Monday, May 16, 2016

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 8-th Anniversary of Tempura !



Special guest part 9

Grazioso Alekseev
*+Crie Style+* Luxury Eyewear Store CEO
*+Crie Style+*オーナーそしてデザイナー

Whenever I talk about Tempura, a following phrase always comes up in my mind, "an aesthetic work of illusion".
Since the day I registered, Second Life was there as "a VR space where you can do whatever you want".  Dream & freedom, however, can never come true or be obtained unless you set a certain goal to achieve. 
Now I've settled myself in an eccentric bunny avatar and am running a small optician's called “*+Crie Style+*”, but when I was a newbie, I was at a loss how to challenge myself in Second Life.

Then, one day, one of my friends took me to Tempura.
There I saw brilliant buildings, fantastic plants, and people who were enchanted by its amazing world....
At the "world" created in an ardent manner, I've encountered various things that made me believe that Tempura was one of the symbolic existences in Second Life.
Only in recent years, creating something in-world has been diversified into various ways, such as mesh, so that you can make high-quality objects, but Tempura has already been there as an artistic existence since 8 years ago.
I have loved and respected Tempura since then. 

Years gone by and I met Kikunosuke after I became a creator, and he’s still been my respected friend from back then.

I know that there is a huge difference between his artistic creations of Mandala and my skill.
But it's a great pleasure to see how both of our creations got coordinated and merge into SL fashion. It's one of my happiest moments in Second Life.
With one wonderful encounter, I was given a title as “Miss SL Bunny.” The reason why I have been able to keep this honorable title is because of Kikunosuke’s existence.

Of course, it’s needless to say that there's a strong will and support of Tempura family, and that is a shining example to many other SIMs and activities in SL.
I know that Tempura will keep attracting many people and bring love and passion to their lives.  And I will never forget that it is the artistic world that take its remark to our souls beyond Second Life.

Happy wonderful 8th anniversary, Tempura. My warmest congratulations.
From a tall but a cute little bunny to all the staff members and fans of Tempura Island.
With love,

Second Lifeという世界は、私の登録した当初から「自由に活動出来る想像空間」として存在していました。
今では*+Crie Style+*という小さな眼鏡屋を営む事を許された珍妙なうさぎですが、生まれたての頃は「挑戦する事」をどう
情熱的に創りあげられたその「世界」には、正にSecond Lifeの象徴的な存在のひとつである事を確信させられる様々な出会いがありました。
彼 の生み出す曼荼羅の芸術と私の技術では、遠く離れた異空間程の差がありますが、互いの存在をひとつのFashionにStylingする事は、私の Second Lifeの幸せのひとつです。ある素敵な出会いから、Miss SL Bunnyという素晴らしい称号をいただきましたが、そんな光栄な冠を支えているのも、菊様の存在があってこそ、歩みを紡いで行けたのだと感じています。
それはSecond Lifeという存在感を越え、人の魂へ刻まれる芸術の世界という事を、私は生涯忘れる事はありません。


Grazioso Alekseev

photo by: Polly Reina

Lisa Brune
Tempura's lover & Sl singer/Tempuraの大ファン&SLシンガー

Who has never been amazed landing on this "promised Land" of Japan Tempura?
As a complete new avatar, i arrived there...and "WOW"... my eyes were filled of colors, my mind was flowing through the golden trees dressed in autumnal tones.
Like many others, Tempura became my refuge, the place where i succeeded peacing my heart, healing some virtual or real wounds just by the serenity exploding gently there.
It never seizes to amaze me. Every time i land there i feel in peace, every year that i have the opportunity to celebrate their anniversary in music, i truly feel honored.

Japan Tempura を訪れて驚嘆しない人がいるでしょうか?

Tempura is not only a beautiful sim. Tempura spreads love and wiseness. it is the result of a beautiful connection between human beeings sharing their talent and their generosity in a perfect and sincere friendly/family mind.
Japan tempura is simply the most beautiful combination between heart and talent.

Japan Tempura は実に、心と才能が最も美しく結ばれた場所なのです。

Love to the beautiful Team of Tempura <3

Lisa Brune

photo by : Lisa Brune

Chi Anthony
Tempura Security M/Tempura セキュリティ マネージャー

Happy 8th Anniversary Tempura!!!
The most beautiful place where people meet, talk, have fun, dance, meditate, practising tai chi and feel love in the world.
The ultimate healing place.
Tempura is my home where love resides, memories are created, friends and family always belong, and laughter never ends.

Let us all drink a toast and dance ~ shake it shake it and hop hop ~   to the 8th Anniversary of Tempura on May 25. Cheers!

I wish you to celebrate all the wonderful things, that make you so special.
Not only on your special day, but on every day of the year!
Wishing you and my family a very happy birthday and many more to come.

Tempura 8周年おめでとう!

5月25日の8周年記念日に向けて、Shake it shake it and hop hop のダンスをしながら乾杯をさせてください。

Bows with respect and smiles

Chi Anthony

photo by: Polly Reina

Hera Blackheart
Tempura Security M/Tempura セキュリティ マネージャー

Happy Birthday Tempura!
As SL is experiencing a lot of changes, one thing stays the same: we gather in this beautiful place to celebrate its 8th Anniversary, from all over the world, with different languages, with different cultures but, once surrounded by the beauty and the warmth of this place, any difference disappears.
In Tempura I found family, one big and extended family, with friends and visitor who show their love for Tempura: we care, we laugh a lot, we give hugs, and we love and respect each other.
Best wishes to Kiku, Chikae and every member of this amazing family of Tempura: may each new day bring the warmth of the sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Tempura お誕生日おめでとう!

Hera Blackheart

photo by: Polly Reina

Author: Chikae ella