Sunday, April 12, 2009

Tempura ISLAND invitation letter

Hi, this is chikae ella, an officer of TEMPURA SIM.
I have been working for mass media in the real life, but I had never played computer games until late 2007. I was rather strong-armed into the second life by the owner and his buddies.

I thought I would be bored soon, but while I was traveling around many SIMs for research to establish TEMPURA, I was fascinated with the joviality of SL and has been hooked on it.

To build a SIM of ultimate love and heal, through fusion of Renaissance (West) and Mandara (East), is also a process to reach the world of our ancestor. for the owner and us, very religious people.

The Mandara is the world in the airy region where many enlightened Buddhism saints live. Mandara is usually described with a concentric diagram with many saints sitting along the circle.
The saints sitting at the center of diagram is the topmost rank, Mahaavairocana. The Mahaavairocana is said to be a benevolent Buddhism saint who lights up whole universe with the light power of love.

We are emitting light from the dome of a castle in TEMPLRA toward the universe where the Buddhism saints live. We offered a prayer with a wish to receive a shower of light of a mass for our ancestor and benevolence of Buddha all over the TEMPURA SIM.
I have no doubt that the God has descended from the sky to TEMPURA. I have experienced many miracles and mysteries in TEMPURA.

Please visit the TEMPURA with an abundance of beautiful light!

:: てんぷらからの招待状 ::

こんにちわ。てんぷらシムオフサーのchikae ella です。
私はRLマスコミで働いていますが仕事に忙殺されて、2007年の秋まで パソコンの中のゲームというものをまったくやったことがありませんでした。









photograph by kikunosuke Eel