Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Golden Dance Hall at Tempura

Hi everyone:
This is chikae ella, the SIM officer.

It is said that the Gold is a color that represents blight beauty, wealth, and power. In the western heraldry, the gold is called Or, and the golden symbol is one of the pledge for kings of many countries to be the allegiants of the emperor.
So, there have been various dream-inspiring legends and glories sprinkled in the words or expressions that include “Kin (Gold)”. Let us see some examples.

Kintoki (A name of golden boy, a folk hero from Japanese folklore): To go slightly flushed around cheeks while drinking.
Kin-no-Tamago (Golden egg): Promising youth
Kin-Medalu (Gold Medal): Needless to say, the top prize of Olympic Games.
Kin-Sho (Gold prize): The highest award in such as an art contest.
Kin-Sho (Gold warrior): A name of a piece in Japanese Chess
Kin-Boshi (Gold Star): In Japanese Sumo-wrestling, an award for lower-ranked wrestler who beat the Yokozuna, the highest tank.

There are more, but the world of old legends is the most suitable stage for the gold where the gold as a symbol of fortune is playing the leading character.

At one time, Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant working for Chinese Emperor, let many adventurers stretch their dream by introducing Japan to Europe as a Zipangu the golden country.

The Inca Empire in Peru in South America was ruined by Pissarro of Spain, and whole gold was depleted, but still there are several legends denoting that there had been a rich golden country (El Dorado) that was superior to the Inca Empire, in the deep jungle of the South America. It is still stimulating our imagination.

The Pacific Ocean, that lies between the South America and Japan. Do you know that there is a more exciting legend beyond all imagination?

About 12,000 years ago:
The Pacific Ocean was not a sea but a huge continent, and there was the Mu Empire that was boasting high plane of civilization and fortune. Under the dynasty of Emperor “La Mu”, the habitants were about sixty four millions. It is said that the audience chamber in the castle where the emperor resided was decollated with bright gold as if it displays the authority ostentatiously.

But, a gas-belt that was lying under the Empire caught fire. Big explosion and earthquake busted up the Mu continent, and the Mu was swallowed by the sea instantly. It is said that few people survived.

Recently, a new fact was released. Surprisingly, some peoples who have the same DNA arrangement as Japanese were found in a tribe in the South America. It means that it was proven biologically that the tribe and Japanese have the same ancestor.

Of course, the legend of the Mu continent could be a dream, but it cannot be said unnatural to consider that the remaining survivors from the annihilation of the Mu continent drifted ashore, some to Japan, and some to the South America.

I tried to reproduce the legendary golden audience chamber of the Mu Empire, at the ball room of Tempura. Please pass through the long corridor bridge from the entrance of Tempura, step on the red stairway, and then open the massive door. A breathtaking bright golden dance room is waiting for you. Gorgeous, splendiferous, glittering, artistic, and gentle sense of relief that heals the body and spirit. It is an acme of beauty beyond all description.

Seeing is believing.

Please visit the golden dance hall in Tempura. The person whom you meet there might be from a different country, but could have the same ancestor with the same DNA, Tempura has access from more than one hundred countries from across the globe every day. The residual incense of the Mu continent the illusionary country, in an illusionary world of Tempura. Please feel it by yourself. Tempura is dearly welcoming you.

Model:Chikae Ella
Model:Tact Arida
Photograph by rudyn Carter

::: 天ぷらの黄金のダンスルーム :::

天ぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ellaです。














Model:Chikae Ella
Model:Tact Arida
Photograph by rudyn Carter

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Corridor Bridge at Tempura

Hi. This is chikae Ella, the SIM officer.

I am working in mass communication media in the RL. It is a part of the job to write an article or to gather folk tales and interesting anecdotes from across the globe. One of the most attractive stories among them was a legendary corridor existing on an island in Southeast Asia.

The corridor is a tube-shaped tunnel formed by native vines of the island, about forty meters long. And there was a strict rule that should be observed by any person who passes through the corridor.
That is: Any male and female who meet each other in the corridor should cuddle and kiss together. Which is to say, for instance, a couple even facing opposition of those around, if they are coming in the corridor from opposite side and meet each other in the corridor, they are considered to be met in the corridor of the fortune and are allowed to get married.

Yes, this corridor was the blessed corridor of fortune where all loves bear fruit.

We thought to build this legendary corridor of love in Tempura. We thought that any love should be accomplished by passing through the corridor of love in Tempura, and all lovebirds all over the world become happy.

