Sunday, May 27, 2012

TEMPURA 4-th Anniversary

On 25 of May Tempura celebrate 4-th Anniversary.

Tempura family, friends and people who love Tempura enjoy concert with amazing SL live performer Lisa Brune.

Here is part of atmosphere from celebration in amazing Tempura Ball Room.

素晴らしい歌姫の名前はLisa Brune.。

photograph by : Kikunosuke eel

Author: Chikae ella

Friday, May 25, 2012

Greetings from our staff commemorating the fourth anniversary of TEMPURA

テンプラ4周年記念スタッフからのご挨拶 part 3

Kikunosuke eel ( TEMPURA owner ) 

Oh my Buddha@@

I didn’t expect me to be able to see the fourth anniversary!
I am extremely glad!

I remember the day before the tempura opening as if it were just yesterday, when I was running around the SIM in the raw.

Four years have passed since then.  Now tempura island became to have a strength that is far beyond my imagination.
It has been healing so many peoples through its great power together with tenderness as if it has its own mind that seems to have grown up already to greater intelligent age than me.

The people and family who I met in the island are my treasure.
I have been able go grown up by being endowed with and supported by people.
I have no adequate words to express my hearty thanks to all.

Family members, friends, all who love tempura, and Buddha, heartfelt thanks!

オー マイ ブッタ@@

激しくうれしい ですっ


思うくらい 強大かつ優しく いろいろな人の心を癒しています。

人に恵まれて 助けられて 成長できました。


photograph by : Kikunosuke eel

Chikae ella ( Tempura officer)

Tempura is the most beautiful spot in the world. The concept was positioned to be, “The last rarely-visited regions where nobody has stepped through the centuries. The place where ultimate healing and love dwell, fusing the renaissance (Western Europe) and Mandara (Orient)”

Kikunosuke has created the stylish and gorgeous SIM tempura combining a place for prayer for ancestors, in order to heal tired minds in RL. Now many pious men and women are visiting this sacred place every day in an endless stream. Already four years have moved on at tempura that has been a prominent space for social interaction where many people are exchanging chat and love.

And it is no less the ardent guardianship of our tempura family that has been procuring this peace at Tempura. The family members, who are also staffs, have worked so hard every day for tempura as volunteers. Their nobility, benignity and sense of equity are really creditable.
All of you from all over the world, when you would like to encounter a warm“love”, please visit Tempura. We all staffs will give a heartfelt reception.

Welcome to Tempura!!!!

Tempuraは世界で最も美しい場所です。そのコンセプトは「何百年もの間、誰も足を踏み入れなかった最後の秘境。 ルネッサンス(西欧)と曼荼羅(東洋)の融合した究極の癒しと愛の存在する場所」と位置づけられています。

KikunosukeはRLで疲れた心を癒すべく、先祖への祈りの場所を兼ねたスタイリッシュで華麗なシムTempuraを構築しました。 その聖なる場所へ、世界中から善男善女が毎日引きも切らず訪れてくださるようになりました。既に4年もの間、Tempuraは人々が語り合い、愛し合い安らぎ合う社交場としてその名を馳せて来たのです。

そしてTempuraにこの平和をもたらしているのは、我がTempura家族の情熱の守護にほかならないでしょう。スタッフでもある家族たちは、ボランテァで毎日tempuraで働いてくれています。その高潔さと優しさと正義感には心から頭が下がります。 世界のみなさま、温かい[愛]にめぐりあい時は、是非tempuraを訪れてくださいませ。スタッフ一同、心から歓迎します。


photograph by : Arisara Ethaniel

Polly Reina ( Tempura officer )

Tempura, my home, my paradise..

After all this time its a same feeling of irreplaceable heartiness, Love and understanding, source of strength for everyone.
Let this celebration make people to become more and more available and open to the many opportunities that are to celebrate in life, and to spread this by contagion to others .

Thanks to my family that are always so kind and supportive.
Great appreciation  and thanks to all who are not directly involved with Tempura but always help to make Tempura better place for all!  

