Sunday, April 11, 2010

Restaurant of Love at Tempura

Hi everyone, this is chikae ella, the officer of Tempura SIM.

A certain author said that there are four types of love.

Someone loves with flame
Someone loves for hobby.
Someone loves with flesh.
Someone loves for vanity.

And it is said that, in any type of love, it is recommended to enjoy a meal in a relaxed atmosphere as a process for lovers to become friendlier.

It seems sure from psychological standpoint that it is better to have the beginning of a date with a meal. More than anything else, a meal will make lovers possible to communicate in a relaxed atmosphere.

Also there is a merit that it is hard to bark while something delicious is in the mouth even in a quarrel.

For female, it is said that the sex hormone will be affected by taking some special pattern of meal, which may cause the love go wrong.

It seems that there is no relation, but a meal that lovers enjoy together is surely enhances the romantic relationship.

Do you know that there is a cute restaurant on the top of Tempura that is the right place for lovers?

At the entrance of the restaurant, red rose petals are sprinkling out and invite the loving couple to the room. From the room with waving curtains of gold color that is the theme color of Tempura, the vast extent of sea is under your eyes. The sunset on the horizon is really breathtaking scenery.

After getting comfortable at the Arabic chairs, please enjoy the slow dance. Also animation balls are set on the terrace outside of the window for hot hug and kiss. Please take face-to-face chairs at the table, and enjoy the colorful and delicious cuisines. The finest champagne is cooled for you. I can tell you that you will have fun time that nurtures your love.

The reason why a boy and a girl in love will not grow bored although they are together all the time is nothing more or less than being fascinated with their own world while taking delicious meal.

Please do not miss to visit the rooftop restaurant at Tempura. There are many couples who were united in marriage after a declaration of love at this restaurant.

By the way, chikae was entirely devoted to a role of reporter this time. The couple models are two securities of Tempura, who were incidentally there. Please give applause for the enthusiastic performance of romi77779 Doobie and Gosia Quartz.

Model:romi77779 Doobie,Gosia Quartz,Chikae Ella
Photograph by rudyn Carter

::: 天ぷらの愛のレストラン :::

皆さんこんにちわ、天ぷらシムのオフィサーchikae ellaですぅ。













romi77779 DoobieさんとGosia Quartzさんの熱演に、拍手喝さいをどうぞ^^^^。

Model:romi77779 Doobie,Gosia Quartz,Chikae Ella
Photograph by rudyn Carter