Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tempura Family Members Part 1:romi77779 Doobie

Q1.... Please introduce yourself.
Hi ,i am romi77779 Doobie -Tempura island Sim Officer
i am normal guy who love the peace,love .. and help to people when i can .

Q 1,,,貴方の自己紹介をしてください
ハーイ! 私はTempuraアイランドSIMオフィサー、romi77779 Doobieです。

Q2.... Please describe the reason why you applied for tempura security.
When i come first Tempura i never stop coming here it was place were i feel like home. I applied to be security to help to keep peace and make others enjoy. It is great pleasure to be part of Tempura team now because its a team made with so special persons from all over the world with great hearts. Tempura need security from many reasons it is amazing beautiy that give for all people great feeling and because of that people here need to be in peace and have good time.

Q 2,,,貴方がtempuraのセキュリティに応募した理由を述べてください。

Q3.... What do you think the goodness of tempura is?
Tempura island is the best place in Second Life with best ambient and great music some song feed the soul and make relaxing. A lot of times Tempura is full and is hard to enter i think is no need to say reason why.
No one stay indifferent in first visit. A lot of people here stay and return for many reasons and i think they all are grateful to Kikunosuke because temupra exist.


Q4.... What have learnt from tempura, or what did you get at tempura?
Here i found the family and friends who care of each other. They all today become my real life friends with who i share my time and part of my life.


Q5.... Please have your say to kikunosuke the owner.
Kiku is a great person i met here on Second Life,he is amazing artist ,great friend ,helper,pure and has a creative spirit to create beautfull things. He is very specail in so many ways i enjoy spend time with him he always have time to talk with all of us,to support and give from his heart. I thank him to give me my home were i meet my family and great friends who will stay friends forever.


A letter from chikae to romi
Frankly speaking, we were surprised when you came to ask for work in tempura, because you were from a foreign country that was rather strange for us Japanese, and we worried about the language barrier or gap in values. But you vanquished our insecurity surprisingly and pleasantly. You are kind and lighthearted, and above all, you have a brilliant mind and have cherished tempura with love. Kikunosike the owner has developed relationships with you to the level that he calls you ‘brother’. Now you are a person to consult for kikunosuke, and indispensable personnel for the SIM. I hope the friendship between you and Tempura family will continue forever. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your presence.



model:romi77779 Doobie,chikae ella
Photograph by kitori.yuheng(tempura, Security ,manager)