Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tempura 9-th Birthday Party!

Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です

The other day, May 28
The 9th anniversary party was held at the tempura ball room.
Nine years!  It is really nine-year!
It is unbelievable long period. There are few places that have been so successful in SL. We believe that the God residing in this SIM has kept expanding the power and observing our guests and families.


Sorry for uploading this article so late but the party was really truly wonderful.
Now let me introduce it.

Lisa the beautiful cantatrice.  Your singing voice reached all the way to the kingdom of God up in the sky through the light of the dome. Heartfelt gratitude to you!

Very glad that there were so many guests, and my dancing was awkward with frame skipping but I was so happy to have kept dancing for two hours.

The decoration of the party site was done by polly as usual. The design was so cool and the colors were cozy and comfort. Thank you polly!

The stage of the cantatrice was decorated with a huge fan and a figure of dragon.  They were all favorites of kikunosuke.

Polly, her friend and hammy!! Kikunosuke was Ham this year again.  It becomes popular now but we would like to see his handsome male avatar too.

Me and my friend “R”. Chikae picked up a dark blue dress this year. Naturally this one became my favorite.

Kikunosuke the Ham expresses his heartfelt gratitude to the whole family. It is totally depends on the gratuitous service of the family to be able to celebrate the birthday every year. The guests should acknowledge it too.

Everyone wishes that tempura continues through all eternity. Kikunosuke is also aware of it.

Hammy as the organizer was much impressed by watching the beautiful dresses and costumes of the guests.

The party was at the peak!! Sixty five guests entered tempura, naturally full of the SIM. We are sorry about the guests who were not able to come in.

Within the mere two hours, several flowers of love bloomed. Also the party became a good dating site.

You are the cutest and most innocent in the party. Are you really the owner? ^^^^^^

Ladies who were magical, cerebral, and most of all too beautiful. You are the characters of tempura.

Oh yes, all of you are surely amusing yourselves. Even Kikunosuke the man of apprehension seems to be relaxed.

You, a best friend of polly, are amusing, interesting and appealing gentleman.  You can do anything in god shape, and means no harm. But it is a stage for lisa.  Would you sing together? 

Polly, chikae, and kikunosuke. Yes, the occasion where these three are getting together is only for an important meeting or party. We will keep doing our best in future.

Kikunosuke said, “This year I was able to take time to express my appreciation to all of you.  I really thank all families and friends.  Tempura is a lucky fellow who have been protected by such wonderful family.”
Thank you!

photo by : Polly Reina, Danko Sinhue
Author : Chikae ella