Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tempura family members part 8 Hera Blackheart

1) Introduce yourself:

皆さま、こんにちわ! 私はTenpuraセキュリティのHERA BLACKHEARTです。

2) Describe the reason why you applied for tempura security:

Coming to Tempura was and still is for me a daily routine, after a day of work in RL. I met here most of my friends, real people behind beautiful avatars and I am so grateful to do something in order to keep this island wonderful as it is.


3) What do you think is the goodness of Tempura:

Tempura has so many different spots; everyone can find in it what he/she is looking for. Also, Tempura has mystique aura that keeps people and nature re-united. The colors, the music, the buildings and the nature create a unique harmony and good feelings. If it’s true that is not important how many breath we take, but the moments that take our breath away, Tempura surely is the right place to experience it.


4) What have learned from tempura? What did you get from tempura?

As so many friends told me, Tempura is magic. I came in Tempura to see if it was true, and I felt in love with this place. Now I come here to restore my soul. Tai chi area is my favorite spot, but the whole island keeps telling me to follow my heart and intuition. Away from the noise, I let myself enjoy a nice talk with friends. Also, I was surprised to find here a family where everyone is treated with respect and kindness.


5) Please have your say to Kikunosuke the owner

Kikunosuke is always very nice and kind. He is also an awesome artist, with a huge heart. The way he creates Tempura, with the fusion of color and sounds, is amazing. His heart is in everything he creates.


A letter from chikae to hera

I had been noticed existence of Hera before you became a member of the tempura family. An avatar who loves tempura and comes every day would naturally be noticed and remembered although there are thousands of guests are visiting here. You were an intelligent lady always dancing at Tai-chi calmly.

An elegant, quiet, at your own pace, and gentle lady. When such a lady like you applied for the security introduced by a family member, I was honestly very glad. As I expected, you have been attending tempura heartily and working as a security devotedly.
I have heard that you are in position to teaching something in RL. That provides convincing explanations about your sincerity. There is no problem that you come here only after you finished work in RL. Please keep loving and attending tempura as a member of the tempura family.



model Hera Blackheart  chikae ella
Photograph by kitori.yuheng(tempura, Security M Ninja)