Friday, February 10, 2012

Avatars that visit tempura---ACT 9

tempura アバター百景-----その9

Hi, this is chikae,ella tempura SIM officer.
こんにちわ、tempuraシムオフィサーの chikae,ella です。

As you may know, tempura island is one and only place.
皆様もご存知のとおりtempura island は唯一無二の場所です。

That is a world of fantasy full of love and healing that was created by kikunosuke the owner.  He has been opening it to the world free of charge. He is a very religious person and abiding by the Dharma teachings of Buddha, “Benevolence for all persons.”

In order that peoples around the world can get healing and feel love at tempura, the tempura staffs headed by kikunosuke have been working for many hours every day as volunteers.

Kikunosuke is now managing a jewelry shop mandala.  This shop is opened to cover the managing expense of three SIMs that tempura owns and not to make a profit.

But recently, there are several cases that someone beguiles good guests who love tempura, with counterfeit of tempura or fake goods of items of mandala.  Knowing of the anger and sorrow of the persons who suffered and were damaged monetary and mentally, kikunosuke and staffs are worried seriously.

Of course, bad guys have been subject to punishment according to the SL rules and the tempura local rule.
勿論悪人には、SLの規則とtempura local ruleにのっとって罰が与えられています。

Please take a look at a map of tempura.  Other than the main island of tempura, there are two SIMs, tempura soba and tempura sushi.
tempuraを地図で見てください。tempura本島のほかにtempura sobaとtempura sushiが存在しています。

The SIMs of tempura group are only these three, and mandala at tempura soba is the only shop that is managed by tempura group.
tempuraグループのSIMはこの3島だけです。そしてtempuraグループが経営している店は唯一tempura sobaにあるmandalaだけです。

Any other similar SIM, group, furniture, or look-alike items have no relation to tempura group.  Please conduct yourself after ascertaining whether it is true.

Here let me advise you not to misunderstand and suffer from the cheating.

Our staffs of tempura group take our motto to offer hospitality in a cordial manner.  We think it is one of the ways to welcome you to let us shoot joyful pictures of you guest and present them in the blog in a form of drama.

Here we presents the Hundred Avatars at tempura ACT9.
tempura アバター百景のACT9をお届けします。

Please enjoy the world of the lovable Arisara Ethaniel who has been gaining in skill.

Tempura exists for you all!!!

I flew into tempura the healing place.  I was so delighted that my heart twinkled.

Sweetheart, please teach me the virtue of patience and conscience.

Tie that binds the heaven and earth in this world is love (Eros).


Snow will melt by a fire kiss.  Your mind will melt by a farewell kiss.

Happiness is resting in tempura.  The happiness will fathom your dream.

Chaos came in the first place, then the heaven and earth were born together from it.

Cannot stop smiling while being together with lover, cannot stop weeping while being together with husband.

I am walking on air with rapturous glee.  I found the real love at tempura.

When I come to tempura, I feel as if I were a newborn baby.

Humankind is a creature that shines by oneself, in silent and lonely.

This luscious embrace will gratify us.

Dreams in youth are possibility, and also superabundant entelechy. 

I was attracted by you greatly in both intellectual and physical sides.

The warm spring sunshine will let flesh germ burgeon from the soil that seemed to be stone dead before.


There might be a love that starts attracting each other willing or unwilling, and speeding with ecstatic enthusiasm. 

At tempura, the Amor will catch you at any time.


My human mind stands watch for you with deep sorrow.

You have mysterious charm that affects my soul.

I feel a foreboding that you will be in full blossom now.  Please do not look at other guys than me.


I would like to hug you, in order to let me assure that this is not a dream to be able to meet you.

Photograph by Arisara.Ethaniel(tempura photographer, Security )
Author: Chikae ella