And after all .. Thank you Kiku and Chikae !! :)

Tempuraは私の家 そして麗しのパラダイス・・・



そしてなによりも、KikuとChikaeありがとう !! :)

Photograph by : xxMikexx Bebb

Romi77779 doobie (Tempura officer)

Someone once said : Humanity is depicted here as a rainbow of beings, dancing around the mandala of the earth with their hands joined together in joy and gratitude for the gift of life. We all dance together at Tempura.
Serenity and Peace, Colors and Enlightenment, beautiful people and excellent minds, all together in one breath.

Thanks to Tempura today I have great friends, my family that are always here for me. 
Thank you Kiku for all this years and i wish many many more.

Happy Birthday Tempura!!!



photograph by: Arisara Ethaniel

Author: Chikae ella

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Greetings from our staff commemorating the fourth anniversary of TEMPURA

テンプラ4周年記念スタッフからのご挨拶 part 2

Chi Anthony ( Tempura Security M)

Congratulations Kiku for the fourth year anniversary of Tempura.
Your artistic creation is filled with beauty and wonder.
It embraces ones heart and soul and fills you with dreams and desire.
The mystery within Tempura leads one to the mystery of life, friendship and love.


photograph by : Polly Reina

Hera Blackheart ( Tempura Security)

Magic and amazing, Tempura captured me at the first sight.
The beauty of nature and the beauty of human beings, so perfectly combined together, give me the idea and the hope of the universal harmony.
Becoming security offered me the chance to meet beautiful members of Tempura family, with a great mind and even more great heart. So, for all this, and especially for his immense generosity, I thank you Kikunosuke, who made that possible.



誕生日おめでとう、TEMPURA !!!

photograph by : Polly Reina

Arisara Ethaniel ( Tempura Security & Photographer)

There is no reason why I'm here and work at Tempura island.
But to proudly call home,warm, remarkable, clever and interesting, to contentedly spend long summer evenings and lazy Sunday mornings.
Above all be happiness within simplicity. Happiness is something everyone wants to achieve. While on the surface people may seem to be looking for money, recognition, or other things, what they actually seek is happiness. Unfortunately, many people never reach the level of happiness they desire. Happiness While I can’t claim to be the happiest person in the world (I wish I could :) ). Once you find something you believe in, throw your heart and soul into it. Put your entire being into it.  Aim to make it as good as you can. I know this is easier said than done, but it’s something that we all can learn. I do learn something about it.

Another year to grow on. May you record every minute of this special day.....a day to celebrate life.
4th anniversary Happy Birthday!:D

何故私がここにいて、Tempura-islandで働いているのかは、特に理由はないのです。でもここは誇りを持って、暖かく、すばらしい、知的で、面白い、長い夏の夕べや退屈な日曜の朝を満足して過ごすことが出来るホームだと言えます。 何よりも、簡潔さの中の幸せが全て。幸せは誰でもが得ようとしていること。表面上は人々はお金、認められること、その他のことを求めているように見えますが、本当に求めているのは幸せ。 残念ながら多くの人は決して望むレベルの幸せには届かない。幸福、私は世界で一番幸せな人だと主張することは出来ませんけど(そうありたいですけど^-^) 何か貴方が信じられることを見つけたら、それに貴方の心と魂を投入し、貴方の存在の全てをそれに注ぎ、出来る限りをれを達成することを目指す。これは行うより言うのは簡単、っていうことは分っていますけど、それが私たちが学ぶということ。私はそれについて本当に何かを学んでいます。


photograph by : Arisara Ethaniel

Waterlilly Aabye ( Tempura Security & Elf)

Happy Anniversary!
When I was asked to write about my impressions of Tempura, I naively thought it would be an easy thing. After many attempts I gave it up and realised that Tempura is like a rainbow. You can admire its beauty and colours but you will fail if you try to capture its magic. So I changed my tactic and let Tempura’s atmosphere fill my soul and heart. I was sitting on the bridge and watched people passing by. I saw a cheerful group at the meditation circle and smiled to myself: my friends were having fun there. On the other side tai chi fans were doing their daily meditation. I zoomed out and noticed a couple dancing gracefully by the liles and another one sitting on a bench surrounded by pink flowers. People flocked to Tempura and it felt so real, such a wonderful place to be. I was alone but not lonely. Maybe it is Tempura’s secret ingredient: if you open up your heart you will never be alone anymore.

