Thursday, May 31, 2018

TEMPURA 10 Years Anniversary!

Aris (diaxm)- Owner of Ariskea/Ariskeaのオーナー

I always believe that what surround us as a impact in ours life.
The environment is keys to happiness, everything is bouncing thought ours atomes .From the Real world thought virtual reality,there is no difference, what we see become how we feel.
There is such good intentions in everyday life,but sometimes we are blind we must open ours mind.
When you enter tempura you see a World of Softness, beautiful colors , wartm nature peacefulness. It a true bliss,a place where you can find your roots,to immates yourself in mindfulness.
A journey beyond, thank you Kiku & the family of tempura for giving us this chance to be part of this worlds.
10 years have pass and seeing Tempura still standing blossoming from it ever ending tree it a beautiful gifts.
I wish many years to come Happy 10 years Anniversary!


photo by : Aris

Tayubu Bade- *MGSIT-STORE* Owner/MGSIT-STOREの創設者

Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of TEMPURA SIM!
It has been ten years already, isn't it?
I am honored to be able to give celebration message on such a beautiful occasion.
I also started SL in 2007, and with TEMPURA SIM I have almost the same month and day.
I feel like it was long, yet like it was short.
Based on the light of the castle which is the symbol of the Sim I took picture together and I will keep TEMPURA SIM in memory forever in me.
Mr. Kikunosuke, Chikae, Polly and to all the staff supporting TEMPURA
Congratulations from the heart!

TEMPURA SIM 10周年おめでとうございます。

僕もSLを2007年に始めて、TEMPURA SIMさんと
僕の中でTEMPURA SIMがいつまでも記憶にとどまるように


Tayubu Bade
photo by : Tayubu Bade

Lori Novo  - SL Photographer & Explorer & Writer & Blogger

It is said that a Japanese lord bought the land for his lady, wanting to build them a place that was perfect and loving.  He worked on it for years perfecting every little detail, but tragedy fell, and he lost his love. He was heartbroken and vowed to destroy it all... how could he be here without her? Friends convinced him to save it and finish it and open it for others to experience with their own loves or when love had been lost to them and so he completed it so others could find peace and serenity, and that is his gift to all of us, all in the memory of his love.

This is a beautiful story (author unknown) shared to me years ago of how and why our so beloved Tempura Island was created, our own Second Life monument of love just like the Taj Mahal. Fact or fiction, who knows, still the story sounds perfect for this place.  Tempura is the most magical place in Second Life where most of us have buried our roots deep in its heart, for it is our home.  This is where beautiful friendships and memories are created and the sweetest of loves can be discovered, as I've found with my Steppenwolf Crescendo.  There is love, kindness, and peace that can be experienced in every corner of this beautiful island.  This is just a small testament to what our beautiful Tempura really is.

Happy 10th Anniversary Tempura!

Keep shining bright and spreading your magic and love in the hearts of all the people that visit you every day.

Hugs and much love,



ここは美しい友情と思い出ができ、私がSteppenwolf Crescendoと出会えた様に、素晴らしい愛と出会える場所なのです。愛、優しさ、平和が存在し、それはこの島のいたるところで感じることが出来ます。



photo by : Lori Novo

Author: Chikae ella