Thursday, August 4, 2011

Tempura family members part 6:MAXINE89 Foxdale

Q1. Please introduce yourself
Q1. 貴方の自己紹介をしてください。

Hi! I am Maxine89 Foxdale, Tempura Agent.
こんにちわ。私はテンプラエージェントのMaxine89 Foxdaleです。

Q2. Please describe the reason why you applied for tempura security.
Q2. 貴方がtempuraのセキュリティに応募した理由を述べてください。

" Home is a place where all journeys begin" My secondlife journey began when I was welcomed by
Kiku,(as we fondly call him) and Chikae as a Tempura Family member.

I was a newbie trying to find my way around sl,when I landed on a sim called Tempura Island.
A sim like no other, I would best describe Tempura as a mix of everything that is art showcased
in a virtual world.

Visits to Tempura became a daily habit,something I have managed to do in between works.(My rl
requires 2-3 hours doing research work on the internet) On ocassion, I would log in sl and
listen to Tempura's stream while working on my school paper.

During one of my visits to the sim, I spotted a beautiful woman standing a mile away from me.
I sent her an IM expressing my intention to work for Tempura. I was clueless that later on she
would be my boss and sl sister Chikae Ella.

「ホームは、すべての旅の始まるところ」 私のセカンドライフの旅はKiku(私たちは彼のことを親しみを込めてそう呼んでいます)と、Chikaeにテンプラファミリーメンバーとして迎えていただいたときから始まりました。



このSIMに来ていたある日、かなり離れたところに立っているきれいな女性を眼にしました。私は彼女にIMを送り、テンプラで働きたいと伝えました。後に彼女が私の上司でありSLの姉妹となったChikae Ellaだとは全く知らなかったのです。

Q3. What do you think the goodness of tempura is?
Q3. tempuraの良い所は何だと思いますか?

The serenity and tranquility that I experience in Tempura separates me from my wordly concerns,from anxieties and worries and keeps me at peace mentally.The positive energy that the sim exudes not only sends me back to real life renewed,
but it also has a wonderful effect of putting all the tiny niggles of my everyday existence firmly back into perspective.


Q4. What have learnt from tempura, or what did you get at tempura?
Q4. tempuraで貴方が学んだこと、もしくは得たものは何ですか?

Tempura has given me the best gift - a home and a wonderful Secondlife family

Q5. Please have your say to kikunosuke the owner
Q5. オーナーのkikunosukeに、言いたいことを述べてください。

Talented,kind,generous,selfless-theres just too many words to describe Kiku.

If you are blessed with even one friend like him,as I am,you should be so lucky.

Thank you for being an awesome boss,friend and sl brother, YOU ROCK!!!


A letter from chikae to maxine

Meeting with you was an impact, because when I was in the flower field, you expressed your desire with brief and candid words. At that time, tempura was still at the development stage and the security system to protect the SIM was not established yet. I was standing at the entrance alone for a long time every day, but it was impossible to be there for twenty four hours. I needed a security from a country in other time zone, so I bit at the chance and decided to hire you.
You said you are a young man studying financial operation at collage. It should be a product of your young energy that made it possible to become a manager of a major grand of shoes together with managing tempura works in the meantime. It is a great pleasure to be able to get an honest, bright, and hardworking person like you as a family member.
It is all right that you spent your spare time among your busy schedule. Please keep protecting tempura. We all families would support your future.

chikae からmaxineへの手紙


model MAXINE89 Foxdale, chikae ella
Photograph by kitori.yuheng(tempura, Security ,manager)