Monday, May 11, 2009

We have never seen...

Hi all! Are you all having fun yet?

We are Jam.
We have been traveling many places in-world, but we have never seen such a fabulous sim like TEMPURA.
Botanical gardens flooded with lights, shining water, and the sky is amazing. Also, the music is heartwarming, it makes you feel relax.

Explore this beautiful sim and discover your ideal experience. You will be a fun of TEMPURA.
When you are tired or stressed out, come TEMPURA and make you refresh.

Of course, this is the best place for a walk with someone you love.

We will be introducing more nice places in TEMPURA.

Oh, did you know there is a big bird in TEMPURA? Also, big eggs? Find them out!
And, you may find something more under the eggs. Just come and check this out:))

みんな! エンジョイしているかい!
いろいろとSL WORLDを旅してきたけど、このテンプラはすごい場所だね!


タマゴもあるよ!! 確かめてみてね

photograph by kikunosuke Eel