Sunday, June 23, 2013

Avatars that visit Tempura---ACT 30

Tempura アバター百景その30

Hi, this is Chikae ella Tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、Tempuraシムオフィサーの Chikae ella です

In Japan, there is a four-word phrase, “On-ko-chi-shin”, an attempt to discover new things by studying the past through scrutiny of the old. It means that if you study old things and get a new discovery, it is sure that you can let someone learn. Good old things and what continue to the new, it is also said about the concept of Tempura. When celebrating the fifth anniversary, Tempura ensures prosperity all the more.  Please come to Tempura with full of love.


Here we present Hundred Avatars at Tempura ACT30.

Polly this time is exactly all-round person. She is going great guns and captured the kaleidoscopic avatars through her loving eyes.
At the thirties article, without being too eager, her calm and confidence can be seen well in the pictures.  She is more than reliable for our family.  All of you, please enjoy thoroughly the love world of Polly.  Being loved by everyone, this is the wonderful work by Polly.


“Charm” comes from within through daily effort.  It is not necessary to primp oneself up even on a special occasion.  It should be enough to have real love in one’s soul.

Say, the reason why a girl keeps a boy waiting is that she would like to enhance his expectation more.

I love the Tempura most under the glow of sunset. There is no telling about the charm of the lonely feel.

There is no reason in spontaneous behaviors of women, but men will lose the love because they look for the reason too far.

The queen of love at Tempura now let me realize how much I love you. This place is also the Sanctuary of love.

Although how much words for virtual abuse a man delivers, all he can do is to kneel down in front of your beauty.

Love is same as a mystery story.  As soon as you know the ending, everything of the partner fades away.

Only a girl who has not been satisfied in her mind would want material luxuries.  A girl who loves a boy truly would be happy to sleep even on a branch of a tree.

The moment when a girl’s character changes is not when a love starts, but when a love ends in bad shape.

The universe is neither hostile nor amiable.  It only follows the everlasting natural movement.

The ultimate goal of a woman’s love will be achieved by offering up everything to the partner, but a man’s love will be completed by depleting the partner.

You are fitting in the scenery of Tempura.  This is the place where your fantasy will be satisfied.

A man who keeps praising a woman does not know about women enough.  A man who keeps deprecating a woman is a fool who knows nothing about women.

Under a spell, on a wind, and in a drift, finally I caught up with you.  I love you!

I would not like to have my love affair known by other people, but I would like to let everyone know that I am loved by him most in the world.

I know about females of species; there is big difference between the best girl and the worst one, like the heaven and the hell.

The top sawyer should not worry about that other persons do not know about his true value, but should rather realize that the self does not know about other person’s talent or capability.

I would like keep dancing with you forever…under the spell of Tempura with full of love.

When a girl said about another girl, “cute, beautiful”, the comment will never be supported by men.

Oh the beautiful butterfly, you are a symbol of samsara at Tempura. Of whom family reincarnation are you?

Photograph by: Polly Reina(TEMPURA ISLAND sim officer)
Author : Chikae ella