Sunday, August 2, 2009

Autumn Woods at Tempura

Hi, this is chikae ella, Tempura SIM officer.

It is said that autumn is a season when the broadleaf trees drop leaves and gird themelves against the coming severe winter. But autumn is also a harvest time, and Japanese may think autumn is the best season to be able to do what they had meant to do in the year. So there are various expressions using the word autumn. Here are some of the interesting examples.

1.. Autumn eating (This might be say by gastronomes since there are abundant foods in autumn, a harvest season for fruits or rice.)

2.. Autumn sports (The weather becomes cool and it is comfortable to engage in athletic activities with sweating. In Japanese schools, athletic festivals are held in autumn.)

3.. Autumn reading (In Japan, daytime becomes shorter and night becomes longer in autumn. This could mean that it is better to use the longer night for reading to smarten oneself.)

4.. Autumn art (There are many painting contests every year along the theme of mountains ablaze with autumn leaves.)

5.. Autumn parting (This will be an analogy that burning loves started at the summer sea may end together with the coming of autumn.)

By the way, there is also a say, “Female mind and autumnal sky”. This means that the female mind veers about frequently like the autumnal weather, and it also terminates loves.

When we created autumn woods in Tempura, we tried to prepare Momiji-Gari (autumn leaves hunting) that is a charming sights in autumn in Japan. An excursion for viewing scarlet maple leaves is called Momiji-Gari that is a special occasion for appreciating arts. So beautiful the Japanese autumn leaves are, and the brilliant scarlet are used everywhere in the traditional Kabuki or dramas in Japan.

The autumn woods spread towards right from the Tempura entrance facing to the castle. We thought that, for this forest, it is not enough to provide only wonderful looking of the brilliant scarlet, but also necessary to put a voluptuous burnish. That will be like an allurement of a femme fatale that makes you inescapable if got hooked.

When people see the autumn woods for the first time, most of them stand for a while in a stupor with admiration for the overwhelming allurement. Then some of them run into the forest with a shout, “Wahooooooo” or walk in slowly into the middle and stood motionless watching around. Some lies down besides a big tree cuddling together with someone special, some sit on fallen leaves for reading, and some enjoy slow dances among trees. There are two rooms for lovebirds in a big tree house in the depths of the forest.

Once you got hooked by the mysterious charm of the autumn woods, you will pass the point of no return. In fact, there is an endless stream of people who came back to Tempura to see the autumn forest.

When you visit Tempura, please step in the autumn woods, and take all the fun out of it. Looking forward to seeing you!

::: てんぷらの秋の森 :::

こんにちわ てんぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella です。


1.. 食欲の秋(果物や稲が実って収穫されるので秋は食べ物に不自由しないという食道楽の言い分ですね。)

2.. スポーツの秋(涼しくなって運動に汗を流しやすくなる。日本の学校では秋は運動会が開かれます)

3.. 読書の秋(日本では秋は昼間の時間が短く夜が長くなります。そこで本を読んで秋の夜長を賢くなるために使おうと言うのでしょう)

4.. 芸術の秋(紅葉に染まった山をモチーフに毎年沢山の絵画がコンテストが開かれています。)

5.. 別れの秋(夏の海で灼熱に燃え上がった恋も、秋の訪れとともに終わるというたとえですね。)







Photograph by kikunosuke Eel