The Corridor Bridge that is in charge of love should be beautiful. It should be gorgeous, voluptuous, and of golden color that enhance your mind. It should be tender bridge that all avatars can pass without any reserve.
On the other end of the bridge, a dazzling golden dance hall is welcoming you, where you can get into soft whisper of love.

Now, please stand at the front of the entrance, look toward the castle. There will be a breathtaking big bridge of light that invites you to the dream world.

This is the Corridor Bridge that Tempura provided for you. Please step on the bridge, hand in hand for a couple, and with a confident to meet your dear one for a single.

Tempura is a healing place that nurtures and grows love. Please visit Tempura. We are looking forward to seeing you.

*The photographer for Tempura blog has changed since this edition. Kikunosuke the owner is too busy and has no time. The new photographer, Ms rudynCarter is talented person who won the first prize in an overseas blog contest. All photographs for Tempura blog will be taken by her. Please welcome her and look forward to seeing nice pictures.


皆さんこんにちわ。天ぷらシムオフィサーのchikae Ella ですぅ。










Model:Chikae Ella
Photograph by rudyn Carter

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Spring Woods at Tempura

Hi, this is chikae ella, an officer of Tempura SIM.

When the Tempura was almost completed at May 2008, there were only cherry trees in full blossom at the spring woods situated on the west side of Tempura. The sprinkling cherry flower is considered as a kind of cool symbol, a flower of a good last moment that has no fatuous regrets or adhesion to the life and goes away without more ado.
But we thought that it was not enough to put cherry blossom in the spring woods.
Furthermore, the spring woods are located on the west side. In the Japanese Buddhism, the west is considered as the West Pure Land that is a sanctuary which is the living place of ancestors.

At a time in the past, there was Period of Warring States in Japan, when warring loads of regions were struggling for supremacy and territory. When they were face to face for starting battle, they tried to position their troops on the west side as close as possible. They believed that it was close to the West Pure Land where their ancestors are, and they could go there easily when they would die in battle.

In the sea of woods of the spring, we decided to put lotus bloom that is the flower of Buddhism. The lotus bloom is a flower on which Buddha is sitting in Pure Land. Buddha sits on the lotus with a special sitting pose, Kekka-Fuza (sitting with crossed legs). We thought the lotus is the most suitable one for the spring woods.

The person who actually set the lotus flowers there was Kikunosuke the owner of the SIM. He was so enthusiastic about the work that he developed fever on the way. It was rewarded by the great lotus field, a notable sight in Tempura. A friend creator made a huge lotus flower for us. The giant lotus is now a very nice photo spot, and also there is a dance table just for a couple.

It is said that the spring is a season when a hypothalamus in the brain is stimulated by the warm sunshine and the sexual hunger, a part of human instinct is enhanced. The spring is also a season for love for living beings.
Please visit the spring woods at Tempura. You might be hit by a love’s arrow in the sweet scent of the lotus flowers.
Looking forward to seeing you!

::: 天ぷらの春の森 :::

こんにちわ 天ぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella です。







Model:Chikae Ella,kiknosuke Eel
Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Monday, October 19, 2009

VWBC St. featured MANDALA Jewelry Store

There was a live broadcast featuring MANDALA last week.
The Store reported by Clione Clary.
Please refer to the following as to the English translation.

run-time 13:45-17:10

Let me introduce one of my favorite accessory stores in Second Life.

It's located on the island called TEMPURA SOBA (Tempura noodles).
Oh what a funny name, isn't it ?
But it sounds kind of familiar.... ahhh it reminds me of Tempura Island... but does it have anything to do with that beautiful romantic island ???

Yep! you guessed it right !
The owner of the Japan Tempura Island, Kikunosuke Eel, has just opened his new accessory store called MANDALA on the island of Tempura Soba.

In order to reduce the prim count on Tempura Island, he'd been learning to deal with sculpties... and ended up creating accessories using them on his own !

Necklaces, Bangles, Earrings, Belts....all have hand-drawn terrific texture, and stylish beautiful design that you've never seen in SL yet so far.

Must be expensive??? Nooooo, pretty reasonably priced !!
You also find "shapes" in the next corner.
If you have met Kikunosuke, you already know that his avatar is just breathtakingly beautiful.

You maybe able to "be" like him with the shapes sold in the store !
There are three men's shapes and two female ones of your choice.. ;)


The jewelries with one of the best... or it could be said as one of the "best-est" quality in the whole Second Life.
You should come and check them out with your own eyes....


Special Thanks Clione Clary
Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Release "Luck" from MANDALA

New items were released.
The most important of these were produced by Kikunosuke eel !!