Welcome to Tempura!:)

Tempuraの印象について書くよう頼まれたとき、私はいとも簡単なことだと思ってしまいました。なんどもやってみて諦め、Tempuraは虹のようなものだと分りました。その美しさと色彩に憧れることは出来るけど、もしその魔法を捉えようとすると出来ないのです。それなので私は作戦を変え、Tempuraの雰囲気を私の心と魂に一杯に注ぎ込ませました。私は橋の上に座って、通りすぎる人々を眺めていました。 瞑想サークルで楽しそうなグループを見、私の友達がそこで楽しんでいて、私はひとりで微笑んでいました。反対側では太極拳のファンたちが毎日の瞑想を行っていました。ズームアウトすると、カップルが百合の傍で優雅に踊り、他のカップルがピンクの花で囲まれたベンチに座っているのが見えました。 人々はTempuraに集まり、とてもリアルで、素晴らしい場所だと感じています。 私は一人でしたが、孤独ではありませんでした。それがTempuraの秘密の成分なのでしょう。貴方の心を開けば、貴方はもう決してひとりではないのです。


photograph by: Polly Reina

Author: Chikae ella

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Greetings from our staff commemorating the fourth anniversary of TEMPURA

テンプラ4周年記念スタッフからのご挨拶 part 1

xxMikexx Bebb ( Tempura Security M )

I am just happy give my time for Tempura Island and help when I can.
Tempura is magic, heal people and have a live.
I want to say BIG Thank you at the owner Kikunosuke eel and all the staff.
I think Tempura give me all positive energy.
I think many people can say same like me.
Tempura is fabulous and we like to pass time and rest in Tempura Island.
I don't need to wish a long life to Tempura island because I know it has.

Happy Birthday Tempura!
And I wish  everyone to have fun like me to Tempura Island.

オーナーのkikunosuke eelと、スタッフの皆様に大きなお礼を言いたいです。
Tempuraは信じられない素晴らしさ、わたしたちはTempura islandで時を過ごし休むことが好きです。

そして皆様全員がTempura islandで私のように楽しんでいただけることを祈ります。

photograph by: xxmikexx beeb

Rios Allen ( Tempura security)

Hi, I am Rios, TEMPURA Security.

The fourth anniversary of TEMPURA
I was at a loss as to what to say, but the most I would like to mention is my gratitude.

Thank for continuing TEMPURA.
Thank for providing love, beauty, and healing.
Thank for offering the place to come back.
Thank for loving TEMPURA.

The warmth that TEMPURA has brought about has not changed since the SIM opened, and I am very glad it has been. (It is really too bad that I cannot enjoy it because I have to take care of my baby now.)

And the jewelries of MANDALA should not be forgotten.
I believe many people have been fascinated with them entirely.
Not only wearing them, but also it has been my pleasure to listen the messages from Kiku that was embedded in every work, and always I am impressed with the deep thinking. Every time when new goods are released, I am compelled to think, “I have to log-in as soon as possible.” (smile)

I am profoundly grateful for both two.

TEMPURA will welcome many guests from now on, cultivate itself with a lot of memories, and become our heart and soul.
You all, please keep spending wonderful time at TEMPURA.








photograph by: Arisara Ethaniel

Mauro Catronis ( Tempura security)

I know that the 25th of May we celebrate the 4th anniversary of Tempura. It is funny to think of such a milestone and in the same time to think about what I experience is one of the most characteristic features of Tempura, the tendency to reduce the attention for time. Absolute harmony is the absence of time (as in heaven and death) and therefore the causality principle. This is what Tempura always is doing with me, inducing to harmony because of the colours, the music and above alll -as always- of the people it is attracting. I think it is a great achievement of the creators of Tempura to have realized this. For me, Tempura is since years my homeland in sl.

