Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 9-th Anniversary of Tempura !


ACT 3 その3

Rudyn Carter
Potographer (フォトグラファー)

Please accept my heartiest congratulations on the 9th anniversary of Tempura Island.
9 years ago, I saw a post in Chikae's blog that said Tempura Island would be completed in Second Life.  After I saw some beautiful landscape snapshots in her blog, I still remember I couldn't wait the opening of the SIM.
On May 25th, 2008, I can't find any words to describe how amazed I was for my first visit to Tempura.
I felt completely overwhelmed and had kept standing still and silent in the middle of the shinny golden corridor.

During these long 9 years, the environment in Second Life has changed a lot, but Tempura Island is and will be a paradise on the earth, a holly healing place and a land of love.
Every time you visit there, you'll see the beauty of Tempura island will never change and will attract a lot of people.

I would like to appreciate Kikunosuke, Chikae, and all staff who offer us this beautiful place.
Let me say it again, "Happy Birthday Tempura!!"

Tempura Islandの9周年を心からお祝い申し上げます。
9年前、Chikaeさんのブログで、Tempura Islandという場所がsecondlifeにできるというこ
とを知りました。ブログのsnapshotで美しい風景を見て、オープンが待ち遠しかったことを 覚えています。そして、2008年5月25日、初めて訪れたときの感動は言葉にできません。金色に輝く回廊に圧倒され、いつまでも立ち尽くしていました。

9年間という長い月日の間、Second Lifeの環境は大きく変化しました。
しかしTempura Islandは多くの人にとって地上の楽園であり、癒しの聖地であり、愛の国で
訪れるたびにTempura Islandの美しさは変わらず、多くの人を魅了してやまないでしょう。この素晴らしい場所を与えてくださっている、Kikunosukeさん、Chikaeさん、Tempuraのス タッフの皆様に感謝いたします。
あらためて、Tempura Island お誕生日おめでとうございます!

photo by : Rudyn Carter

Tempura friend / photographer  (Tempuraの友 ,フォトグラファー)

Admiring your beauty it seems that time does not grow older on you,
you are endless as the heart of each one of us
It seems that when I'm by your side I always fall in love, we all fall in love
you are muse for a poet heart.
After so much wanders I keep coming back to you,
my mother always told me that the heart that welcomes you in this way
is that of a woman
it seems that among all things, your beauty and warmth
you are the creation of both,
where the man and the woman meet as if were the first time on Earth
consumed in sunset emotions
This photo I made it in my home, the home of all,
there is no one who does not feel Tempura as if own home
that's why we have to take care of you and be grateful to give back
a little portion of love that you give us.
I feel very lucky to be here,
I feel appreciated, really means a lot to me knowing that celebrating your birthday we are
celebrating one more year of life, healthy to be with you
because a healthy heart it is an unshakable health.
Happy birthday Tempura
Happy birthday to all of us


photo by : Dankosinhue

Petra Messioptra
Photographer, artist, blogger ( フォトグラファー、アーティスト,ブロガー)

Happy 9th Anniversary Tempura !!
We are all very blessed to be able to experience so much love and creativity poured into this beautiful sim .
Much love and best of wishes for many many more anniversaries to come and may you always inspire and bring much joy and love to everyone <333

Tempura 9周年おめでとうございます。私たちは、この美しいSIMに注がれた沢山の愛と、創造性を体験する事ができ、幸せです。これから先も、ずっと記念日が祝える事を、心からお祈り申し上げます。そして多くの人々を元気づけ、喜びと愛をもたらす事が出来ますように。

photo by : Petra Messioptra

Author: Chikae ella