Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tempura Island on Virtual World BroadCast

Hi there,
I just got a good news for you from my friend
We were interviewed on the Virtual World BroadCast a week ago.

It will be broadcasted as a part of the VWBC news show on the 26th June, 9:00pm (JST)

Please go to the link below, if your time allows, to watch the program !
Virtual World BroadCast Station

We have to warn you that it will only be available in japansese.
But I will be translating it into english in a few days time here on this web site.

Don't miss it

:: てんぷらアイランドがVWBCで紹介されます。 ::



Virtual World BroadCast Station

photograph by kikunosuke Eel