke himself made the final adjustment to the nail.

Surprisingly enough, the traffic on the opening day exceeded 8000, even though there had been no promotion.

(SS-3 Tempura)
The SIM layout took a hint from Mandara that visualizes the enlightened world of Buddhism.
In addition, a castle and corridors that have essences of Renaissance.
Splendorous and fantastic design was achieved by amalgamating the East and the West, that is well accepted by people from any country around the world.

It is said that the furniture layout and color of the private rooms allocated in the SIM were decided according to psychology, and sophisticated beauty and comfort were accomplished.

(SS-4 Brand image)
Kikunosuke, as a photographer, had a great impact on promotion effects of the brand through the pictures he provided for magazines like the Déjà-Vu International.

Such an extraordinary sensitivity may be utilized in every corner of this SIM. He now refrains from his photographing work in order to maintain valuable time with his family in his real life.

Tempura Island, a volunteer SIM that provides pure healing place, with no camping or shopping area.
That may be the reason why there is a constant flow of traffic from more than fifty countries all over the world even now.

There was a great news at the end of last week.

(SS-5 Photographing by Linden)
The movie-shooting was held by Linden Lab in the ball room, and the video will be posted on their official web-site! It seems to be a video that seeks and introduces what is possible in the Second Life.

I cannot wait to watch that video!

By the way, do you have any idea how he named this sim as "Tempura"? Well, it came from a buzzword in Japan " AGE-AGE " which describes the feeling of cheerfulness.
"AGE" of "AGE-AGE" also means to deep-fry foods. And, a famous deep-fried food in Japan is.... Yes! Tempura.

It seems that such unique idea and a bit playful mind represent the personality of Kikunosuke, and make us feel somewhat warmly treated.

The flicker that can touch the art by Kikunosuke, and the official blog of Tempura Island written in both Japanese and English are here.

(SS-6 Link)
Of course, as you are already aware, Tempura scenery is used in the log-in screen of the Second Life.

If this is the first time to hear about Tempura, please take this opportunity to visit here.

"Please come to experience an elegant time for adults."

This is the end of my Pick-up Corner.

ストリーミング・サイト⇒ vwbc site(Second Life)

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(SS-1 インタビュー)
Kikunosuke Eelさんにインワールドでお話を伺いました。



(SS-2 森の中)
と このSIMの制作を決意されたそうです。

Kikunosukeさん自らが 徹底的に最終仕上げを行ったために


(SS-3 テンプラ)


(SS-4 ブランドイメージ)




(SS-5 リンデン撮影)





(SS-6 リンク)



Please come to experience an elegant time for adults.


Interviewer:Clione Clary
Interviewee:kikunosuke Eel,Chikae Ella

Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tempura Island on Virtual World BroadCast

Hi there,
I just got a good news for you from my friend
We were interviewed on the Virtual World BroadCast a week ago.

It will be broadcasted as a part of the VWBC news show on the 26th June, 9:00pm (JST)

Please go to the link below, if your time allows, to watch the program !
Virtual World BroadCast Station

We have to warn you that it will only be available in japansese.
But I will be translating it into english in a few days time here on this web site.

Don't miss it

:: てんぷらアイランドがVWBCで紹介されます。 ::



Virtual World BroadCast Station

photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flash beam from Tempura to the upper region

Hi, I am chikae ella, an officer of Tempura SIM.

The person who said first that a column of light should be blasted off from the top of the dome of Tempura castle to the upper region where Gods and ancestors are, is naturally kikunosuke, the owner of the SIM.
He said it is essential to keep the flash of light fired from Tempura to the upper region for both worshipping Gods and commemorating our ancestors.

Sure all members agreed. Right from the start, we cannot help feeling that the process of establishing the basic picture map had been programmed by the supernatural.

We handed flood of source materials to the creator. The idea, to unite Mandara and renaissance, was born from the words of god and soul of our fellows.
When we mentioned that we would like the flash of light representing our gratitude to the upper region, the creator, P, seemed to encounter with a big difficulty, but he did an admirable job.

