Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Memorial greetings from the family and guests for the 6-th Anniversary of Tempura.


Special guest Part 4

Sunshineladyx (regular  Tempura guest -meditation circle favorite lady:)

Happy Birthday Tempura Island!  wow 6-th Anniversary !!!!

2 years ago i came to Tempura for the first time , and guess what , I never went away !
First time I did visit Tempura it did gave me the feeling i was home , amazing !!! That so awesome ;)
Tempura has bring me so much joy I can't believe I have bin blessed with so many different and cool friends from all over the world ;)
As soon i arrive and i sit down on my green pillow (if its not occupied lol) on the meditation circle than my face starts to smile from ear to ear !
Where else can you find big dragons ( who are house trained) or sweet  elves who show up and brighten your day ;)

The cool part of Tempura is , you never know what happens when you log in , its always a surprise and i love it !
One moment you sit  very quiet on the pillow and you enjoy the music next moment the circle is full and you start to laugh with tears , wow love when that happens ;)
Always laugh when you can , its a cheap medicine, btw, I wonder if I ever did meditate ??? ;)

I have met so many special people in Tempura, they are all beautiful souls and became dear friends ;)
Friends are helpful not only because they will listen to us, but because they will laugh at us, and laugh with us  through them we learn a little objectivity , a little modesty, a little courtesy, we learn the rules of life and become a better person !
Tempura makes my SL special , because its a magical place that makes me laugh and smile until i log off.
I hope this beautiful sim will be here for a long long time , I want to say my thanks to the owners of the sim and all the people who make this place so special !!!

Raises her glass and shouts : happy birthday on the 6th anniversary ! cheers ;)

Tempura Island誕生日おめでとう! わお、6周年!!!

2年前に私は初めてtempuraに来ました、そして、わかります? 私は二度と他へ行かなかったのです! 最初にtempuraを訪れたとき、私はホームにいるような感じがしました。素晴らしいこと!! なんと素敵なこと・^-^

あるときは、貴方は枕の上にとても静かに座り音楽を楽しみ、次の瞬間にサークルは一杯になり涙を流して笑い出すのです。それが起こるときの愛! 貴方が笑えるときはいつでも笑いなさい、それは安価な薬なのです。そういえば、私は瞑想したことがあったっけ???

グラスを挙げて叫びましょう、6歳の誕生日おめでとう! 乾杯^-^

photo by : Polly Reina

Hamster friends that visit Tempura

Trust Matsuo , Chem Slacker , Alexis Irvin...and Tempura member

We do love Tempura.

Any kind of animal avatars can visit Tempura with peace of mind.
Any creatures living in Tempura will be welcome, such as bird, butterfly, insect or even those of legend, dragon, centaur, or mermaid.
They are accepted not because of the appearance but the heart.
Needless to say, sickening avatars or too gigantic ones will be asked to change the avatar.

I think that the top of cute ones at Tempura is hamster that we are.
If you see hamsters at Tempura, please say something.  Let us have fun together.
We will send love to all of you around the world.

Happy 6th birthday of Tempura.
I wish this place to be an oasis of all avatars forever, with love.





photo by: Kikunosuke eel

Arisara Ethaniel (Photographer & Security of Tempura Island )

I'm speechless...

Now that’s a first …Thank you for all past in my life …for my entire friend.

Join and learn, free your willingness and open your soul to in Tempura Island.
You and I, and everyone else around the world, are different in many ways. We may differ in terms of biological characteristics, like race, sex, height, and eye color.
We can also vary in the culture we live in, the religion or philosophy we follow, the job we work in, and the hobbies and interests that we enjoy.
But there’s nothing wrong with any of these differences. If anything, being different means being a unique and special addition to this world.

When we get to learn about others and respect our similarities and our differences, we get to learn so much more about the world and about ourselves and this helps us to grow spiritually, instead of stagnating. It also opens the doors to many other opportunities, be they friendships, work prospects, travel possibilities or a wider understanding of the world in which we live.

Here is to the love
that brought us together
May it grow stronger
and even more beautiful
as time passes
Happy 6th Anniversary Tempura!!! :D


参加し、学び、貴方の意欲を解き放ち、Tempura Islandで貴方の心を開く。




photo by: Arisara Ethaniel

Author: Chikae ella