[MANDALA] Luck Necklace
397L$(each color)

[MANDALA] Luck Bracelet
357L$(each color)

check out soon

Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Monday, October 5, 2009

Did you enjoy your summer ?

Hi! We are JAM.
How are you all? Are you enjoying your summer?

It's great to visit beaches, mountains, rivers, etc. in summer vacation. We, JAM have been to many places!

We went fishing; we caught fishes, not only them, but also a rubber boot :((
Fireworks were great! Fireworks, displayed just in front of us, were absolutely dynamic!
We also went to summer mountain, where it was pleasantly cool. Cottage was perfect for a romantic gateway.

We would recommend the waterfall in the tempura's summer. Why don't you have barbecue, cooliing down your body with cold water? What about going fishing and having beer?

You also have got to watch inside the waterfall. There may be a cave, you may explore in it. You are busy seeing the cave?
I'm sure you could enjoy the waterfall, even if you are one or with friends .



つりをしたよ。魚も連れたけど、長靴ややかんもつったよ :(
花火もいいね! 目の前に上がる花火は、迫力満点だ!



Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Friday, September 11, 2009

"What is Second Life ?" at Tempura ISLAND

Hey! Do you know that the new Second Life web site has launched ?
Have you checked it out already ??
You must have watched the promotion video created by LL called "What is Second Life?"

Secondlife's Channel (on Youtube)
Did you realize that our Ball Room appears at the end of this video? (runtime: 1:02)

Yes! The doors with imposing presence open in front of you, and there you see the magnificent dance party going on!
Yes! That's Tempura ! and we are very proud to have been able to provide our premises for this video.

What is Second Life?

A place to connect
A place to shop
A place to work
A place to love
A place to explore
A place to different Yourself
Free Yourself.
Free Your Mind.
Change Your Look.
Love Your Look.
Love Your Life.

* Second Life *

テンプラ・アイランドで撮影が行われたリンデン・ラボ社のプロモーション・ビデオ"What is Second Life?"が完成しました。





Video made by ILL Clan Animation Studio for Linden Lab.
Special Thanks Clione Clary

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Brand "MANDALA"Lunched at TEMPURA SOBA

Hi there,
Kikunosuke(Tempura owner) opened a small shop for his own Jewelry and Shapes.
Please check below slurl you can find some good stuff !!


Soul Necklace 魂 Women

Soul Necklace 魂 Men

Takara Bangle


テンプラ・シムオーナーのkikunosuke eelが小さな店をオープンしました。


Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Friday, August 21, 2009

Memories of Tempura

Hi. This is chikae ella, an officer of Tempura SIM

One year and three months has passed since Tempura was opened. It could be a time to have a houseful of memories. Sure, we have an unforgettable SL friend.

Her name is 5959, a Japanese movie director. She is a cheerful and intelligent woman with outstanding talent, signed up many movie contests in SL and won the grand prizes.

The 5959 was kind enough to shoot a beauteous movie drama using Tempura as the stage. Her amazing camerawork fully commanded the golden light and color that is the characteristics of Tempura. We heaved a sigh of admiration for her talent and taste.

But, Miss 5959 left SL on the sudden. Nobody knows the reason. All we have is her work, and a sad feeling that we lost a friend. The movie titled “MIWAKU (fascination)” still continues to be fresh and super, and worthy of admiration by people from all over the world.
Now we will present the movie for you, also in order to keep the memory of Miss 5959.

Title: “MIWAKU (fascination)”
Director and the heroine princess: Miss 5959
Cat the guide: nekocyan Dyrssen

In a magical forest, a beautiful princess awoke. She was guided into a castle hosted by a cat. Is this a dream, phantasm, or preform?
Showed up out of nowhere, a mysterious gentleman. Two getting a charge out of dancing, carrying a torch for love. Then came a time to black out.
Surfaced from unconsciousness, the princess relaxes herself at the lotus field together with the cat, envisioning the incident in the castle. Was it, or also the beauteous place Tempura itself, a dream, phantasm, or preform of …?

Picture is worth a thousand words.
Please watch this movie as your own story, and try to be “fascinated”.


こんにちわ てんぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella です。





タイトル --「魅惑」

案内の猫............nekocyan Dyrssen




Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Security staff of Tempura

Hi, this is chikae ella, Tempura SIM officer.

Now Tempura is a high-traffic SIM from more than fifty countries all over the world. When this SIM was opened in last May, no one expected the high-traffic like this, and the administration was done by a few Japanese staffs only. But since the fourth month from the opening, many guests started coming from four corners of the glove, and accordingly the management job was increased drastically.

