Friday, May 5, 2017

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 9-th Anniversary of Tempura !


ACT2 その2

Pepa Cometa (mariajo60)
Machinimator & Photographer/マシネマ製作者、フォトグラファー

Tempura has a very special meaning in my second life, It was my home during my first year.. I like very much going there to do tai chi, just looking around and talking with people, It's an alive place.
Congrats for all these years and I wish for the future a long, happy and friendly life :)

Tempura は私のセカンド・ライフにおいて、とても特別な意味を持っています。 セカンド・ライフでの最初の1年間、Tempuraは我が家でした。 太極拳をしたり、ぶらぶらと歩いてみたり、人々と話をしたりしに行くのが大好きです。 生き生きとしている場所です。 これまでの歴史に心からお祝い申し上げます。 そして今後の末永く幸せでフレンドリーな未来をお祈りしております。

photo by : Pepa Cometa

Hera Blackheart
Tempura Security M/ Tempura セキュリティ M

9 Years!! Tempura celebrates 9 years of existence!!

Only because of Tempura and its family that we come back in SL: we wander around, we try different things, but we need to return here to make peace with ourselves, and only Tempura gives us this interior harmony. It is like being in a time blocking atmosphere, where friends and family have always time to listen to you, where nature and sound blend together to create the supernatural experience. Thanks to Kiku’s super talent, together with Chikae and Polly supervision, we can still call Tempura our home. 9 years has passed but we are still the crazy, enthusiastic, passionate people who gather from all around the world in Tempura just for the fun to be together. Love you all!!!

Happy Birthday Tempura!!!!



photo by : Polly Reina

Alexs Campese
Tempura friend/ Tempuraの友人

Happy Anniversary Japan Tempura SIM.

My first visit to Tempura was around the time when it has just started.  I still remember how amazed and impressed I was by its beautiful landscape, the magnificent structures, and the high quality of the entire SIM.
Since then, it has never changed for 9 years.  We have very short life cycle in SL, but it's been keeping its beauty and the warmth to welcome visitors for such a long time.  I believe it's the result of the excellent efforts of the Tempura SIM creator and all Tempura family members. 
I hope it will last forever in the future without any changes as a beautiful place where attracts people.

JAPAN TEMPURAシム誕生9周年記念おめでとうございます。

photo by : Alexs Campese

Tatlym John
Tempura friend / Tempuraの友人

Congratulations to all the members of Tempura family and fans for this 9th anniversary!  I love to spend time in Tempura as much as I can. I enjoy the relaxing music and the pleasant atmosphere. Tempura has beautiful and enjoyable locations, and the officers and the people who are regular visitors are very kind. It is a great place to forget about the busy and demanding RL by doing Tai Chi or meeting friends.
Thank you for keeping this amazing place alive!
Tatlym John

Tempuraの家族の皆さん、そしてファンの方々、9周年おめでとうございます。 私は出来る限り、Tempuraで過ごすのが大好きです。 リラックス出来る音楽と、楽しい雰囲気を楽しんでいます。 Tempuraには美しく楽しめる場所があり、スタッフや常連の訪問者達全員がとても親切です。 太極拳をしたり、友人たちと集う事で、忙しく厳しいリアル・ライフを忘れには素晴らしい場所です。 この素晴らし環境を存続させてくれている事に心から感謝します。
Tatlym Johnより愛をこめて。

photo by : Tatlym John

Author: Chikae ella