Saturday, October 25, 2014

Avatars that visit Tempura---ACT 48

Tempura アバター百景その48

Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です

For the memorial event of 50th issue of the Hundred Avatars at Tempura (photo contest), there are many pictures sent by you all.
So from this issue on, your works will be presented here together with the ones by regular photographers
(Aris and Polly).
We Tempura family are accepting your pictures with great gratitude.
We are continuously welcome your participation.
All pictures will be accepted regardless the skill of photograph. How to apply is shown below the pictures presented this time.
We are looking forward to your soulful pictures.

天ぷらアバター百景が50回を迎える記念イベント(写真コンテスト)として 皆様からたくさんの写真が送られてきています。

Here we present the Hundred Avatars at Tempura ACT 48.

The works with individual characteristics presented by guests who love Tempura are wonderful.
They convey the soul of photographers who loves Tempura.
Polly is also doing her best. After all it is joy to watch them.
Thank you all!


There are five kinds of words that attract good things to people; greeting words as good morning or good day, appreciative ones as thank you, joyful ones as hurray, words for love as I love you, and complements as wonderful.

Man is a valet of woman, and also a master of woman, someone is a necklace of woman, and another is an accessory of lust of woman. But in any case there is a love.

Love gives courage to women, love navigates women, and love brings every change in woman’s life.

Thing shared by us two was only passion through our body, not a love, but for no reason, I cannot forget you.

I like this place. Any avatar will be welcomed as a friend being free from bias, and love can be found.

I will sing a song of everlasting love. Here I swear that I will devote my whole life to you. Please accept my love.

At this place I can be my natural self.  Could you love me accepting everything?

I have been on a journey for a long period.  It is because that there is a place where I can return at last, that is you.

In human mind, there is a desire of “metamorphosis”.  I realized that it is possible to act on instinct in this world.  I am now free.

Any human being loves “lover”.  For a woman, to have a man like you as a lover should be an ultimate dream.

I have come here to be loved by you.  I do not care if you cannot understand me thoroughly, only if you give me love…

I will come here whenever I bump against a wall in RL.  Here I will be healed and recover vital energy into tomorrow.  This is surely an area of healing.

Delight, anger, sorrow and pleasure, that we experience every day.  Those could be called as notable sights in a journey named a life.  Although there are not always good things, but I think nothing is unnecessary details.

Love is flame that incinerates and eliminates everything, love is flood that washes away in the torrent both new fledglings and good old things.
愛は炎――すべてを焼き尽くし消滅させる。 愛は洪水――濁流の中に新しき芽生えも古き良きものもすべてを押し流す.

Adorable, bright, and luminous beauty, it is a striking shiny fairy.  The mind at the meditation circle you have your friend.

My mind was stuffed full with sorrow, but I was lightened in heart gradually by touching your benevolent words.  Thank you.

It seems that a cool silent gem will move women’s heart more than any burning words.

I will accept both your drawback and advantage as a character.  That is a shape of my love.  Please look at me and accept me.

I tempted and obtained her.  If I were an object of contempt from around the world, I would never regret this love.

Mind of exhilaration comes out of “amusing!” and happiness is born of repetition of “amusing!”.

Photograph by: Diana Fravoisse, Rosalucia Coba, Tina Palfrey, Esmeralda Janic, Nurav Allen, Seraphina Greymoon, Oberon Zuta, Alexs Campese
Polly Reina (TEMPURA ISLAND sim officer)


The Hundred Avatars at Tempura will soon reach 50th edition.
As a commemorative event, we would like to ask Tempura guests to provide us with pictures for the blog.  Adopted works will be posted in the blog with mini comments.  The applied pictures will be screened by the Tempura staff and posted sequentially.

Application guide

1-- Snapshots of avatars that are enjoying at Tempura (either single or group, yourself or your friends are acceptable.)
2-- Size of the picture  640x480
3-- Up to five pictures for one account.
4-- Insert a credit of the photographer at the lower right corner of the picture (must).
5-- All pictures will be screened by Tempura staff and posted in the blog sequentially.
6-- Pictures that did not get through the screening will not be posted.
7-- Please send the pictures to polly reina. on mail :

tempura アバター百景が間もなく50回を迎えます.

7--応募写真はpolly reinaにお送りください

Author: Chikae ella