Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Field of Flowers at TEMPURA

Hi, I am chikae ella, an officer of TEMPURA SIM.

One of the old Japanese maxims says, “After all, let sinicus stay in the field.” Sinicus (Astragalus sinicus) is a light-purple, leguminous flower that blossoms out in the beginning of spring, on a field before planting of young rice plants.

The height of sinicus is about 20cm. Floriferous sinicus flowers all over a vast rice field look like a purple veil of clouds drifting low. The sinicus field was a beautiful, touching and charming sight of Japan in the springtime.

When I was a child, I was playing running through a sinicus field. One day, I picked some of the sinicus flowers and brought them back home, but they did not look beautiful as they were at the field.

The meaning of the maxis, “After all, let sinicus stay in the field”, could be the same as this. It seems to be teaching that the sinicus, or even a person, can be beautiful and sparkling when putting them in the right place. The sinicus could be nostalgic, purple memories for me.

When we decided to build the world largest field of flower on the southern bank of TEMPURA, an image that flashed in our mind was the sinicus field.
But the first flower that was set by the constructor we asked for the SIM creation had a height of 50cm with rugged branches, which was far apart from our image. We asked redo naturally.

The creator, Mr. P, after a lot of hair pulling out, made the field of flowers that is close to our request. We were impressed by the beauty.

The pink color that melting your mind, and rustling grasses that touching your feet. The flowers will wave and riffle from below. Please try running round. You will be in high spirits boundlessly with the beautiful streaming feeling.

There are so many persons sitting in this field of flowers, submerging, and staying for a long period. Solace, peace, and madeleine of your childhood. Please experience them at the flower filed at TEMPURA. We do hope you all can arrange to come!

 :: てんぷらの花畑 ::

こんにちわ、てんぷらシムオフサーのchikae ella です。










photograph by kikunosuke Eel