Although the majority of the guests are of high morals, and love and enjoy Tempura, but there are some exceptions who do not follow the rules and disturb other guests. The staffs were not able to handle the work and had a hard time, but almost like a God’s gift, some people, who would like to do their part in security at Tempura, appeared.

More importantly, they came from various countries of the world. Since we had had a tough time in language problems, we were so pleased and welcomed them with open arms. This time, I would introduce the security staffs at Tempura, who are all dependable good fellows.

Mr. romi77779 Doobie

Not to mention, he is the first staff from overseas, from the West Asia. He said he was taught about Tempura by his real-life brother who was also enjoying the second life. He has been proposing many ideas to make TEMPURA better. He is a good guy with full of caring and kindness

Ms. MAXINE89 Foxdale

She is studying financial business in the west coast of the U.S.A. She applied for the security job since she loved Tempura and wanted to work there. She is always wearing elegant fashion. (Especially the shoes! She wears wonderful ones all the time.)

Ms. gwannelle Eleonara

A lady from France. She is very intellectual and active, and a tuff lady also working as a security in other SIM. She is getting a fashionable styling of her own, and also loves Japanese Kimono.

Ms. Shoopoo Shinji

She had been a steady customer at TEMPURA. She is taking pictures and sends them to me at all times. Surprisingly, she is also a princess at Narnia SIM in SL. She is a very tender-heated, adult female. She is a French.

Mr. Basem Adamczyk

He is an Egyptian. His rugged features and body style could be the best for the security job. It is said that possible violators often run away by only seeing his appearance. Such a dependable person, but very compassionate gentleman.

Ms. Chi Anthony

From Netherlands. Very gentle, amiable, and sensible. she had been visiting Tempura and was discovered by romi7779. A white hope for the future activities.

Ms. Susha Revestel

She is an Portuguese.She has newly joined in the staff. She said she loves Tempura, and understands the importance of the security work here. It is expected to grow by following a lead of senior members.

Ms. Polly Reina

She joined our group most recently, but she is a top veteran among the security members regarding the SL lifetime. She likes Tempura, and visited here often. She has many friends, it may be because of her gentle personality. She aspired to be a security at Tempura, and sent her resume to the owner. Now she is hired and expected to push forward with her work enthusiastically. She is a Macedonian.

As you know, the Linden set a rule that prohibits activities not to be done in SL.
In addition, there are local rules especially set for Tempura. In the Tempura SIM, these local rules are prioritized over the Linden rules. So, if someone felt uncomfortable by instruction by the Tempura security and sent a report to Linden, Linden would not accept such claim.

In order to keep a comfortable place for you all, your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

::: てんぷらのセキュリティたち :::

こんにちわ てんぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella です。




romi77779 Doobieさん。


MAXINE89 Foxdaleさん。


gwannelle Eleonaraさん。


Shoopoo Shinjiさん。


Basem Adamczykさん。


Chi Anthonyさん。


Susha Revestelさん。


Polly Reinaさん。




Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Autumn Woods at Tempura

Hi, this is chikae ella, Tempura SIM officer.

It is said that autumn is a season when the broadleaf trees drop leaves and gird themelves against the coming severe winter. But autumn is also a harvest time, and Japanese may think autumn is the best season to be able to do what they had meant to do in the year. So there are various expressions using the word autumn. Here are some of the interesting examples.

1.. Autumn eating (This might be say by gastronomes since there are abundant foods in autumn, a harvest season for fruits or rice.)

2.. Autumn sports (The weather becomes cool and it is comfortable to engage in athletic activities with sweating. In Japanese schools, athletic festivals are held in autumn.)

3.. Autumn reading (In Japan, daytime becomes shorter and night becomes longer in autumn. This could mean that it is better to use the longer night for reading to smarten oneself.)

4.. Autumn art (There are many painting contests every year along the theme of mountains ablaze with autumn leaves.)

5.. Autumn parting (This will be an analogy that burning loves started at the summer sea may end together with the coming of autumn.)

By the way, there is also a say, “Female mind and autumnal sky”. This means that the female mind veers about frequently like the autumnal weather, and it also terminates loves.

When we created autumn woods in Tempura, we tried to prepare Momiji-Gari (autumn leaves hunting) that is a charming sights in autumn in Japan. An excursion for viewing scarlet maple leaves is called Momiji-Gari that is a special occasion for appreciating arts. So beautiful the Japanese autumn leaves are, and the brilliant scarlet are used everywhere in the traditional Kabuki or dramas in Japan.

