Friday, May 25, 2012

Greetings from our staff commemorating the fourth anniversary of TEMPURA

テンプラ4周年記念スタッフからのご挨拶 part 3

Kikunosuke eel ( TEMPURA owner ) 

Oh my Buddha@@

I didn’t expect me to be able to see the fourth anniversary!
I am extremely glad!

I remember the day before the tempura opening as if it were just yesterday, when I was running around the SIM in the raw.

Four years have passed since then.  Now tempura island became to have a strength that is far beyond my imagination.
It has been healing so many peoples through its great power together with tenderness as if it has its own mind that seems to have grown up already to greater intelligent age than me.

The people and family who I met in the island are my treasure.
I have been able go grown up by being endowed with and supported by people.
I have no adequate words to express my hearty thanks to all.

Family members, friends, all who love tempura, and Buddha, heartfelt thanks!

オー マイ ブッタ@@

激しくうれしい ですっ


思うくらい 強大かつ優しく いろいろな人の心を癒しています。

人に恵まれて 助けられて 成長できました。


photograph by : Kikunosuke eel

Chikae ella ( Tempura officer)

Tempura is the most beautiful spot in the world. The concept was positioned to be, “The last rarely-visited regions where nobody has stepped through the centuries. The place where ultimate healing and love dwell, fusing the renaissance (Western Europe) and Mandara (Orient)”

Kikunosuke has created the stylish and gorgeous SIM tempura combining a place for prayer for ancestors, in order to heal tired minds in RL. Now many pious men and women are visiting this sacred place every day in an endless stream. Already four years have moved on at tempura that has been a prominent space for social interaction where many people are exchanging chat and love.

And it is no less the ardent guardianship of our tempura family that has been procuring this peace at Tempura. The family members, who are also staffs, have worked so hard every day for tempura as volunteers. Their nobility, benignity and sense of equity are really creditable.
All of you from all over the world, when you would like to encounter a warm“love”, please visit Tempura. We all staffs will give a heartfelt reception.

Welcome to Tempura!!!!

Tempuraは世界で最も美しい場所です。そのコンセプトは「何百年もの間、誰も足を踏み入れなかった最後の秘境。 ルネッサンス(西欧)と曼荼羅(東洋)の融合した究極の癒しと愛の存在する場所」と位置づけられています。

KikunosukeはRLで疲れた心を癒すべく、先祖への祈りの場所を兼ねたスタイリッシュで華麗なシムTempuraを構築しました。 その聖なる場所へ、世界中から善男善女が毎日引きも切らず訪れてくださるようになりました。既に4年もの間、Tempuraは人々が語り合い、愛し合い安らぎ合う社交場としてその名を馳せて来たのです。

そしてTempuraにこの平和をもたらしているのは、我がTempura家族の情熱の守護にほかならないでしょう。スタッフでもある家族たちは、ボランテァで毎日tempuraで働いてくれています。その高潔さと優しさと正義感には心から頭が下がります。 世界のみなさま、温かい[愛]にめぐりあい時は、是非tempuraを訪れてくださいませ。スタッフ一同、心から歓迎します。


photograph by : Arisara Ethaniel

Polly Reina ( Tempura officer )

Tempura, my home, my paradise..

After all this time its a same feeling of irreplaceable heartiness, Love and understanding, source of strength for everyone.
Let this celebration make people to become more and more available and open to the many opportunities that are to celebrate in life, and to spread this by contagion to others .

Thanks to my family that are always so kind and supportive.
Great appreciation  and thanks to all who are not directly involved with Tempura but always help to make Tempura better place for all!  

And after all .. Thank you Kiku and Chikae !! :)

Tempuraは私の家 そして麗しのパラダイス・・・



そしてなによりも、KikuとChikaeありがとう !! :)

Photograph by : xxMikexx Bebb

Romi77779 doobie (Tempura officer)

Someone once said : Humanity is depicted here as a rainbow of beings, dancing around the mandala of the earth with their hands joined together in joy and gratitude for the gift of life. We all dance together at Tempura.
Serenity and Peace, Colors and Enlightenment, beautiful people and excellent minds, all together in one breath.

Thanks to Tempura today I have great friends, my family that are always here for me. 
Thank you Kiku for all this years and i wish many many more.

Happy Birthday Tempura!!!



photograph by: Arisara Ethaniel

Author: Chikae ella