Saturday, March 27, 2010

Behind the Tempura waterfall

Hi, this is chikaeella, the Tempura SIM officer.

There are big three waterfalls in Japan, Fukuroda-no-taki, Kegon-no-taki, and Nachi-no-taki.

Also there are various kinds of waterfalls. We can tell the historical meaning of the fall as we see the name.
They are obvious at a glance, such as Kabuto-no-taki (fall of feudal helmet), Shiraito-no-taki (white thread), Ryu-gaeshi-no-taki (rejecting dragons), Zo-ga-taki (elephant), or Urami-no-taki (looked from behind).

When we decided to create a waterfall in Tempura, we put the emphasis on the backside of the fall. Because, the backside of a fall is picked up as “the place soaked with mystery and enigma where the story reaches its crescendo” in many adventure movies or TV dramas.

At the backside of a fall, there are gold and silver treasures hidden by pirates.
At the backside of a fall, there is a stairway that reaches to an underground empire.
At the backside of a fall, there is the Shangri-La, an ideal paradise.
At the backside of a fall, there lives a woman of great beauty who hunts males one after another.
At the backside of a fall, there is a gate to time-slip to the outer space.
At the backside of a fall, reside the dead and the evil.
At the backside of a fall, there is a mirror connected to the four-dimensional world.
At the backside of a fall, a mysterious fountain wells, that bring metamorphosis into a beauty by a sip.
At the backside of a fall, dwell witches and their families.

All of them are images regarding the backside of falls, those are familiar to us.

Of course, the “mystery” behind the Tempura fall should be the healing place for male and female who ultimately love each other.
At the location with beautiful sunset, how do you like a dance and tea time only for you two? If you prefer the out door life, there is a camp for a grilled beef party.

Also there is a bath prepared for the couple in love. Nudity is strictly prohibited at Tempura except private rooms, but it is allowed to take off all clothing in this bath only.

The biggest feature is the crystal cave in a hidden room. Please find the entrance, as an actual adventure drama. That is located someplace around the fall.
In the cave, the unending stretch of the deep blue world will provide you with unlimited feel of refreshment.
Please experience the mysterious drama provided at the backside of the Tempura waterfall.

We will be cordially waiting for you.

Model:Chikae Ella
Photograph by rudyn Carter

::: てんぷらの滝の裏 :::

皆様こんにちわ.天ぷらシムオフィサーのchikaeella ですぅ。













Model:Chikae Ella
Photograph by rudyn Carter