The autumn woods spread towards right from the Tempura entrance facing to the castle. We thought that, for this forest, it is not enough to provide only wonderful looking of the brilliant scarlet, but also necessary to put a voluptuous burnish. That will be like an allurement of a femme fatale that makes you inescapable if got hooked.

When people see the autumn woods for the first time, most of them stand for a while in a stupor with admiration for the overwhelming allurement. Then some of them run into the forest with a shout, “Wahooooooo” or walk in slowly into the middle and stood motionless watching around. Some lies down besides a big tree cuddling together with someone special, some sit on fallen leaves for reading, and some enjoy slow dances among trees. There are two rooms for lovebirds in a big tree house in the depths of the forest.

Once you got hooked by the mysterious charm of the autumn woods, you will pass the point of no return. In fact, there is an endless stream of people who came back to Tempura to see the autumn forest.

When you visit Tempura, please step in the autumn woods, and take all the fun out of it. Looking forward to seeing you!

::: てんぷらの秋の森 :::

こんにちわ てんぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella です。


1.. 食欲の秋(果物や稲が実って収穫されるので秋は食べ物に不自由しないという食道楽の言い分ですね。)

2.. スポーツの秋(涼しくなって運動に汗を流しやすくなる。日本の学校では秋は運動会が開かれます)

3.. 読書の秋(日本では秋は昼間の時間が短く夜が長くなります。そこで本を読んで秋の夜長を賢くなるために使おうと言うのでしょう)

4.. 芸術の秋(紅葉に染まった山をモチーフに毎年沢山の絵画がコンテストが開かれています。)

5.. 別れの秋(夏の海で灼熱に燃え上がった恋も、秋の訪れとともに終わるというたとえですね。)







Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Friday, July 24, 2009

Tempura Island on Linden Destination Guide

Hi, I'm Aqua.

Guess what!
I've got another excellent information to share with you!
Our Tempura Island has been proudly chosen as one of the coolest spots to visit in Second Life.

Yep! We are among those 30 fabulous spots on Linden Lab's Destination Guide.

Please check it out !
⇒Linden Lab's Destination Guide


あなたのダッシュボードのDestination Guideで、

⇒Linden Lab's Destination Guide

Special Thanks:Clione Clary
Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Friday, July 17, 2009

Forest and Waterfall, in summer at Tempura

Hi, this is chikae ella, an officer of Tempura SIM.

With the coming of summer, all natures over hill and dale turn into flushing greenness. In the USA, a jealousy is said as “green-eyed monster”, but the green color has different meaning in Japan.

Psychologically, it is said that green color stabilizes mental balance, and heals fatigue of the eye or stiffness in the shoulder. In Japan, green is not a single color and there are many kinks of delicate name used, such as yellowish green, deep green, bright green, or spring-green.

The summer forest in Tempura spreads toward left from the entrance to the castle. We tried to let this forest have a healing power by the green color, and also to create a nostalgic fairy-tale world. Please step in very slowly. Exuberant green towering trees, green ground surface firmly trodden, easy to walk on, the golden sunlight passing through the greens. They are giving off an atmosphere that the seven dwarfs of Snow White might appear unexpectedly behind a large tree and invite you to the dance.

Please step forward in the heart of the forest. Together with a roar, a realistic and splendid water fall will welcome you.
In Japan, from mythological times, a waterfall has been preserved with care as a sanctuary where forest spirits gather together.

When a mountain priest of Buddhism called Yamabushi performs the ascetic practices hiding oneself in a mountain retreat, he trains one’s mind and body by performing cold water ablutions by a fall in a white clothing, numerating a sutra. Even in the very deep of winter, it is said that the body will be warmed up amazingly while coming under the holly waterfall.

There is a famous folk tale called “Yourou no Taki” (Waterfalls for the Aged)

Once upon a time, there were a father and a son, wood cutters, living in a forest. The son knew that his aged father liked sake, more importantly. But they were so poor that he could not buy sake for father. One day, the son lost his way in a forest, and ran into a beautiful waterfall. He took a sip of the waterfall. Surprisingly it was sake coming down the fall. It was a gift from heaven for the dutiful son. The waterfall was named as “Waterfalls for the Aged” by the emperor, and had allayed many people’s thirst since then.

Fairy tales and folk stories go well together with the forest and waterfall at Tempura.
The large green trees and the blessed waterfall will surely bring you healing and solace. Please visit the summer forest of Tempura for dating with your best fellow or for picnic with your friends.
Looking forward to seeing you!

::: てんぷらの夏の森と滝 :::

こんにちわ、てんぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella です。









Photograph by kikunosuke Eel