Sunday, September 11, 2011

Avatars that visit tempura---ACT 2

Hi, this is chikae,ella tempura SIM officer.

All avatars meeting at tempura are protean, with kaleidoscopic variations.
For instance, please watch them while standing at the entrance of tempura.
You could encounter a scene where many avatars are pouring down like a hailstorm.
And you would be amazed at the strong personality, appearance, beauty and uniqueness of them. You would never have a dull moment for a long period while watching the avatars.
Here I present the ACT2 of “A Hundred Avatars in Tempura”. Welcome everyone visiting tempura.
We all staffs give you a warm reception.

tempura アバター百景-----その2
こんにちわ、tempuraシムオフィサーの chikae,ella です。


There is no border at tempura. It is a paradise of “Terran” who gathers together to seek love and healing.

There is no logic necessary for loving a girl. Just wish to be loved, in the beauteous tempura…

If you wish to be happy all your days, keep honesty. A lie will bring evil on you.

Art is created freely with your own mind. Tempura has an abundance of the freedom.

Let us say “Thank you” to all things past and gone. Then you would start a new life at tempura.

The more the one shivered with cold in human life, the more he feels warmer the warmth of the sun.

The beauty of a girl who knew what it is to be in love is just like the sun piercing clouds.

The evenfall at tempura is beautiful without limit. That is a tranquil place providing everyone with tender time.
tempura の夕暮れは、限りなく美しい。誰にも優しいひと時をくれる平和な場所だ。

I will never stop this footstep until the whistle of life will be blown. Of course healing is essential.

The sky, field of flowers, forest, water at the fall, bridge, castle, and Tai Chi, everything are crystallization of beauty. That is tempura.

The mind of tolerance, patience, and appreciation. The place where friendship between male and female beyond generations would be born, that is also tempura.

All human beings are under the favor of love between male and female.

If the girl’s mind were occupied with love, cleverness would leave. Girls are really adorable creature.

Even how you are sad or hard, you will never die only with pain in the breast, being healed at tempura…
悲しくても苦しくても 心の痛みだけで死ぬことはありません。tempuraで癒されて、、、。

In some senses, love is a romantic expression of the desires of flesh. The full satisfaction would be attained only when the mind and body are united into one peace.

Almost entire life of a woman is filled with love.

For men, women are eternal mystery. What a pleasure when the mystery were solved.

Tempura is a place where any man can become Peter Pan. Child mind in an adult body, that is Peter Pan.

Awakening of love, through just looking into each other. It can happen only in this place.

Please turn around. There should be a love that you are seeking for.

Photograph by kitori.yuheng(tempura, Security M Ninja)