Monday, May 5, 2014

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 6-th Anniversary of Tempura.


Special guest Part 2

Graphic Dix  (Great and most talented SL photographer)

Tempura is definitely one of the few sites I love in Second Life and one of the places where I lived some of my fondest and precious memories, a place that most people would surely call a dream.
In Tempura I fell in love among the flowers hidden near the sea, I spent whole nights by dancing in the saloon and I got lost for hours dreaming on the notes of an extraordinary soundtrack, in the rooms of the building, in the trees or in those amazing caves, every time fascinated by discovering wonderful new details.
A world like this I think it's only possible thanks to the great passion and love of those who created it and who with tenacity and dedication continues to take care of it like a painting which never ends.
I know it sounds like a movie quote but It's something so special that goes beyond Second Life, a dream indeed, able in some way to make you feel better in real life too, and most important that like only the best things was given to us for free. Me and many many others people will be forever in your debt.

A sincere Thank you from the depths of my heart to Kikunosuke, Polly, Chikae and to all those who continue to make possible this wonderful tale.

Happy sixth birthday Tempura, a million wishes! :)




Tempura6周年おめでとう! 百万のお幸せを!

Photo by: Graphic Dix

Hera Blackheart(Security Manager of Tempura Island)

Here comes again that time of the year!!
Here we gather all around the world to celebrate Tempura and Family!!!
Tempura, with its relaxing atmosphere and with the nicest visitors I ever saw, shows us that Harmony and Peace is what we all want and seek.

Thanks to Kiku and Chikae‘s guidance, Tempura is grown in admiration and appreciation.
Kiku: your sweet nature and generous heart is what makes you a very special person for all of us. I wish you a life of pure happiness. 

What to say about Tempura family? We don’t see each other all the time: we changed, we found new paths, but no matter what, we always come back to Tempura and share a smile… a word… a hug.

Happy Birthday Tempura !!!


Tempuraファミリーについて何と言えばいいでしょう? 私たちは常に一緒にいるわけではありません。私たちは変化し、新しい道を見つけますが、何があっても、私たちはTempuraに戻り、微笑みと、言葉と、抱擁を交わすのです。


photo by: Polly Reina

xxMikexx Bebb (Security Manager of Tempura Island)

I am happy to celebrate with you the sixth Anniversary of Tempura.
Years passes but Tempura does not change.
We can say that Tempura is timeless, there always an atmosphere of peace and love.
It is always a pleasure to meet people from all countries and different cultures.
Tempura remains a social meeting place and sharing.

Thank you to Kikunosuke Eel for creating this beautiful place.
I am always ready to help those who need it and support the team of Tempura.
I embrace you all and thank you for all that you are.

Happy Birthday!

この素晴らしい場所を創っていただいたKikunosuke Ealに感謝します。

photo by: xxMikexx Bebb

Ivo Piers (Tempura security and DRAGON)

Hi everyone,

Another year passes by and we still have this wonderful place that lots of us call home.
Tempura isn´t only an place to chi or meditate its a place where we know that we can find and talk to our good friends to ask how was your day today in real life or simply just saying an hello.

Home is where we felt good and stay together with our family and good friends and Tempura to me is HOME.


私たちはまだ、この素晴らしいSL世界の中に、私たちみんなが homeと呼んでいる場所を持っています。Tempuraは単に太極拳で楽しんだり、瞑想したりするだけの場所ではありません。、私たちが素敵な友達を見つけて会話し、リアルライフでの貴方の今日の一日はどうだったかを聞き、またはただこんにちは、と言うことが出来る場所なのです。


photo by : Arisara Ethaniel

Author: Chikae ella