Friday, August 21, 2009

Memories of Tempura

Hi. This is chikae ella, an officer of Tempura SIM

One year and three months has passed since Tempura was opened. It could be a time to have a houseful of memories. Sure, we have an unforgettable SL friend.

Her name is 5959, a Japanese movie director. She is a cheerful and intelligent woman with outstanding talent, signed up many movie contests in SL and won the grand prizes.

The 5959 was kind enough to shoot a beauteous movie drama using Tempura as the stage. Her amazing camerawork fully commanded the golden light and color that is the characteristics of Tempura. We heaved a sigh of admiration for her talent and taste.

But, Miss 5959 left SL on the sudden. Nobody knows the reason. All we have is her work, and a sad feeling that we lost a friend. The movie titled “MIWAKU (fascination)” still continues to be fresh and super, and worthy of admiration by people from all over the world.
Now we will present the movie for you, also in order to keep the memory of Miss 5959.

Title: “MIWAKU (fascination)”
Director and the heroine princess: Miss 5959
Cat the guide: nekocyan Dyrssen

In a magical forest, a beautiful princess awoke. She was guided into a castle hosted by a cat. Is this a dream, phantasm, or preform?
Showed up out of nowhere, a mysterious gentleman. Two getting a charge out of dancing, carrying a torch for love. Then came a time to black out.
Surfaced from unconsciousness, the princess relaxes herself at the lotus field together with the cat, envisioning the incident in the castle. Was it, or also the beauteous place Tempura itself, a dream, phantasm, or preform of …?

Picture is worth a thousand words.
Please watch this movie as your own story, and try to be “fascinated”.


こんにちわ てんぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella です。





タイトル --「魅惑」

案内の猫............nekocyan Dyrssen




Photograph by kikunosuke Eel