Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flash beam from Tempura to the upper region

Hi, I am chikae ella, an officer of Tempura SIM.

The person who said first that a column of light should be blasted off from the top of the dome of Tempura castle to the upper region where Gods and ancestors are, is naturally kikunosuke, the owner of the SIM.
He said it is essential to keep the flash of light fired from Tempura to the upper region for both worshipping Gods and commemorating our ancestors.

Sure all members agreed. Right from the start, we cannot help feeling that the process of establishing the basic picture map had been programmed by the supernatural.

We handed flood of source materials to the creator. The idea, to unite Mandara and renaissance, was born from the words of god and soul of our fellows.
When we mentioned that we would like the flash of light representing our gratitude to the upper region, the creator, P, seemed to encounter with a big difficulty, but he did an admirable job.

Please come close to the hole situated at the top of the dome where the light is emitted. Try to devote yourself to the animation ball of sky-dance. After turning several times, you can keep floating with a sexy pose. This provides you with feeling of pleasure and solace, and also let you have a new understanding of how you are cool.

The white and gold flash of light will enwrap your dancing body, and may convey your dream and thought up to the upper region

You must try the sky-dance in the light on the dome. I can tell you that you will surely feel refreshed. Please come and enjoy Tempura. Looking forward to seeing you!

:: てんぷら から天界への閃光 ::

コンニチワてんぷらシムオフィサーのchikae ella です。








photograph by kikunosuke Eel