Thursday, October 1, 2015

Avatars that visit Tempura---ACT 58

Tempura アバター百景その58

Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です。

Love is flame, as well as leam.
Love is to serve to its fullest, and never to consider satisfying self.
Love and war allow every kind of tactics.
Love is sacred lunacy that was allowed to human being.


Here we present Hundred Avatars at Tempura ACT58.

Polly’s patient and generous mind has been always respected.  She is the best friend and precious sister who I met in this world.  All family members and friends have felt grateful to her existence.  Her photo skill has been enhanced significantly and her characteristic world was established.  Please thoroughly enjoy Polly’s art world.


Fear and nadir cannot be healed only by bright sunshine. My pain will be sublimated only with your tender eyes to me.

The best weapon of you who is called a person of ataraxia, abulia, and freedom, is “refinement”.

Love is a pearl of light that galvanizes and canalizes every power of human.

It is said “Only beast or god can enjoy solitude”, but there is no other situation than isolation that provides peace if there are stable hobby and financial ability.

Never postpone things that can be done today until tomorrow.  Vitality is the first prerequisite for independent women.

Bags of money can do nothing. Dream only does not have meaning.
The philosophy that interknots money and dream should bring in the real reason for living.

The biggest sin of men toward women is not to love and hate women, but to be unconcerned about them.

Woman is a creature that is absolutely jealous, and likes to stir up relations by interfering others.

I think that an award given when a lover is connected to a beloved is “relief with fulfillment”.

There is no eternity in everything. Every life will transform toward death, although it could be too short or too long.

Failure is nothing more than preliminary drill of life. It is better to consider that my real things will start from now on.

The bane you overcame will become a funny story at some time.

In the life, there are assignments of life that should be cleared. You should follow the path that you believed in.

Your mind and body are overly unguarded, but  more beautiful and noble than anyone in this world.

You will never forget humors even amid the vortex of trouble.  The sun will be shining on your future.

Everyone will be touched by your loveliness. A person who fouls up you shall incur divine punishment. I do predict it.

You all have one hundred lists to become happy.  Tempura will assure the eternal love for you two.

There is a “reason” for a woman to be attracted by other man.  It is because the woman encountered a man like you.

I know every weak point of my body and mind.  So I know that it is essential to spent time at Tempura in order to revive my body and mind.

A couple vowing eternal love at Tempura.  Today, I deeply comprehended the true meaning of happiness.  I love you.

Photograph by: Polly Reina ( TEMPURA ISLAND sim officer)
Author : Chikae ella