Friday, July 19, 2013

Avatars that visit Tempura---ACT 31

Tempura アバター百景その31

Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です

Tempura is beautiful. It is so beautiful as if living souls are encrusting everything with golden carbuncles. The biggest avail of Tempura is an inner peace. Many peoples are visiting here from across the globe.  They have problems in their mind to a greater of lesser extent.
It cannot be said close to happiness only to keep things.  There are some rich people who are not happy, and some happy ones who have modest belongings.  The most beautiful and necessary thing is the love and heal that Tempura provides.


Now we present Hundred Avatars at Tempura ACT31.
Aris is evolving day by day.  She is striving to better herself.  It is like a power of the white horse flying in the sky of Tempura.  Really wonderful photo technique and sense.  Please enjoy the art world of Aris.  I will present this with confidence.


The power that moves me is love.  Love will never be vain or negligent to the mind of who loves.  Love is the power that drives and conducts a person.

You can create your own world that you like at your leisure.  Tempura provides you with a special place for you.

What a beautiful and peaceful space with full of love this is!  I wish I could have encountered Tempura much earlier.

There are several faulty shapes of love.  Arrogance, envy and rage are the bad shape of love.

I know, even God would envy your beauty and barge into this love.

A person who lives honestly has peaceable mind.  The life and soul of dishonest person will be in extreme tangle.

To live is to act positively pursuing one’s ideal, since time immemorial…

Sad to say, human is a creature that is generally ingrate, volatile, false, cowardice in danger, and avarice for gain, but I like such people.

No immortal thing exists under the sun.  Even the Fate would enjoy the change.

A person who loves will be united with the person who is loved.  At that time, there is a sense of relief like unloading heavy load.

The wisdom is to know about what you should avoid and what you cannot avoid.

There is no kind of pleasure in the life after losing love.  Be cured by Tempura…

Selfless love can be given, my life can be taken.  My child is gem of treasure.

I would like to keep the loved one to myself.  But once the love is satisfied, I grow bored.  Could anyone stop the change of my heart…

After repeating wonderings of love I arrived at this place.  Could I believe in you as the last man for me?

Hey brother, the friendship between you and me is my only asset that will never lose in weight.

All people will make mistakes.  But to defend the mistake stubbornly is more foolish.  Let us move along with our head up.

It is cool isn’t it.  The folding screen with falling cherry blossom petals does look nice with you.

Nothing is to be pursued in life than honor and justice.

Fear and darkness in mind, those can be cleared off by loving nature and being cured at Tempura.

Author: Chikae ella