Monday, January 24, 2011

Bare nature of kikunosuke, the tempura owner

Hi, this is chikae ella, the Tempura SIM officer

Now tempura has become a SIM known to the world, but surprisingly very few facts are known about kikunosuke the owner.

I am an elder sister of kikunosuke in SL. Also I am a friend of his wife in RL, and sometimes become his client. There is no romantic feeling between us, but I had been devoted to his personality and talent before establishing tempura, and giving some help in SL works. In fact I am the person who knows about him best.

Now I will talk about kikunosuke himself, not about usual SIM topics. I hope readers of this blog would also be interested in knowing his true nature.

At the beginning, kikunosuke entered SL together with his colleagues to gather material for an article. And triggered by his disappointment in love, he decided to build a SIM with strong support by his colleagues. He, as a very worshipful person, was aiming at a place for prayer with full of love and healing. As a result, tempura established a post renaissance and Mandara in the upper region where Buddha lives, in the SL world.

When he entered in SL at the first time, kikunosuke did neither have camera technique nor touch the image editing software as Photoshop, and was a rank beginner. But he worked hard and enhanced his ability to the level that enables him to change texture of tempura as he liked, within four months.

It was our big surprise to see that he, who was just able to shoot a photograph for Print Club (instant photo machine to make tiny stickers), blossomed out to be a top-ranked photographer in SL doing many works for magazines.

He wanted to make further progress.

In order to improve tempura, he quitted cameraman and started to create accessories as a step to master prim works. He had not meant to open a shop. The reason why he started the shop was not for seeking money but to cover the expense for managing tempura.

Someone may think that kikunosuke is a delicate and gentle person, but I know his bilateral character. I am not sure if it is suitable to say it here, but he is in no matter a weak person. He is a sore loser much more than ordinary people, and has immeasurable power of anger and animus in his soul. I think that is all reflection of his sense of justice and cleanliness that hates lie or fraud.

Especially he hates lie. He dislikes treachery.

Accordingly he never copies or steals other person’s goods. What he creates are all from his own brain, perfect original.

All his creations, SIM or accessories, are full of mysteriousness and gorgeousness that win the hearts and minds in mysterious ways. He, a very faithful person, thinks that it is a gift for him from the world of God and Buddha that he keeps longing.
The reason why he keeps tempura open to public free of charge is nothing more or less than that he thinks it is a sacrilegious act to make money by utilizing a sacred place.

This is all about the true nature of kikunosuke.
In accordance with his beliefs, kikunosuke will continue to thank and serve tempura in order to preserve it. I wish tempura the place for ultimate love and heal be protected by us all, together with you.

model:kikunosue eel,chikae ella
Photograph by kitori.yuheng(tempura, Security ,manager)
Photograph by rudyn.carter

tempura オーナーkikunosukeの素顔

こんにちわ、tempuraシムオフィサーのchikae ,ellaです。













model:kikunosue eel,chikae ella
Photograph by kitori.yuheng(tempura, Security ,manager)
Photograph by rudyn.carter