Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Avatars that visit tempura---ACT 35

Tempura アバター百景その35

Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です

The project in this blog, Hundred Avatars at Tempura, is coming under the spotlight.

I have been writing this blog since the establishment of Tempura. Along the way, I started thinking that I would ask the world to see the avatars visiting Tempura.
This place is a wonderful utopia that has no rational border. While watching the avatars here, you can see quite clearly what is hip in SL, what is going on, and with what kind of sense of value the people are enjoying SL. Polly and Aris the Tempura staffs are picking up avatars and taking pictures of them secretly.  The names of the avatars are not listed. They may not know that they were shot and the pictures were used in the Tempura blog. (Some of them noticed and send me comments with pleasure.)
Together with the image, I am writing a small drama through my imagination that is a short explanation with love and fondness.  Please enjoy the present day at Tempura thoroughly.



Here we present Hundred Avatars at Tempura ACT-35.
In the ACT-25, Aris took pictures of Strawberry Singh.  Naturally she did not know at that time that Strawberry Singh is a great blogger who visited Tempura to shoot fashion and Aris considered her as an object.  The objects selected by Aris are always unique, exciting, full of mysteries, and will never bore us.  Please enjoy the art world of Aris!

ArisはACT25で 天ぷらに来たstrawberrysinghを撮っていました。もちろんArisは彼女が有名ブロガーで天ぷらにフアッションの撮影に来たことは知らず、被写体として捕らえていたのです。Arisの選ぶ被写体は何時もユニークでエキサイティングで謎に満ちていて退屈させません。みなさんArisの芸術世界をお楽しみください。

Life is like a fairy tale written by God.  We can enjoy the tale as a reality at Tempura.

Bravery will bring in courage, and cowardice will bring about panic.

I accept even dream or phantasm.  I came here in order to get a glimpse of you.  I love you.

To wish “to be respected most” is the way to make both self and others unhappy.

Things gone by will never return.  The wise will see only the present and the future, and move forward.

Now I can see nothing but you.  I can see only love.  Please invite me to the dance…

A beautiful rose has thorns, but your heart is full of meek and tender flowers of love.

I enjoy life as it really is.  I am excited whenever I visit here.  I can believe that there is a promising future waiting for me.

I have transformed into this avatar in order to clarify my presence.  I am now full and fruitful physically and mentally, and was able to like myself more than anyone else.

I love you.  So I am willing to be involved in a joint struggle against your bad fate.

Time that I passed here was like an apotropaism that brought me courage and hope into tomorrow.

When you meet someone who catches your heart and never let it go, do not listen to noisy chorus of surroundings but do follow only your voice in mind.

I am recalling only you day in and day out.  We will see each other again soon, won’t we?

I did not know this place before.  I was fascinated with the beautiful crystal cave.

Regardless of any appearance that an avatar has, Tempura will kindly welcome.  I like this place.

Life cannot be figured out until the last moment.  I would like to establish a life that can be enjoyed in this world.

I am still young.  Everything could be possible.  I would like to try the possibility in this world.

Your beauty and sportiness is at a level of art object.  You nicely fit the beautiful Tempura.

Do not worry about tomorrow.  You can think about it when the day comes.  Now I would pass a special time at Tempura.

I like flowers, the sky, love, and you most.  But all in all, the best I like is to have a lot of something delicious.

photograph  :Arisara Ethaniel (Tempura Photographer & Security )
Author: Chikae ella