Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 8-th Anniversary of Tempura !



Special guest Part 8

Mami Jewell
AZUL creator and owner/ クリエーターそしてデザイナー

Congrats on your 8th anniversary, Tempura!I am (We all are) so happy that SL has Tempura, and we all enjoy this magnificent place.
I am really proud of your creativity Kikinosuke!

I remember in my early SL days when a friend took me to Tempura.
Back in 2008, when I launched -AZUL- officially, I could sense the gap between the Japanese and 'Universal' SL.
I really wished that more amazing Japanese creators would get out of the 'small' world and would let the rest of SL see what we are capable of!
So, I really hope you understand how I feel every time I proudly say "Look! Tempura Island was created by Japanese!"
Tempura... I feel it's always there; just like 'our home'.
Thank you Kikunosuke and Tempura team, for continuing to keep the Tempura Island amazing as always for the past 8 years and hopefully for many more to come.
Let's get old together in SL :)


多 くの素晴らしい日本人クリエイターにどんどん世界に出て、日本や日本人クリエイターのスゴさを世界に見せつけてやってほしい!と願っていました。だから、 私が鼻高々に「Tempuraは日本人が作ったんだよー!」と勝手に自慢げに思っていたことは想像できると思います:DTempuraはいつもそこにある 「ホーム」と思っています。Kikunosukeさん、Tempuraチームのみなさん、今までの8年間、そしてこれからもずっと・・素晴らしい Tempuraという場所をありがとう。

これからも一緒にSLで歳を重ねていきましょう :)


Mami Jewell

photo by : Polly Reina

xxMikexx Bebb
Tempura security M/ セキュリティ・マネージャー

Hello, my name xxMikexx Bebb, I know Tempura island for several years now and I am amazed that this peaceful place does not change ...It means a lot to me. The largest database that something can have is love and love is as nothing can destroy it. This place was built with love and I think that's why Tempura is immortal. The owner Kikunosuke is a generous man with a big heart and I give him my respect and gratitude with him a land of peace was born on Second Life and a wonderful family too.
Today is a day of celebration, it is the Anniversary of Tempura.
I have always a lot of emotions to this day that reminds me a very beautiful and great person to build something with his heart so that everyone benefits from his love and find peace.
Hail to Kikunosuke and my tempura family,  also that all people who love this land.
Happy party, everyone. Take care of yourself.

こんにちは。xxMikexx Bebbです。私はTempuraをここ数年に渡り知っていますが、この安らかな場所が変わっていない事に驚いています。
こ れは私にとって非常に大切な事なのです。何かを育める最も大きなデータベースは愛です。そして何ものも決して愛を破壊する事は出来ないのです。 Tempuraは愛で形成されているからこそ不滅の場所なのです。オーナーの菊之助は広い心を持ち、寛大で、私は彼を尊敬すると共に、彼のお陰でセカン ド・ライフの中にこの平和な土地が誕生し、素晴らしい家族がある事に感謝しています。今日はお祝いの日です。Tempuraの記念日です。

私 は、心を込めて何かを建設し、そして、そのため全ての人が彼の愛の恩恵を受け平和を見出せる、そんなとても美しく偉大な彼を思い出させてくれるこの日にい つも感動を覚えます。菊之助、そしてTempuraの家族と、この土地を愛する全ての人達に幸あれ!皆さん、楽しいパーティを。お元気で。

xxMikexx Bebb

photo by: Polly Reina

Arisara Ethaniel
Tempura family the original photographer/天ぷら家族、、元天ぷらカメラマン

Words alone are not enough to express how happy but I am writing to
let you all know what I want to say on this occasion. I wish you many happy
returns of the day. Enjoy the memories of yesterday and plan
make many more in the following years

Step by step and continue the journey, slowly may seem time.
Forgot your past, you cannot change, and forget about your future,
you cannot predict.

Just think about this, you can handle.
Enjoy presents every moment. The anniversary is a time to celebrate
the joys of today,the memories of yesterday,and the hopes of tomorrow.

Sending my warmest greetings for a Happy successfully completed
the 8 years that is filled with peace,happiness, and togetherness.

Happy 8th anniversary, Tempura! <333




Arisara Ethaniel

photo by : Arisara Ethaniel

Ivo Piers
Tempura security & dragon/天ぷらセキュリティそしてドラゴン

Hi everyone my name is Ivo Piers, and is my pleasure to say Happy Birthday Tempura on his 8th anniversary.
Tempura is a very special place for all of us.Since the beginning we all wish that everyone felt Tempura has a place of harmony and peace, a place where we can find moments to remember and to come back to enjoy this beautiful land.Years pass and our family grows and it is with great joy that i wish


私 はIvo Piers です。そしてTempura8周年記念の誕生日のお祝いの言葉を寄せられる事を光栄に思います。Tempuraは私たち皆にとって、とても特別な場所で す。Tempuraが出来た当初より、私たちはTempuraが皆さまにとって調和と平和の場所であり、思い出に残るひと時を過ごせ、また再び訪れてくれ る美しい場所でありたいと願ってまいりました。月日がめぐり、家族も大きくなっています。そしてTempuraの誕生日を祝える事は素晴らしい喜びです。

Ivo Piers

photo by :Polly Reina

Author: Chikae ella