Sunday, November 8, 2009

Spring Woods at Tempura

Hi, this is chikae ella, an officer of Tempura SIM.

When the Tempura was almost completed at May 2008, there were only cherry trees in full blossom at the spring woods situated on the west side of Tempura. The sprinkling cherry flower is considered as a kind of cool symbol, a flower of a good last moment that has no fatuous regrets or adhesion to the life and goes away without more ado.
But we thought that it was not enough to put cherry blossom in the spring woods.
Furthermore, the spring woods are located on the west side. In the Japanese Buddhism, the west is considered as the West Pure Land that is a sanctuary which is the living place of ancestors.

At a time in the past, there was Period of Warring States in Japan, when warring loads of regions were struggling for supremacy and territory. When they were face to face for starting battle, they tried to position their troops on the west side as close as possible. They believed that it was close to the West Pure Land where their ancestors are, and they could go there easily when they would die in battle.

In the sea of woods of the spring, we decided to put lotus bloom that is the flower of Buddhism. The lotus bloom is a flower on which Buddha is sitting in Pure Land. Buddha sits on the lotus with a special sitting pose, Kekka-Fuza (sitting with crossed legs). We thought the lotus is the most suitable one for the spring woods.

The person who actually set the lotus flowers there was Kikunosuke the owner of the SIM. He was so enthusiastic about the work that he developed fever on the way. It was rewarded by the great lotus field, a notable sight in Tempura. A friend creator made a huge lotus flower for us. The giant lotus is now a very nice photo spot, and also there is a dance table just for a couple.

It is said that the spring is a season when a hypothalamus in the brain is stimulated by the warm sunshine and the sexual hunger, a part of human instinct is enhanced. The spring is also a season for love for living beings.
Please visit the spring woods at Tempura. You might be hit by a love’s arrow in the sweet scent of the lotus flowers.
Looking forward to seeing you!

::: 天ぷらの春の森 :::

こんにちわ 天ぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella です。







Model:Chikae Ella,kiknosuke Eel
Photograph by kikunosuke Eel