Saturday, May 26, 2018

TEMPURA 10 Years Anniversary!

Clione Clary, SLTV personality, a member of Oshimai-Sisters

"Once upon a time, there was a stunningly beautiful island called Tempura."
Thousands of SL people had written their one and only story here in Tempura.
Some came to heal their broken hearts, some came to share their love.
Some had happy endings and poor other had sad ones.
Even now, every day and night, people are weaving their own stories here.

Times change and we change with them.
A decade has passed and so has my SL life.
So much had changed and gone.....
But, Tempura, always welcomes us with open arms like an oasis in the desert.

Happy 10th Anniversary, Kikunosuke & Chikae!

Tempura, you are a magnificent creation of environment and art, and my heart will always be with you!



Kikunosuke & Chikae, 10周年心よりおめでとうございます!

Kikunosukeによって作り出された芸術作品であるTempura Island.

Clione Clary
photo by : Clione Clary

Ryo (ryo2014)- Tempura friend owner of addme pose store

it's my great pleasure to say congratulation on the TEMPURA 10th Anniversary!!

The golden passageway and dance halls are so luxurious, and much symbolic.
Many beautiful locations too, you know. But these are not all of
TEMPURA. I think the nature of TEMPURA is it's always filled with
love. The beauty and the love... especially the love is important.
Because we can feel "It's safe place for me and I can relieve here." I
think that this is the reason why TEMPURA has been constantly being
supported for as long as ten years.

I will send my gratitude and high respect to Kiku who continue to
create and maintain TEMPURA with great love from the bottom of my
heart. As well as Chikae and Polly who continue to support him. And
the TEMPURA team who keep peace, too.

Happy Birthday TEMPURA!
I hope you will be with us for a long time.

Warm regards,




お誕生日おめでとう TEMPURA!


photo by : Ryo

Author: Chikae ella