5月25日にTempuraは4周年を祝います。 そのような画期的な行事について考え、また同時に、私の経験から言いますと、時間がたつのを忘却してしまうというのがTempuraの最も大きな特徴であると思います。ここで物思うことはかなり楽しいことです。天国へたどりついた時と同じような、究極の平和が存在します。Tempuraが常に私にもたらしてくれること、色、癒し、そして何より優しいおなじみの人々によって平和が保たれているのです。わたしがこのことを悟れたのはTempuraの創設者の偉大な成果だと思います。私にとってTempuraはこれからも永遠にSLの母国なのです。

photograph by : Polly Reina

MoonLord Aeon ( Tempura Security ) 

I am lucky to be one from Tempura family,that wonderful place if you visit it once you will visit it everyday why because its Tempura the peace and relaxing spot.
Wishing many years with Tempura together!  Thank you Kikunosuke to make peoples dream come true here.

From Best to the Best !

長くTempuraと共にあることを願って! ここで人々の夢を実現させてくれたKikunosuke、ありがとう!


photograph by : MoonLord Aeon

author : Chikae ella

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Avatars that visit tempura---ACT 14

Tempura アバター百景-----その14

Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの chikae,ella です

Tempura will celebrate the fourth anniversary of the foundation on May 25. We are happy and swell with pride to have been able to exist for such a long period as a cornerstone for your love and healing. So, around the May 25, let me present greetings from the family members who have secured Tempura.

As you all know, Tempura remains in existence relying on guardianship trough the devotion and passion of the family.

After all, the core stuff of the family is our beloved Polly. Her attitude toward learning is really respectable. Now she has sublimated her photographing technique  to this level .

Before we will celebrate the fourth birthday of Tempura, please enjoy the profound world of Polly. Here we present Hundred Avatars at Tempura ACT14.

Please thoroughly watch the depth of Polly's love for Tempura.

テンプラは5月25日に創立4周年を迎えます。こんなにも長い間 皆様の愛と癒しのよりどころとして存在できたことに誇りと幸せを感じています.
テンプラの4歳の誕生日を迎える前に、Pollyの意味深い世界を楽しんでください。テンプラアバター百景ACT14をお届けします .


A person of excellent caliber knows how to exercise great patience in unhappy and painful circumstances.

The reason why flowers can keep purity is that they know they will be able to blossom out next year without fail.

 Man’s feelings are fascinated by pure beauty.  Maiden, never have thy hair being untidy.

An individual characteristic is a rare flower that only for you and anyone else cannot let it come into blossom.

No matter how a lady is clever, she cannot stop getting jealous, solely because she loves…

In the hands of cherry in full blossom, I would send my love to you…  I love you.

We need breadth of mind that can enjoy love even in pouring rain.

Parting is nothing.  Here in Tempura, there are dozens and dozens of good chaps… Bye-bye.

Boys are dreaming of a start on a never-ending journey.  It is the proof of manhood to go for a wild land of life turning his back from safety and stability.

You will be more submissive to a person who is angry at you than who loves you.

There is no calamity that lasts forever.  There are only two ways, either to put up with it or to drive it away in a courageous manner.

It is is important to cultivate the strength of weed that arises even after tramped down, then you can regain your footing from any breakdown coming in future.

Finally I got you!  Never leave me alone…

Any felicity will only to a person who keeps waiting for it with great patience.

Let us ask someone whatever we do not know.  There is no need to be shy.

I love Tempura. I dream a happy dream in Tempura, because this is a paradise where magic exists in actuality.

If you would go and stand on a height, do use your own leg.  Do not step on the back or head of other person.

The prospects for the future of illicit love affairs are dim.  But thou shall not hold misgiving.  The way will be paved in front of a person who does not shrink.

The ball game of life is set in the last half.  Do not suffer or lament even though there is no sunshine in your youth days.

Let us dance in the sky above the castle. Let us play steps at the golden hall. The history of love will be shaped at Tempura.

Photograph by: Polly Reina(TEMPURA ISLAND sim officer)

Author : Chikae ella

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

PEARL RAIN 4 New Colors!

Thanks a lot for so many requests.
Four new colors have been added to Pearl Rain Season2

パールレインセット シーズン2に新しく4色追加されましたっ

Pearl Rain Season 2

タクシーは こつら 

店に行くのめんどいわって方は こつら

kikunosuke eel 鰻 菊之介

Chikae ella