Thursday, June 26, 2014

Avatars that visit Tempura---ACT 44

Tempura アバター百景その44

Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です

Tempura is now ticking down its seventh year.
People from all over the country are visiting here every day in the natural order of things.
When you experienced difficult time in RL, need some brief rest and quiet, want to meet a hot love, would like to confirm friendship, or want rather forlorn condition, Tempura will provide you with the answer to any situation anytime without fail.
We do hope you will please visit Tempura!


Here we present 100 Avatars at Tempura ACT44.

Polly displays her skill this time too.  She is a person who confronts everything in a calm and courageous manner.
As soon as she noticed that Aris was not able to take time for shooting due to her RL condition, she filled the breach.
She took beautiful lovesome pictures quickly. The pictures clearly convey her love to Tempura.  I do thank her.
You all, please receive and enjoy the affectionate art works by Polly.



I feel our soul satisfied when we think about historical great men.  There should be no reason that I cannot do what they were able to do.

The only way I live with was to let myself go, but that was free and joyful, so I am not touched with remorse.

To block in everything without expressing anger or sorrow is another strength.

I will follow a different path than that of mother or friends.  There should be a course of human lives only for me….

I set forth on a journey to find a den for my soul.  After knowing that Tempura is kind to animals too, finally I felt that I found the place where I can live in peace.

I would like to be beautiful not only in appearance but also in soul.  I came here in order to be purified.

I will do image trainings in order to relax.  When I opened my eyes, there was Xanadu.

To live is to worry.  Let us consider that there is no right answer.

I have been looking for El Dorado (golden paradise).  Now I can see it in front of me.

When you would like to do a good job, you should do it at your own pace, freely and cheerfully.

You will not be satisfied only with tenderness.  You look for fame and youth, but don’t you need love?
君は優しさだけでは満足してくれない、お金や名声や若さをほしがるけれど、、愛は いらないのかい?

You are cool, great, cute, styling, and give me comfortable elation.  You are almost a living artwork.

I am without pay, but there should be a job that I can contribute to the world only with my body.

You are beautiful and fit yourself in flowers excellently.  Everyone will find oneself smiling.

You have come from a country of hope.  While watching you, it became clear how I would like to live.  I feel that my desirable future comes up.

At any town, people gather together at a square.  Tempura is a square of love and peace where people comes from all over the world.

The twinkle is like a miracle.  The envious gaze will make me more beautiful.

I am tired of bell and chain of human environment.  I came here to find things that are really necessary for me.

I am full of love.  You over there, would you try to catch me?

Do not worry about it, I am strong.  I will not cry by just getting the elbow of a man.  I am glad you are sitting by.

Photograph by: Polly Reina(TEMPURA ISLAND sim officer)
Author: Chikae ella