Friday, September 11, 2009

"What is Second Life ?" at Tempura ISLAND

Hey! Do you know that the new Second Life web site has launched ?
Have you checked it out already ??
You must have watched the promotion video created by LL called "What is Second Life?"

Secondlife's Channel (on Youtube)
Did you realize that our Ball Room appears at the end of this video? (runtime: 1:02)

Yes! The doors with imposing presence open in front of you, and there you see the magnificent dance party going on!
Yes! That's Tempura ! and we are very proud to have been able to provide our premises for this video.

What is Second Life?

A place to connect
A place to shop
A place to work
A place to love
A place to explore
A place to different Yourself
Free Yourself.
Free Your Mind.
Change Your Look.
Love Your Look.
Love Your Life.

* Second Life *

テンプラ・アイランドで撮影が行われたリンデン・ラボ社のプロモーション・ビデオ"What is Second Life?"が完成しました。





Video made by ILL Clan Animation Studio for Linden Lab.
Special Thanks Clione Clary