Please come close to the hole situated at the top of the dome where the light is emitted. Try to devote yourself to the animation ball of sky-dance. After turning several times, you can keep floating with a sexy pose. This provides you with feeling of pleasure and solace, and also let you have a new understanding of how you are cool.

The white and gold flash of light will enwrap your dancing body, and may convey your dream and thought up to the upper region

You must try the sky-dance in the light on the dome. I can tell you that you will surely feel refreshed. Please come and enjoy Tempura. Looking forward to seeing you!

:: てんぷら から天界への閃光 ::

コンニチワてんぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella です。








photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tai Chi Chuan at Tempura ISLAND

Hi, I am chikae ella, a SIM officer.

Tai Chi Chuan is a form of traditional martial arts that was born in the everlasting Chinese history. It is characterized by slow and flowing movements, and said to be good for health, longevity, and stress reduction. Today, Tai Chi Chuan has spread worldwide.

It is said that Tai Chi Chuan was created by a mountain hermit in China, but it is only according to legend. Today there has been many schools established, but the mainstream seems to use twenty four main movements among the numerous actions of Tai Chi Chuan.

When we are building Tempura, we decided in advance that a space for Tai Chi Chuan should be included. Because the research results had said that Tai Chi Chuan was popular among the range of SIMs in the second life.

We concentrated our thoughts to create a place for Tai Chi Chuan being a bit different from those of other SIMs.
Here also it was necessary to present a space for love and heal, that is the theme of Tempura.

The grandest location that provides full view of the SIM.
The round table with a pattern of Mandala (concentric diagram having spiritual and ritual significance in both Buddhism and Hinduism) without feeling of oppression.
The fascinating cardinal autumn forest spreading in front of you.
The feeling of tension of being watched by others from the corridor or the top of castle.

You will experience gratification of self-absorption, just like dancing on a stage.
While dancing slowly with the tide, red flowers are welling up in a swirl from below.

Then, exuberant chat starts among the guests gathered from all over the world.
“Hi. How are you?”
“It is morning here. Is this the bedtime for you?”
“You are beautiful”
“Thank you”

And all that. You can have your pick of the lot, the elder, the youth, male, or female. There are enthusiastic conversations with sputtering out.

Tempura is accessed by peoples from more than fifty countries. The Tai Chi Chuan at Tempura is now becoming one of the watering holes that gather worldwide peoples. Information exchange and competition of the latest fashion. Above all, it will provide a place where you can be away from keyboard at ease.

There are some couples they become more intimate while meeting and talking here.

To peoples from the entire world: Please come to see the Tai Chi Chuan at Tempura. We will be waiting for you.

:: てんぷらの太極拳 ::

こんにちわ、てんぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ellaです。












photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Have you been to TEMPURA yet?

We are JAM.
Have you been to TEMPURA yet?
Once you TP in TEMPURA, you may think, “Wow, this is heavy. Cannot see anything...". But, please be patient. Just wait a couple of minutes, then you will be in a beautiful sim.

Now, as you could see around, let your adventure of TEMPURA begins.
First, you see a big bridge in front of you, so,cross the bridge.

You will be amazed by the great landscape.
There are two big ponds on both side of the bridge, and a big circle floating in one of the two ponds.
Step into the circle, and then you will see some balls: meditation balls.

I am sure you will be surprised at sitting there ! Beyond expression !
It is nice the flowers are growing up and down repeatedly.
why don't you meditate? why don't you make friends with everyone?
how about changing your stressful mind to relaxed mind with nice music?
But, don't stay here too long, because you may sleep down in relaxing.



まずは、左側におりてみよう。なにやらBallがみえる。Meditation Ballだよ。

そこに座ってみるとビックリ! なんていうのか、成長する草花が変化してきれいなんだ!
ここで、少し瞑想してはどうかな? 友達を見つけに来るのもいいかも!


photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Login screen second life Spring '09

I got good news.Landscape in Tempura isle adopted on the Login screen of Second Life.
The following screen can be seen.

*The indian lotus field

*The forest of summer

*The golden ballroom

Thanks Torley L