Monday, June 18, 2012

Honorable Group of Dragon


It is said that the origin of the Dragon is from Hellenic.
Because of its evil appearance, it was considered as a misgiving creature being symbolic of “wrath” as same as wolf or unicorn.


But as you can see, these are the dragons coming by air to the modern Tempura.
Different from the huge body, most of them are gentle monstrous beasts, with delicate and tender solicitude.
Tempura with their gallant figure, they are getting comfortable on the roof or in a pond, not to disturbing other avatars.
They are all amiable beings.  Please make nice with them!!


 Dragon is a fabulous creature in fantasies. They are often protecting treasures in a cave or supporting a hero as an agent of God. This honorable group of dragons visiting Tempura was really spectacle. They could have been here in order to have a sit-down as a family. You will never wear out your welcome here. Please begin a new quest at Tempura. Here is your spiritual home. Please feel free to visit here anytime.



Author: Chikae ella