Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Avatars that visit Tempura---ACT 67

Tempura アバター百景その67

Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です

There are peaks and valleys, stormy days and sunny days even for the one who is living a mediocre life.
Let’s get a lot of new experiences as much as you can to mature your immature parts while you are struggling in a storm or a strong torrent.  After the endurance and the patience, you will reach where you should belong to.


I love Tempura deeply. This place changed my life. The god resides above the air in Tempura and confer tremendous benefits. I visit here every day to get a peace of my mind. 

If I hit rock bottom, I just need to crawl up. There is updraft for you in Tempura.

This is a free world. I do whatever I like, and live as I like. 

Wind blows in my heart. Flowers told me that new love would be born to cheer me up.  I will revive. 

Those who can only think of tomorrow's happiness at bedtime must be lucky.

You don’t need to hide in a deep shadow.  Happiness dwells in a shining smile. 

Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a necessity.  I can foretell that your beauty will change your fate. 

Hope is a treasure to send out a signal of a revival to living people’s hearts. 

I think that happiness is to love.  I enjoy getting close to the one who I love. 

It will be proven by acting (more) than showing. I need a lesson for that. 

I will never join the bad’s gathering, never stop in a temptation of evil, nor (never) share a table with mockers. I am peaceful. 

To like and to love are different. To love is that you have your alter ego in this world. 

Love doesn't make us happy, but challenges us how much we can swallow sufferings and endurances.  

Love is a deed of trust. I love because of love. I trust because of trust. I don’t need much of a reason. 

All ladies in tempura are beautiful and intelligent. Men cannot leave them alone. tempura

Women accept their fate and bravely live their lives. A truth is hidden there. The truth named “Loss of Love.”

You should start walking slowly to climb up a precipitous mountain.  Take time to win a beautiful woman’s heart. 

To be loved is to get fired up.  To be loved is to fall into ruin.  To love is to go on. 

Love is a fair longing that a pure soul has into the unknown. There is no man who is never attracted to your sweetness. 

The word, “NO”, brings out from ladies doesn’t always mean to refuse. Sometimes, they just get bewildered. 

Photo by : Danko Sinhue & Polly Reina( Tempura sim officer)

Author : Chikae ella