Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tempura ISLAND first anniversary on 25 May

Hi, this is chikae ella, an officer of TEMPURA SIM.
TEMPURA opened on May 25, 2008. This May 25 will be the first anniversary.

Already one year, still one year, but at last one year. Anyway, there were so many twists and turns. I think it was a great job for us, amateur stuffs who had no experience in building up a SIM, and managed it for the first time.

TEMPURA was established by Japanese, and all initial stuffs are Japanese only.

Frequently we are asked about the motive of making TEMPURA. The sentence in the information of TEMPURA says that “Four Japanese artists bought a SIM since they wanted their own home.” But, the article of interview with Kikunosuke by a magazine that is included in the TEMPUIRA blog says that, “He had badly broken-hearted in the second life, and had meant to let go off the SIM that was bought for her, but his friends proposed to built an ideal SIM together.”

But the truth is: We, friends of Kikunosuke, being unable to standby as he was so depressed by the heartbreak, tried to let him concentrate on building a SIM, with a pretext that we would like to have our own houses. But down the road, we started to say. “A house is available at all times. We would rather try to establish an ideal SIM for us.”

In short, TEMPURA is an ideal, imaginary world of love for Kikunosuke, the owner of the SIM.

A volunteer SIM with a concept of ultimate love and healing.

TEMPURA has been accepted by worldwide users. Now there are an astounding number of guests visiting TEMPURA for 24 hours every day.

Among such guests, there are some peoples who make an offer to work at TEMPURA. TEMPURA is really favored by mystery and luck. Whenever we need some stuff, there comes the one offering cooperation with the necessary capability, when stuff is in the SIM.

There are some original members that initiated TEMPURA, now who cannot come to the in-world due to busy work in the real life, but there are three new stuffs joined us and working for TEMPURA now.

It can be said that there is a world expo of human opened everyday at TEMPURA. There are two foreigners in the newly joined staffs. The most important thing in a communication with guests is language. Taking it into consideration, we are expecting the foreigners taking an active role.

TEMPURA will make development sustainable. Please keep enjoying TEMPURA forever.

こんにちわ てんぷらシムのオフィサーchikae ellaです。













photograph by kikunosuke Eel