Monday, June 15, 2015

Avatars that visit Tempura---ACT 54

Tempura アバター百景その54

Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です。

On May 24th, we had the 7th anniversary party at Tempura ballroom. I want to express my thanks to those who joined in from all over the world, our special guests, as well as our staff members, for coming to celebrate our anniversary. I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart, and I'm proud to introduce our new guests here.


Polly is getting more and more sensible and generous. Everybody trusts and counts on her, and she is capable of responding to our expectations. We can truly trust her as a Tempura's guardian angel. Please enjoy Polly's artistic world.


Our love story just ended. I'm quietly leaving you. I will never bother you.

Where you should start is to be aware of your ignorance.

All people have their hidden potential. You will never realize it if you refuse to face difficulties.

Start from what you can do right now, and increase your motivation. You will reach your goal some day in the future.

A woman who never date would become unattractive.  A man who never date would become an idiot.

When I stay here, I can be the prettiest woman in the world. In Tempura, there is no evil spirit and hate.  Staying here takes even the sadness away and refresh my soul.

Daring to be alone is valuable to me. I don't want anybody to get into my world.

We learn when we are young, and we understand when we get older.

An attractive man always has a scent of mystery and a beast.

Let's just dance the night away. We don't need any words until the end of our love.

The most horrible sickness is  a loneliness. I'd like to get friends here.

No matter how you look, the avatar with a love in its heart is always welcome. I love it here.

Love is not to ask your partner to change, but to accept just the way he/she is.

I love you. I love you so much. I will be your bride today in Tempura with the blessing of the god in here......

What is the happiness I should have at the end. Nobody can tell about it with words. It would be figured out after you create and experience on your own.

A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.

I'd like to fill Tempura with love. I got the happiest love in here, so I'd like to share this precious feeling with everybody.

A beautiful body makes men happy.  Adding a bit of sweetness to it makes a "perfect lady".

We are the cute hamsters, multiplying here in Tempura. You are always welcome to come join us. Our goal is love and peace.

Everybody knows it, but there's no success without failure. Don't be afraid to fail.

photograph my : Polly Reina, xxmikexx.bebb, jocelyn79

We got a comment for our 7th Anniversary from Hiro who was one of Tempura family members.
It's a little late, but I'd like to show his comment here.

Happy 7th Anniversary Tempura!
7 years have passed since I met Tempura. I have a weird feeling as if I can't feel the lapse of time. Tempura has been shining since I visited, and it always brings me back a lot of memories.
I saw Chika and Kiku right after I visited Tempura. My SL story had begun. I felt the feeling as if it was not the first time, and it opened my heart gradually.
I was amazed by Chika and Kiku's unlimited creativity. They are the same human beings as myself, but they are the ones who have a lot of power to survive from agonies and sufferings. Tempura is the creation based on their personalities.
Kiku and Chika, you are very considerate and thoughtful, Tempura therefore is filled with your thoughtfulness.  I really appreciate both of you and all the security members.  I hope you provide us with this island of ultimate love an healing now and years to come.  I thank you all for everything.







心あるKikuとChikaから生まれた心あるTempura Sim、 セキュリティのみなさん。

Hirolie Ferraris

Author: Chikae ella