Monday, October 19, 2009

VWBC St. featured MANDALA Jewelry Store

There was a live broadcast featuring MANDALA last week.
The Store reported by Clione Clary.
Please refer to the following as to the English translation.

run-time 13:45-17:10

Let me introduce one of my favorite accessory stores in Second Life.

It's located on the island called TEMPURA SOBA (Tempura noodles).
Oh what a funny name, isn't it ?
But it sounds kind of familiar.... ahhh it reminds me of Tempura Island... but does it have anything to do with that beautiful romantic island ???

Yep! you guessed it right !
The owner of the Japan Tempura Island, Kikunosuke Eel, has just opened his new accessory store called MANDALA on the island of Tempura Soba.

In order to reduce the prim count on Tempura Island, he'd been learning to deal with sculpties... and ended up creating accessories using them on his own !

Necklaces, Bangles, Earrings, Belts....all have hand-drawn terrific texture, and stylish beautiful design that you've never seen in SL yet so far.

Must be expensive??? Nooooo, pretty reasonably priced !!
You also find "shapes" in the next corner.
If you have met Kikunosuke, you already know that his avatar is just breathtakingly beautiful.

You maybe able to "be" like him with the shapes sold in the store !
There are three men's shapes and two female ones of your choice.. ;)


The jewelries with one of the best... or it could be said as one of the "best-est" quality in the whole Second Life.
You should come and check them out with your own eyes....


Special Thanks Clione Clary
Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Release "Luck" from MANDALA

New items were released.
The most important of these were produced by Kikunosuke eel !!

[MANDALA] Luck Necklace
397L$(each color)

[MANDALA] Luck Bracelet
357L$(each color)

check out soon

Photograph by kikunosuke Eel

Monday, October 5, 2009

Did you enjoy your summer ?

Hi! We are JAM.
How are you all? Are you enjoying your summer?

It's great to visit beaches, mountains, rivers, etc. in summer vacation. We, JAM have been to many places!

We went fishing; we caught fishes, not only them, but also a rubber boot :((
Fireworks were great! Fireworks, displayed just in front of us, were absolutely dynamic!
We also went to summer mountain, where it was pleasantly cool. Cottage was perfect for a romantic gateway.

We would recommend the waterfall in the tempura's summer. Why don't you have barbecue, cooliing down your body with cold water? What about going fishing and having beer?

You also have got to watch inside the waterfall. There may be a cave, you may explore in it. You are busy seeing the cave?
I'm sure you could enjoy the waterfall, even if you are one or with friends .



つりをしたよ。魚も連れたけど、長靴ややかんもつったよ :(
花火もいいね! 目の前に上がる花火は、迫力満点だ!



Photograph by kikunosuke Eel