Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tempura family members part 7 Arisara Ethaniel

Q1. Please introduce yourself.

hi,I'm Arisara Ethaniel,Tempura Security :)
こんにちわ。 私はテンプラセキュリティのArisara Ethanielです。:)

Q2. Please describe the reason why you applied for tempura security.

I'm one of the many of people come here often when have free time.
I spent time in tempura a long time feel like home .I'm glad honored
of tempura security team .I always feel peace and happy although here laggy so much.


Q3. What do you think the goodness of tempura is?

Goodness of tempura is best for relax place ,good music ,amazing place through
the design and construction have delicate and uniqueness perfectly in second life


Q4. What have learnt from tempura, or what did you get at tempura?

Everything will change in everyday nobody cannot control what happen
to each other day in tempura. Many friendships begin from here ,exchange
to opinion and life,and help everything when i can.


Q5. Please have your say to kikunosuke the owner.

i'm glad to meet kikunosuke. The results will tell itself that Artist elegant or not.
In creating the task.You can show your talent. You are one of the artists who are successful truly in second life.I feel appreciate in your work.You have a good mind and kindness person.That is the nature of your identity.


A letter from chikae to arisara

When I talked to you at the first time was at a new-year photo shooting of tempura family. Since I noticed that a person from Southeast Asia had signed up for the tempura security, I developed my interest in what kind of girl she was. You did not have clothing at that time, and I send you cloth for a daughter of mountain priest that I thought that would fit you. You primped it very well.

Since them you started to come to tempura with sophisticated clothing or cute RP dress.

I started understanding that you are polite, delicate, and chic artist. So this time I asked you to take photograph by yourself. That is a passionate picture fitting you. I saw well how you were enjoying shooting. Please keep visiting tempura whenever you have time, and protect tempura with feeling relieved.





model Arisara Ethaniel chikae ella
Photograph by Arisara Ethaniel (tempura, Security )