Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tempura, the room of love

Hi everyone, this is chikae ella, the Tempura SIM officer.

“Love is a single word, but the figure of love undergoes kaleidoscopic changes.”

There are many proverbs relating to love have been thrown up by a lot of renowned peoples of diverse fields worldwide, including poets, giants, or wisdoms.

Let me recite some of them.


Love is like a war, easy to start, hard to end.------by Menken

A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.-----by Wyatt

There is no limit to be romantic, when you are in love.-------by Bernard Show

On the hands kisses the esteem,
Friendship on the open forehead,
On the cheek the pleasure,
Blissful love on the mouth;
On closed eyes the longing,
In the hollow of a hand craving,
On any other spot frenzy.---------------by Grillparzer

Love, I thought, is stronger than death or the fear of death.-----by Turgenev

Loving is believing.------by Hugo

There is only one rule in loving.
That is to make the person you love happy.------------by Stendhal


When we decided to make the Tempura as a SIM for healing and love, we tried to make a research for “a room where male and female make love” in the SL. Since Kikunosuke was busy, I and another female staff visited various rooms for love in both humble and famous SIMs.

Yes, naturally I was expecting to see many rooms, romantic, gorgeous, cozy and dreamful. But it proved to be disappointing without mercy. There were so many harsh places such as caves or dark rooms, with simply placing beds and pose-balls.

This could make girl’s heart sink. We can image that female who puts much faith in the atmosphere would be easily switched off from making love affair in this situation.
The room for love in Tempura should be the place which provides passion, and first of all, should make lady revel in her happiness.

Tempura is a private house of Kikunosuke. His desire is to provide the topmost hospitality to the guests all the time.
Kikunosuke was sympathetic with our thoughts and put his all power and taste to create the ideal room for love that ladies desire.

Two suites located on both sides of the castle, inside of the submarine, a cave behind the waterfall, a space in the large tree in the autumn forest, and the east gazebo next to the Tai Chi spot.

Also there is a room in the basement of the castle. They are all created by considering satisfaction of ladies to be the top priority. Please taste them! Gentlemen, please make ladies happy in the rooms of love in Tempura. Please visit. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Model:Chikae Ella
Photograph by rudyn Carter

::: てんぷらの愛の部屋 :::

皆さんこんにちわ。てんぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella ですぅ。





恋愛とは戦争のようなものである。始めるのはたやすいがやめるのは困難である。 ----- by メンケン

男は目で恋をし、女は耳で恋に落ちる。 ----- by ワイアット

恋愛に関してなら、どんなにロマンチックでもかまわない。 ----- by バーナード・ショー

手の上なら尊敬のキス、額の上なら友情のキス、頬の上なら厚情のキス、唇の上なら愛情のキス、閉じた目の上なら憧憬のキス、手のひらの上なら懇願のキス、腕と首なら欲望のキス。さてそのほかのキスはみんな狂乱の沙汰かもしれない。 ----- by グリル・パルツァー

愛は死よりも強く、死の恐怖より強い。 ----- by ツルゲーネフ

愛することは信じることに他ならない。 ----- by ユゴー

愛情にはひとつの法則しかない。それは愛する人を幸福にすることだ。 ----- by スタンダール








Model:Chikae Ella
Photograph by rudyn Carter