Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wedding ceremony at Tempura

Hi, I am chikae ella, an officer of Tempura SIM.
We have very few events at Tempura. The reason is as follows.

1. Since Tempura is not pursuing profit, there is no need to gather people through events.
2. Tempura is a place where the guests can have adventures by themselves freely, and the stuffs of Tempura are rather not proposing ways to play aggressively from our side.
3. All staffs of Tempura are too busy in managing SIM, and cannot help events for guests.

Even so, there are many requests for events every day. The most popular one among them is: “Let us have a wedding ceremony at Tempura”

The owner of Tempura cannot reject the request to conduct a wedding ceremony that is a start of a happy life in the second life, at Tempura. He is a generous person. He thought out the matter, and got a conclusion, that is, “If guests are conducting a wedding ceremony at Tempura by themselves, we will remain spectators, and will bless them on the sidelines.”

If you drop an IM in advance saying that “We will celebrate a wedding at Tempura”, then we will cordially allow you to gather your friend and perform a marriage ceremony at a garden of Tempura freely.

Most of the couples who had wedding ceremony here used the Spring Forrest, where is the Indian lotus field. Some of the popular ways are; the bride and bridegroom dance on the round table in the lotus field and spectators are blessing them around the table, or the bridal couple sits on the large lotus flower in the field.
In any case, most of couples are dancing in the golden hall in the castle after the ceremony, and then take a rest in the suite room situated on both sides of the castle.

Also there are many couples come to Tempura a honeymoon trip. The couple who takes pictures at every spot in the SIM really looks alight with happiness.
Please have a wedding ceremony at Tempura. It might be difficult to invite so many guests, but please be blessed by Tempura.

 :: てんぷらの結婚式 ::

こんにちわてんぷらシムのオフサー、chikae ella です。











photograph by kikunosuke Eel