Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tempura Family Members part2:polly reina

Q1. Please introduce yourself.
Hello i am Polly Reina-Tempura sim officer

Q 1,,,貴方の自己紹介をしてください。
こんにちわ。Tempura SIM オフィサーのPolly Reinaです。

Q2. Please describe the reason why you applied for tempura security.

After one big pause i made in Second Life first sim that i visit after my return was Tempura Island sim .This magic place take my breath in my first steps and i start visit almost every day and in time i become one of the regurlar visitors. First time i was wonder why Tempura need security but then how days were passing i realize that was really necessary to keep decent of Tempura and give peace to all visitors who like to spend time here.A lot of new people also come Tempura, for some is first place that they visit, who are lost and need help need someone who will give then nice first impresion about seconf life by itself.I meet a lot of friends and is a special gift.One of them is Romi,my dear brother who offered me to become Tempura security so i accept security form and send to Kikunosuke. It was big honor to be accepted by the team and by the two hearts of Tempura Kikunosuke and Chikae.

Q 2,,,貴方がtempuraのセキュリティに応募した理由を述べてください。


Q3. What do you think the goodness of tempura is?

Tempura Island sim is special world by itself in Second life it is the one or i will take my right to say the most beautiful and with soul made place wich insipire,place were you can heal your heart,were you can relax,were you can meet nice and interesting people, were you feel like HOME. From landing Tempura give opening of soul delightning. It is magic place with great music,forest with amazing colors,the castel were is the most beautiful ball room in SL, lotos garden were you can sit and dream and i am sure all who come once they return again and again, enjoying the scenary and steal just peace of their dreams wich once here become true.Colors concept and music makes ambient wich gives to everyone one special feeling.



Q4. What have learnt from tempura, or what did you get at tempura?

Tempura today is my home,place were i spend almost all my time in Second life,here is my family, my dear friends who i adore and share my lifetime. Tempura make me to belive that even in virtual world you can feel and share,help and lisent,learn and open new dimensions.Tempura give me one big treasure my frends amazing persons from all over the world,conections that stays for life.My soul stay at Tempura i smile and cry here i grow up and learn. My real life work give me space so i can be Tempura almost every day because when i am not there like some part of me is missing.



Q5. Please have your say to kikunosuke the owner.

It is so hard to find right words to speak about Kikunosuke because it is a person with so big heart and with so amazing gift to create that leave us in wondering that only special persons like him can have all that inside. What and who he is we can see and feel in amazing beauty of Tempura and without words all things he made in Mandala. Always have time to lisent,to help,to give all of us.I love him so much like someone who is very close to me, he is my family. He simply deserv to be admired! And i must say that without Chikae Tempura and now Mandala will not be what it is now.This woman have heart like ocean,so strong great spirit that lead us all to become today what we all are.I learn a lot from her and i am so glad she know me good like we spend years together.I feel her like my big sister.Thank you both Kikunosuke and Chikae for all trust you have give me for Tempura and specualy for give me space in your hearts.... I love you both so much!!




A letter to polly from chikae

Dear polly:
This will be the second letter to you. I found that you are standing at the tempura entrance longer than anybody. We are really impressed by your sincerity like that. You kindly mentioned that you are proud of being a tempura staff. The best thing that made me happy was to see that you were polishing your sense over time and transformed yourself to a beautiful and sexy avatar.

As a sophisticated and beautiful person like you is standing at and securing the entrance, all avatars from across the globe will be able to enjoy tempura with piece of mind. It may depend on your good personality that you have so many friends worldwide. You are the guardian goddess of tempura.

As I mentioned before, the high decency and traffic are held by the ministration as volunteers and pride of the staff. You are the forerunner of those activities. Please kindly continue to secure tempura with your burning sincerity.
Thank you!





chika ella

model:Polly Reina ,chikae ella
Photograph by kitori.yuheng(tempura, Security ,manager)