Saturday, May 19, 2012

Greetings from our staff commemorating the fourth anniversary of TEMPURA

テンプラ4周年記念スタッフからのご挨拶 part 1

xxMikexx Bebb ( Tempura Security M )

I am just happy give my time for Tempura Island and help when I can.
Tempura is magic, heal people and have a live.
I want to say BIG Thank you at the owner Kikunosuke eel and all the staff.
I think Tempura give me all positive energy.
I think many people can say same like me.
Tempura is fabulous and we like to pass time and rest in Tempura Island.
I don't need to wish a long life to Tempura island because I know it has.

Happy Birthday Tempura!
And I wish  everyone to have fun like me to Tempura Island.

オーナーのkikunosuke eelと、スタッフの皆様に大きなお礼を言いたいです。
Tempuraは信じられない素晴らしさ、わたしたちはTempura islandで時を過ごし休むことが好きです。

そして皆様全員がTempura islandで私のように楽しんでいただけることを祈ります。

photograph by: xxmikexx beeb

Rios Allen ( Tempura security)

Hi, I am Rios, TEMPURA Security.

The fourth anniversary of TEMPURA
I was at a loss as to what to say, but the most I would like to mention is my gratitude.

Thank for continuing TEMPURA.
Thank for providing love, beauty, and healing.
Thank for offering the place to come back.
Thank for loving TEMPURA.

The warmth that TEMPURA has brought about has not changed since the SIM opened, and I am very glad it has been. (It is really too bad that I cannot enjoy it because I have to take care of my baby now.)

And the jewelries of MANDALA should not be forgotten.
I believe many people have been fascinated with them entirely.
Not only wearing them, but also it has been my pleasure to listen the messages from Kiku that was embedded in every work, and always I am impressed with the deep thinking. Every time when new goods are released, I am compelled to think, “I have to log-in as soon as possible.” (smile)

I am profoundly grateful for both two.

TEMPURA will welcome many guests from now on, cultivate itself with a lot of memories, and become our heart and soul.
You all, please keep spending wonderful time at TEMPURA.








photograph by: Arisara Ethaniel

Mauro Catronis ( Tempura security)

I know that the 25th of May we celebrate the 4th anniversary of Tempura. It is funny to think of such a milestone and in the same time to think about what I experience is one of the most characteristic features of Tempura, the tendency to reduce the attention for time. Absolute harmony is the absence of time (as in heaven and death) and therefore the causality principle. This is what Tempura always is doing with me, inducing to harmony because of the colours, the music and above alll -as always- of the people it is attracting. I think it is a great achievement of the creators of Tempura to have realized this. For me, Tempura is since years my homeland in sl.

5月25日にTempuraは4周年を祝います。 そのような画期的な行事について考え、また同時に、私の経験から言いますと、時間がたつのを忘却してしまうというのがTempuraの最も大きな特徴であると思います。ここで物思うことはかなり楽しいことです。天国へたどりついた時と同じような、究極の平和が存在します。Tempuraが常に私にもたらしてくれること、色、癒し、そして何より優しいおなじみの人々によって平和が保たれているのです。わたしがこのことを悟れたのはTempuraの創設者の偉大な成果だと思います。私にとってTempuraはこれからも永遠にSLの母国なのです。

photograph by : Polly Reina

MoonLord Aeon ( Tempura Security ) 

I am lucky to be one from Tempura family,that wonderful place if you visit it once you will visit it everyday why because its Tempura the peace and relaxing spot.
Wishing many years with Tempura together!  Thank you Kikunosuke to make peoples dream come true here.

From Best to the Best !

長くTempuraと共にあることを願って! ここで人々の夢を実現させてくれたKikunosuke、ありがとう!


photograph by : MoonLord Aeon

author : Chikae ella